Saturday, June 3, 2000

Thomas (KE6CBR) and Johnna

Eight teams started from the college at six o'clock:

Tom (N6JOJ) and Eric (W6LKK)
Ron (KK6I), Larry (KN6IQ), and Harlan (KD6RMG)
Bruce (KF6AUW), Bruce (WA6DNT), and Cameron
Tom (KE6VCR), Joe (KE6PHB), Tony (WA6ZMZ), and Rebecca (KF6WZR)
Phil (N6WHK) and Jim (KA6ZVX)
Bob (KD6BP), Nick (KD6ASF), Tony (KM6RX), and Ed (K1CHS)
Travis (KN6VQ) and Alcide
Tom (KC6NXZ)

Aside from some minor technical difficulties (such as a dead battery), the T went on the air at about six o'clock.

The main transmitter was an HT running 1/2 watt into a 10dB attenuator and a 6 element quad in Crest, pointed at the start point. There were nice hills to either side, which helped to make it hard to hear the T when not in the signal path.

There was a secondary transmitter on 146.580 for those hunters who wanted to sniff. Johnna insisted on hiding the sniff T deep within a sufficiently prickly bush. (Sorry!)

Scoring was based on mileage. The hunt was short enough that the "Crenshaw" factor never came into play.

Here are the results:

First        N6JOJ and W6LKK10.8
Second        KK6I, KN6IQ, and KD6RMG11.6
Third        KF6AUW, WA6DNT, and Cameron16.0
Fourth        KE6VCR, KE6PHB, WA6ZMZ, and KF6WZR21.3
Fifth        N6WHK and Jim (KA6ZVX)27.0
Sixth        KD6BP, KD6ASF, KM6RX, K1CHS29.7

There were two teams who did not show by the time the T was taken off the air.

The teams adjourned to the local Roundtable Pizza for dinner.

Respectfully submitted by Thomas (KE6CBR) and Johnna