County Wide

Saturday, March 31, 2001

Tom (KC6NXZ) and Tuck (NZ6T)

Hidden "T" LOCATION: Villa Norte Park in Tierrasanta -- off of Antigua Blvd.

Two teams started from Montgomery Field at 1:00:

Team #1 Rebecca (KF6WZR), Joe (KE6PHB) and 'Super Sniffer' Tony (WA6ZMZ)
Team #2 Travis (KN6VQ) and his T-hunting sidekick.

Well! Did we have a good time, or what? Yes, we did, and to all of those were not able to be there -- we missed you.

It started right on time, at 1:00 P.M., and Tuck, NZ6T, was at the start with his Camera!

Thanks to Tom, KE6VCR for the use of his Hidden "T", which worked flawlessly. The antenna was the famous 4 element Quad we all know and love. It was rotated, if not very frequently. The hiders, myself and Tuck, were out of sight, or so we thought. As we were anxiously awaiting the first arrival, with our beady eyes looking in the direction of the Transmitter, here comes Rebecca and her team down the street behind us! Some hiding spot, hi!

The funny part was Rebecca's look on her face when Tuck told her the Transmitter was not here with us. She said, with tongue in cheek: "You mean we have to find the Transmitter too!?"

So off they drove looking, looking. Finally they were out walking and I believe Tony convinced Joe to go around the School fence to the 'Grassy Knoll'. At the top of which they successfully found the "T".

They were the first sniffers to Find the Hidden "T"! With Rebecca right on their tail. Later, after we all shared many Stories about other T-Hunts, I decided I had better find out what happened to the Travis/expedition (AKA Team # 1).

Turns out, they searched High and they searched Low, but no Transmitter was found. Oh well! Better Luck next Time.

We wrapped up the Hunt and proceeded to the Spice House to tie on the Feed Bag. While Rebecca ate her salad and the rest of us devoured some form or other of animal protein, we had a lively discussion about the plight of animals used for food, with Joe chiming in at the right times to add a little spark.

I should also say thank you to Bernie, W1CDM for Closing his Internet Link on 449.980 so we could use it as a coordination Frequency.

73's!! Tom, KC6NXZ