Saturday, September 30, 2000

Rebecca (KF6WZR), Rofiee (KF6ZFT), Greg (KD6YQR) and Joe (N6SZO)

The September 30th. County Wide T-Hunt started at 12:00 PM from Montgomery Field with 5 teams present:

Team #1 KE6CBR (Thomas) & Johnna
Team #2 KD6RSQ (Chuck) & W5NVH (Ernie)
Team #3 KF6AUW (Bruce) & N6QEK (Steve)
Team #4 KE6VK (Paul)
Team #5 WA6ZMZ (Tony)

KF6WZR (Rebecca) from the hiding team was on site to record mileage from the hunters and relay information via cell phone to a remote location NW of Descanso on Boulder Creek Road where KF6ZFT (Rofiee), KD6YQR (Greg) and N6SZO (Joe) had set up the transmitter. A 13 element beam was laying on a bush in a vertically polarized position pointing roughly NW towards KK6I (Ron's) house in Ramona. Ron actually called us on one of our Comm frequencies to let us know that we had a good signal at his home QTH. Armed with all kinds of equipment borrowed from a bunch of other hunters, we had intended to set up a micro-T somewhere in the vicinity when KF6WZR arrived with our 2 turkey and 1 ham sandwich's. We actually started with about watt of output power from a Yaesu 530 dualband HT using Thomas' (KE6CBR) connector cable and Gary's (N6LRV) controller which were all borrowed from Tom (KE6VCR) which he had used the weekend before on a hunt for the LA group that he, Tony (WA6ZMZ) and Joe (KE6PHB) had sponsored. Once we found the directions for the HT, we turned the power down to 1/3 watt and it remained there for the duration.

Settling in for a rest and waiting for out lunch to show up, we pondered how much of a challenge this would be for some of the hunters. A vehicle pulled up next to us that came from the north and asked if this was the transmitter hunt? We had only been on the air for about 30 minutes, how could this be? When we looked at his vehicle we could not see any antennas that looked like they were directional. How had he located us so quickly? It turned out that he was not a hunter. I think his call was KC6RJM? and he said he had seen a flyer at HRO and was aware of the hunt, but was not hunting, just driving by his property, which was just around the corner, a couple of miles away. After he left, we again wondered where our lunch was (remember the 2 turkey and 1 ham sandwich that KF6WZR was bringing?). We almost got ambitious and put out the micro-T, but it was kind of warm and we rearranged the camouflaged parachute that we had over the back of the vehicles, had a cold drink and decided to wait until lunch showed up.

Guess what? At 1:28 PM, one hour and twenty eight minutes after the start, Paul (KE6VK) rolled up with his modified marine Doppler and announced that he was here. About 15-20 minutes later, our lunch showed up and we took a break under the shade. Paul's mileage was 49.5. Rebecca, who had just delivered lunch for us, said that her odometer told her that it was 46.1 miles from Montgomery Field to the site. All we had to do now was wait.

At 2:00, Thomas (KE6CBR) called in on one of the Comm frequencies and reported that he and Johnna had to abandon the hunt due to having to be in LA for a social event later in the afternoon. They were sure we were hiding somewhere in the vicinity of Iron Mountain just south of Ramona and wanted to confirm it before they signed off. We regretfully informed them that we were not on Iron Mountain.

A few minutes later, who should appear but Bruce (KF6AUW) and Steve (N6QEK). Their mileage was verified at 52.3 miles. Bruce (KF6AUW) claimed that he had new tires and therefore had not verified his "Crenshaw" Factor and conceded that if no one else came in close to him them, Paul (KE6VK) would be the WINNER. About 3:00 PM we received a call from Chuck (KD6RSQ) and Ernie (W5NVH). They were abandoning the hunt also due to some stray RF somewhere in their vehicle that was throwing their equipment off. They were in the Julian area and were headed home to Ramona.

And last, but not least, was Tony (WA6ZMZ), who was still out searching and, by all accounts, was closing in on us at a rapid rate. However, due to lack of communications somewhere along the line, we could not determine if Tony was still hunting. After another hour of transmitting, we shut down the transmitter at about 4:15 PM and headed for the barn.

Here are the results:

First        KE6VK (Paul)
Who has said he will be willing to hide on the next County Wide T-Hunt which will occur on Saturday, December, 2000.
Second        KF6AUW (Bruce) and N6QEK (Steve)
If they had not stopped to eat lunch who knows, they might have changed their mileage and decided to run the Crenshaw Factor to make it a little closer!

Thanks to all the other participating teams for making an effort. We appreciate the fact that you all took the time to come out for the event!!

Respectfully submitted by Rebecca, Rofiee, Greg & Joe