Transmitter Hunting Web Pages

Albuquerqe, NM Transmitter Hunting Homepage
This is a fun page with some humorous pictures of various hunts, and some neat links to Homebrew stuff.

 Amateur Radio Transmitter Hunting Southern California Style
This site has lots of information (results, times, stories, etc.) about the various hunts throughout Southern California.

 California Transmitter Hunts
This site has pictures and details of the various all day hunts throughout California.

 Hidden Transmitter Hunting
This is quite a cool site. It has pictures and diagrams of various antennas, attenuators, hiding equipment, S-meters, etc.

 Homing In
This is a good site with lots of links and information about Radio Direction Finding.

 DEAD LINK     Hudson Valley Direction Finding Association
This is a good "down home" site that talks very simply and directly about transmitter hunting.

 NoBARC - Northern Berkshire Amateur Rado Club
Another club site which has some good information for new hunters.

 Southern California Transmitter Hunts
This is a listing of the Transmitter Hunts in the Southern California area (including El Cajon).

DEAD LINK    Transmitter Hunting in the San Francisco Bay Area
This is a site in the San Francisco area that has lots of information and pictures from the numerous hunts they have up there.

Updated: 12/27/2004, KC6NXZ