The Airwaves
September 2001
An ARRL Special Services Club -- RACES -- ARES
P.O. Box 1442, Ridgecrest, California 93556-1442




PresidentMike HerrWA6ARA375-5324
First Vice PresidentDavid StoneKC6UUR375-1730
Second Vice PresidentPhelps TerHeunKF6ZVD375-4905
SecretaryTom IngramWB6EPD375-7950
TreasurerRalph FrasierKQ6UU375-1534

SARC Owned and Maintained Repeaters
Randsburg WA6YBN 145.34 MHz (-600 kHz), PL 100.0 Hz, Wide Area Coverage, Emerg. Pwr.
Ridgecrest WA6YBN 146.64 MHz (-600 kHz), Translator, No Squelch Tail, Emergency Power
Ridgecrest YBNBBS:WA6YBN, 145.050 MHz, Bulletin Board, 1200 Baud
Ridgecrest #YBNSW:WA6YBN-4, 223.580 MHz, Node, 1200 Baud
Ridgecrest #YBNSW:WA6YBN-4, 439.025 MHz, Node, 9600 Baud
Ridgecrest WA6YBN 147.00 MHz (+ 600 kHz), PL 107.2 Hz, Autopatch (Phno, # Dn) Emrg. Pwr.
(Off air, being relocated)

Every 	SARC Emergency Net
Monday	1930 hrs WA6YBN Randsburg repeater
Night	145.34 MHz -600 kHz, PL 100.0 Hz
	Ridgecrest translator 146.64 -600kHz
	Visitors welcome
Sept 12	Board of Officers Meeting
	Second Wednesday Heritage Inn 1900 hrs
Sept 12	Membership Meeting
	Second Wednesday Heritage Inn
	Ready Room 1930 hrs
	Program Home built 2.4 GHz AO-40
	Satellite communications set
	By Mike Herr WA6ARA
Sept 18	Memorial for Rlee Peters W6BST 
	Kern County Library
	Meeting Room 1830 hrs See article
Oct 10	Board of Officers Meeting
	Second Wednesday Heritage Inn 1900 hrs
Oct 10	Membership Meeting
	Second Wednesday Heritage Inn
	Ready Room 1930 hrs
	Program Interesting Antennas
	By Phelps TerHeun KF6ZVD
Nov 14	Board of Officers Meeting
	Second Wednesday Heritage Inn 1900 hrs
Nov 14	Membership Meeting
	Second Wednesday Heritage Inn
	Ready Room 1930 hrs
	Program You and Your Project Right Here
Sept 23	Picnic In The Park 
	Bicycle ride, Ridgecrest to Kernville
        Contact Elvy NØLV 384-3589 
        See article
Sept 29	Kiwanis Walk-A-Thon
	Contact Greg Roush WA7IRW 446-4383
Oct 20 & 21 Scout Jamboree On The Air
	Boy and Girl Scouts world wide contacting
	each other via Amateur Radio. Operators
	and rigs needed Contact Bill Burns WA6QYR
	446-5094, 375-8566 See article
Nov 10 & 11 Coso Junction Jam
	Two twelve hour horse endurance rides
	Contact Hal Hazel KM6JM 382-0474
        E-mail [email protected]
Sept 15	Monthly Fox Hunt
	Heritage Inn parking lot 0800 hrs 
	Contact Mike Herr WA6ARA 375-5324
        E-mail [email protected] 
Oct 13	Volunteer License Exam Session
Second	Kern County Library Ridgecrest Branch
Sat	131 East Las Flores Ave Meeting Room
Even	Pre-register by 10 Oct Walk-in? Call
Months	All must register at 9 am Code test 11 am
        Contact Elvy Hopkins NØLV 384-3589
        E-mail [email protected]


by Mike Herr WA6ARA

Greeting to one and all. Well, it looks like summer is about over. SARC has been taking it's annual nap but now it is time to wake up and get going again. I hope all of you had as good a time as I did. My personal projects included getting a receive station perking along on 2.4 GHz for AO-40 as well as building a multitude of smaller projects. Paula N6VGW and I did some camping, including packing into Muir Lake. Each time we carried along the QRP rigs and did some fun time radio operating.

What did you do? Do any building or operating? Tell us about it. It does not have to be a SARC meeting presentation, a short write up for the newsletter is great too.

Starting in September, SARC is back in full action. We have numerous activities coming up, including fox hunting, radio communications for various walking, bicycling and horse rides. If you have not worked one of these public service events, you are missing a really good time.

How about another field trip or two. The Owens Valley Radio Observatory trip went well, see the write up elsewhere. There are numerous places we have not been to, Edwards, Goldstone or Voice Of America, just to mention a few. So come to the SARC meetings. Tell us what you are doing, what you want to do, or just have some good eyeball QSOs.

Mike Herr has agreed, under duress of a severely twisted arm, to demonstrate the AO-40 satellite communications station that he build during the summer. It is a do-it-yourself project. It is QRP. It is portable. It works. Come see this combination of good 'ole Ham home construction and satellite technology demonstrated right before your eyes.

Tue 18 Sept An informal memorial for Rlee Peters W6BST, a long time Ridgecrest resident and member of the local amateur radio comunity, will be held at the Kern County Library meeting room on Tuesday, 18 September at 6:30 PM. Rlee's friends are invited to join the group and share their thoughts, emotions and experiences. Monetary memorials in Rlee's name may be submitted to the American Cancer Society, 129 E. Ridgecrest Blvd. 375-1312.

Picnic In The Park Sun 23 Sept This sixty mile bicycle ride from Leroy Jackson park in Ridgecrest to River Park in Kernville on Sunday, 23 September is sponsored by the High Sierra Cyclists of Ridgecrest. Eight Hams are needed to provide communications at the start, finish and six water stops. Contact Elvy Hopkins NØLV at 384-3589 or [email protected].

Kiwanis Walk-A-Thon Sat 29 Sept
The annual Kiwanis Walk-A-Thon will be held on 29 September 2001. Seven hams are needed to provide health and welfare support at the check points during the 3+ hour event. Interested volunteers should meet at Leroy Jackson Park (Rocket Park without the rocket) no later than 0730 hours to get a checkpoint assignment and route map. If a volunteer needs to leave early, we can accommodate your schedule.

This is an excellent event to gain public service experience. All checkpoints are in downtown Ridgecrest and a two meter radio is all that is required. The basic duty is to keep track of the number of walkers and whether the supplies at the checkpoint are sufficient for the number of remaining walkers. The Kiwanis volunteers provide cups and water, as requested by the Hams, when supplies start getting low. Occasionally, a walker may have some difficulty with the heat, a bee sting, or an injury. In those cases we simply contact the police or the Kiwanis organizers for the required assistance. Because the event draws from 600-900 people from all parts of our community, the Walk-A-Thon is an excellent showcase for Ham Radio. For more information or to sign up, contact Greg Roush WA7IRW at 446-4383 or on the Monday night net.

Scout Jamboree On The Air 20, 21 Oct
by Bill Burns WA6QYR
Jamboree-On-The-Air takes place on October 20 and 21 this year. This is when Boy and Girl Scouts, using Ham Radio, talk to one another around the world. I have proposed that Ridgecrest scout units come to the District Scout building on NAWS for this event. I have received permission from NAWS frequency management to transmit on NAWS. I plan to use the SARC tower trailer and antenna to operate on 10, 15, and 20 meters. Two meters is also been requested for operating. I missed the opportunity to use K2BSA/6 by a couple of days, so we will use my WA6QYR call. I have flyer type materials and have contacted both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts about participating.

I would like Mike Cash, W6PM and any other hams to help with the event locally. Mike currently has the tower trailer and is rebuilding the tri-bander.

I would like to see if we could have operating packet and other modes available to demonstrate for the scouts. It is a recruiting tool for Amateur Radio. I propose that groups come in one hour time periods during 0900-1600 hrs both days. Please volunteer to support this outreach operation. Several operators will be needed to bring station rigs and operate for parts of each day. I can be reached at the Scout building 446-5094 or at home 375-8566.

by Scoutmaster Bill Burns WA6QYR
I traveled to Virginia, 16 July through 2 August, to participate in the 2001 National Boy Scout Jamboree at Fort A. P. Hill about 50 miles south of Washington DC. I was part of the K2BSA Amateur Radio staff of 42 hams from around the world. Yes, we had Mark from Australia, George from Japan, Diane from Alaska and the rest were from the mid-west and eastern USA. I was in charge of the Radio Merit Badge booth at the Merit Badge Midway with my sixteen member staff.

I would like to thank the ARRL for providing materials to the licensing classes, Volunteer Examination area, the Radio Merit Badge SWL area and the K2BSA demonstration station at the 2001 National Boy Scout Jamboree. Amateur Radio was made visible to 33,000 Boy Scouts, 7,500 adult Scouters and thousands of visitors.

On my staff was Larry Wolfgang WR1B from ARRL Headquarters where he is a Senior Editor. Larry has written parts of the "ARRL Handbook," most of the "Now Your Talking" licensing materials and number of other texts for ARRL.

Some statistics from the Jamboree. The VE sessions had 182 people participate. There were 73 Technician, 11 General and 3 Extra class licenses completed. Over 25 ARRL VE's staffed the testing sessions. There were some 200 Scouts and Scouters at the station for the contact with Space Station Alpha during which 15 Scouts got to talk with astronaut Susan Helms. The radio merit badge booth had 783 Scouts begin the badge and 501 complete it. This is another record for the merit badge booth. There were hundreds more Amateur Radio Scouters who either stopped by the station or checked into the Jamboree evening net. Amateur Radio is alive in the Scouting world.

It was normal east coast weather with 90 degree temperatures and that in humidity. This year our staff housing area had 10 man squad tents stacked about 2 feet apart. Dirt floor. When two days of rain hit us, the wood chips they had spread for floor started floating away. When the sun did come out to dry up the mud the humidity was back in full force with rain inside the tents from the condensate every night. When I pulled up my footlocker to go home 4 days later, there was still mud under it. Any way, for those of us who pay to go work for the Scouts, we had fun and are ready to do it again in 2005.

Nathaniel Lloyd KG6DTB won the beautiful Gold Millennium key raffle at the June meeting. The winning ticket was one of five purchased at the meeting. SARC received $100 in proceeds from sale of the raffle tickets.

Volunteer Exam Sessions The 9 June Volunteer Exam session saw Mike Cash, KN6IS, Pamela Evans KC6UUS and Phelps TerHeun KF6ZVD upgrade to Extra Class. Congratulations. Tom Ingram WB6EPD, Bob Huckins W6UPI, Lloyd Brubaker WA6KZV and Bill Maraffio N6PR were the examiners.
The 11 August VE session was canceled due to new carpet being installed into the Kern County Library where the sessions are held.

Owens Valley Radio Observatory Tour
It was desirable, on and off again, here on the calendar then over there. The list of desirous attendees changed with each iteration. Then there were too many of the desirous ones, and finally, on Friday, 15 June, thirteen OVRO trekkers appeared in the movie house parking lot even before the farmers market was open for business. Those with gas guzzlers or not wanting to make the trip alone were shifted into other vehicles and off went the thirteen gelookenpeepers to Big Pine and beyond.

The tour began in the parking lot with Dr. Mark Hodges outlining the history and purposes of OVRO. An interesting, built-to-scale "model" of the universe was on sign posts along the road. Questions were answered. Interesting items were discussed. A demonstration of the strange effects of liquid nitrogen, used to cool the radio frequency detectors, on various everyday materials was enjoyed by all.

A tour of several levels of the 100 foot diameter dish and it's controls and service areas entailed a lot of steep stair climbing and ducking of one's head to avoid noggin knots. The view of the Owens Valley was quite good from the highest level.

Virtually all of data collected at OVRO is sent, via internet, to remote data processing computers. Most dishes can be operated remotely also.

Dr. Hodges' tour was very interesting and entertaining. Do not miss the next one.

Field Day 2001
by Mike Herr WA7ARA
What can I say, Field Day 2001 was great. We held it in good old Rocket, er LeRoy Jackson, Park this year.

First off, I want to thank Jerry Brooks KK6PA for stepping in for me at the last minute. I had a family emergency concerning my mother's health and had to run to northern California. Jerry really pulled through at the last minute by putting it all together.

We ran all solar power and QRP, less than five Watts. We operated as 4A but I do not believe we had over three transmitters on the air at a time. There were a lot of folks stopping by to take a look and we even made it into the newspaper. We maxed out on the bonus points with solar, QRP, APRS demo, microwave demo, city officials stopping by, public place, etc.

Look for our score in QST, call sign KK6PA. Next year, I hope to see more of you out there.

148th Annual SARC Bar-B-QSO, Pot Luck and Tail Gate Swap Fest
The annual SARC Bar-B-QSO, held at Ron Ogren's WA6PEV large covered patio and swimming pool, was enjoyed by club members and their families. SARC officers presented Ron Ogren with a plaque commemorating his Six Meter DXCC accomplishment.

The perennial, roof resident tomcat, that has begged meaty morsels in the past had moved to the dog kennels and was not available scrap disposal. Greg Roush WA7IRW showed his newly designed DF antenna and demonstrated it with an impromptu fox hunt with Mike Herr WA6ARA as the fox.

The usual tour of Ogren's well equipped, award winning UHF/VHF amateur radio equipment gathered a lot of Oos and Ahs. The pool and ping-ping tables got a good workout.

The BBQ and pot luck was delicious as always with everyone going away well fed.

80th Annual Summer Ice Cream Social
Twenty-some SARC members and family partook of the ice-cream and other edible concoctions available at John's Pizza-Buffet & Home Made Ice Cream on 15 August. Eyeball QSOs, rag chewing sessions, new Ham equipment becoming available were among the myriad of discussions. If you weren not there, you missed a fun time.

The Emergency Services Committee will have a training exercise, desktop disaster drill on Wednesday 3 October at the Kerr-McGee Center from 1230 to 1430 hrs. As you would expect, it is simulating an earthquake. The committee is responsible for providing trained personnel to the Emergency Operations Center for various organizations including BLM, China Lake, Humane Society, etc. Many of the organizations are voluntary and include several active RACES members.

RACES has developed some interesting scenarios which will tax the ingenuity of the various agencies' participants in trying to get things done when everything around them is in chaos. Players will be presented with problems involving their agencies or departments. They then explain their solutions and discuss them. Then they are presented with the problem resulting from the solution to the last problem. You are welcome to observe and even participate in the fun.

The SARC web site, which is provided [by, and maintained] at no cost by Erik van Bronkhorst KC6UUT, has been moved to since Erik upgraded to a cable modem. The Current AIRWAVES, SARC constitution, IWV repeater list, VE schedule, Considerate Operator's Guide and the list of Amateur Radio related books donated to the Kern County Library by SARC are among the interesting data available. Thank you Erik for giving SARC a presence on the www. [There are still a couple of configuration issues I am working out with]


Minutes, Board of Officers Meeting
by Tom Ingram WB6EPD 13 June, 2001
Those present: President Mike Herr WA6ARA, 1st VP David Stone KC6UUR, 2nd Vice President Phelps TerHeun KF6ZVD, Treasurer Ralph Frasier KQ6UU, Secy. Tom Ingram WB6EPD and AIRWAVES Editor Elvy Hopkins NØLV. The meeting was called to order at 1904 hrs. Prices are going up for ARRL membership. Need to remind everyone at the general meeting about the increasing rates.

Elvy reported that he mailed ninety-six AIRWAVES this month. Voice Of America is going off the air. A volunteer is needed to organize a trip while VOA is still in operation. Elvy will make reservations at John's for the ice cream social in August. The Bar-B-QSO. is scheduled for 11 July at Ron Ogren's WA6PEV.

There will be a short Field Day meeting after the General meeting. Phelps will draw the winning number for the special Key at the General meeting. There will be a Fox Hunt this Saturday. The Owens Valley Radio Observatory trip will be June 15th for those already signed up. Three people earned Extra Class at the latest VE session. The meeting was adjourned at 1928 hrs.

Minutes, Membership Meeting
by Tom Ingram WB6EPD
The 13 June meeting was called to order by President Mike Herr WA6ARA at 1934 hrs at the Heritage Inn. The sign-in sheet was started around. Announcements: Bar-B-QSO at Ron Ogren's 11 July. The Ice Cream Social will be 8 August at John's Pizza. The next regular SARC meeting will be 12 September. Final Raffle tickets are available for the Gold Millennium Key. Fifty-fifty tickets are available during the meeting. ARRL membership fee is going up so renew early.

There will be a short Field Day meeting after the general meeting. It may be necessary to move the Field Day to the park behind the Senior Citizens Center.

The OVRO trip to Big Pine will be leaving at 7 AM. There will be a Fox Hunt this Saturday at 8 AM. Three people (Mike Cash, Pam Evans and Phelps TerHeun) earned their Extra Class at the latest VE session. The Voice of America Radio site at Tulare is going off the air. A volunteer is needed to organize a field trip. Jack TerHeun, Phelp's son, was a visitor at the meeting. Jerry Brooks KK6PA announced that he had an antenna for sale with the proceeds going to RACES.

The program for the evening was on Peripheral Interface Controllers (PIC) and was provided by Mike Herr. Tom Ingram WB6EPD won the fifty-fifty drawing. Nathaniel Lloyd KG6DTB won the Gold Millennium key. He purchased the winning ticket at this meeting. The club received $100 proceeds from sale of the tickets. Nineteen members attended the meeting. The meeting was adjourned at 2011 hrs.

At the Field Day meeting, which followed, plans for the upcoming 23-24 June event were discussed.

from Ralph Frasier KQ6UU
As of 26 June 2001

Share account   5797.59
Draft account    139.63
Total           5937.22

Obligated funds Relocate 147.00 repeater 574.86 Balance $5362.36

Heathkit HM-2102 30-160 MHz, 350 Watt, inline Wattmeter $25; Hewlett-Packard 180A o'scope, 1801A dual ch vert amp, 1821A timebase/delay $100; HP 10525A digital probe (less 5 VDC pwr sup) $5; Lambda LM B12 12 volt 2.5 amp, hardwired pwr sup $5; Elvy Hopkins NØLV 384-3589 [email protected]

QST/73/CQ Ham magazines, 70s & 80s Elvy Hopkins NØLV 384-3589 [email protected]

See ya in da funny paperz. de NØLV