Saturday, May 20, 2000

Tom (KE6VCR), Joe (KE6PHB), Tony (WA6ZMZ)

Six teams started from the college at six o'clock.

Thomas (KE6CBR) and Johnna
Bruce (KF6AUW) and Steve (N6QEK)
Chuck (KD6RSQ) and Ernie (W5NVH)
Galen (N6YBK) and Gary (KF6LRV)
Bob (KD6BP) and Nick (KD6ASF)
Joe (N6SZ0) and Rebecca (KF6WZR)

The main transmitter was an HT running 1/2 watt into a 6 element quad being run by Tom (KE6VCR) and his wife Donna who were sitting in front of West Hills High School on Mast Blvd in Santee.

At this destination the hunters "in" time was recorded and they were given a map of the park just to the West of the school. After reading the map and the instructions, the teams were logged out to start the on-foot portion of the hunt.

There were four micro foxes hidden in the park. Two were hidden on the West end at the baseball fields and two were hidden at the East end by the soccer fields.

Everyone really enjoyed hunting the baseball bat.

Everyone had other things to say about the bleachers.

Most of the twelve "decoy" transmitters were found. (right Bruce...?)

All in all, everyone found everything and had smiles and a feeling of accomplishment after it was over.

Here are the results.

First        KE6CBR and Johnna20156176
Second        KF6AUW and N6QEK15166181
Third        KD6RSQ and W5NVH35152187
Fourth        N6YBK and KF6LRV18180198
Fifth        KD6BP and KD6ASF19182201
Sixth        N6SZ0 and KF6WZR30172202

There were two teams that got a late start from the college and did not finish the hunt but did join us for dinner. They were:

Rudy Gonzales (no call)
Travis Curry, KN6VQ and friend.

I must say that the credit for this excellent hunt has to be given to Joe (KE6PHB) and Tony (WA6ZMZ). Between the two of them they spent about 40 hours in preparing this hunt for the enjoyment of the hunters.

The map was a satellite image from Microsoft's Terra server that Tony downloaded and Joe massaged using Claris draw. The transmitters were controlled by controllers that Joe built for our last park romp. The two micro transmitters (baseball bat and bleachers) were Ramsey milliwatt transmitter kits. The flower pot and the sprinkler control box were HTs on low power.

Respectfully submitted by Tom (KE6VCR)