Saturday, September 7, 2002

Bruce (KF6AUW) and Steve (N6QEK)

Not that Far away.........

The T hunt of Saturday September 7th got started right on time at 6:00pm.  Many hunters were at the starting point long before the t went on the air. Joe (N6SZO) and Perry were seen putting together their beam. Were they possibly inserting some special screw that would enable them to find the transmitter more quickly? Seeing what Joe and Perry were doing, the rest of the hunters got into a huddle to discuss their special strategy. Then everyone got their cars and trucks lined up for the starting gun.

The view from the hiding spot was spectacular!! The hiding team of Bruce (KF6AUW) and Steve (N6QEK) just sat back and enjoyed the show. It was hidden in area just west of El Cajon, overlooking the valley.

First on the scene were Tom (N6JOJ) and Erich (W6LKK), and Tom started off by looking in the bushes. Sorry Tom, not there. Wait a minute. Tom found it!! Here's a better view of the beam.

Gary (N6LRV) and Mike (N6IEF) were not too far behind, and, for his first time, Mike sure was working that beam.

The Olympics must have come to town, as all of a sudden there came a quick blur. No. It was only Thomas, but he must have been in training. He should try out for the ARDF team.

Marty (K6KTP) came up a few minutes later, and he was looking all over the place. Nope, not there either Marty. Watch out for that rattler though.

And the final group to actually find the T were Joe (N6SZO), Greg (KD6YQR), Perry, and Michael. Marty's sons Eric and Robert also participated.

Joe (KE6PHB), Tony (WA6ZMZ) and Tom (KE6VCR) arrived in the area about 25 minutes later.


1st.6:35 PMTom (N6JOJ) and Erich (W6LKK)
2nd.6:40 PMGary (N6LRV) and Mike (without the use of a beam or doppler)
3rd.6:58 PMThomas (KE6CBR) and Johnna
4th.7:03 PMMarty (K6KTP) and crew
5th.7:08 PMJoe (N6SZO), Greg (KD6YQR) and Perry
6th.7:35 PMTom (KE6VCR), Joe (KE6PHB), Tony (WA6ZMZ) and an unidentified lady (??) arrived on the scene, but elected not to sniff.

All in all, everyone present seemed to have a great time. Good hunt Bruce and Steve!!.