Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon T-Hunt Rules

Revised October 18th, 2003

  1. The hunt shall be held on the first and third Saturday of each month. In the event of inclement weather, the hunt will be postponed until the following regularly scheduled Saturday.
  2. The hunt will begin at 6:00 PM and will stop at 8:00 PM unless the hider, and at least one of the remaining hunters, agree to continue. Inquiries by the hider as to the number and mental state of the remaining hunters will be made on the hunt frequency using FM simplex.
  3. The hunt will start at the Southeast corner of Grosmont College in the parking lot near the intersection of Grosmont College Drive and Griffin Drive.
  4. The hidden transmitter will operate on 146.565 MHz using FM modulation. It must be detectable at the starting point with standard T-Hunting equipment. The carrier may be intermittent, but it will be continuously on for at least 15 seconds each minute. The transmitter power may vary.
  5. Any antenna configuration or polarization may be used. Multiple antennas may be used. Up to two transmitters may be used, but they will be located within 300 feet of each other. If two transmitters are used, this must be disclosed to the hunters at the beginning of the hunt. The transmitter and antenna may be mobile, or otherwise moving, but it may not move more than 100 feet from its original starting point.
  6. The hidden transmitter will be located in the area defined by pages 1210-1213, 1230-1233, 1249-1253, and 1270-1273, of a 1995 or later Thomas Brothers San Diego Map. Map coordinate rows 5, 6, and 7 are excluded from pages 1270. The included area contains portions of the communities of Santee, Lakeside, El Cajon, Fletcher Hills, San Carlos, La Mesa, Mount Helix, Blossom Valley, Flinn Springs, Eucalyptus Hills, Grosmont, Crest, and San Diego.
  7. The transmitter and antenna will, at all times, be located within 300 feet of easy access by a standard, low-clearance, two-wheel-drive private passenger automobile. It will be in a location that is publicly accessible with no charge for admission. Property with posted "No Trespassing" signs or " gated communities" are not publicly accessible.
  8. Care will be taken in locating the transmitter and antenna so that hunters on foot, or otherwise, can safely reach the ending location. They will be easily accessible by an ambulatory individual. The transmitter and antenna will be located so that no property or landscaping damage will be caused by wandering hunters. Consideration also shall be given to preventing unreasonable disturbances, such as excessive traffic or noise, to non-hunters.
  9. The winner is normally the first person to locate the antenna of the hidden transmitter. The hider may specify different criteria, such as mileage or mileage and time, prior to the beginning of the hunt. If more than one transmitter is used, the hider must inform the hunters how the winner will be determined. The winner of the hunt will hide the transmitter at the following hunt. If the winner is not able to hide, then the second place finisher shall hide, and so on.
  10. Hunters, in separate vehicles, may not work in teams nor use the assistance of any other station, or person, who is not located within their vehicle.
  11. All traffic laws shall be obeyed. A hunter receiving a traffic citation shall be disqualified.
  12. Upon locating the hidden antenna, the hunter shall attempt to report the discovery to the hider and shall vacate the immediate area. Successful hunters should avoid disclosing the location to other hunters who are still hunting.
  13. After the hunt, hunters and guests gather at a nearby restaurant for food and refreshments. The selected restaurant is announced by the hider prior to the conclusion of the hunt. The hider is also responsible for logging the finishers and reporting the results to the Counterpoise editor.
  14. Conditions of the hunt may change with advance notice from the hider with the exception of boundary lines and No Trespassing signs.
  15. The rules may be amended by a majority vote of the active hunters. Active hunters are defined as members who have participated in at least two hunts in the preceding three months.

For More Information Contact: Tom N6JOJ 619-449-3547, Erich W6LKK 619-401-7332 or Tom KE6VCR 619-843-7550.