Saturday, June 29, 2002

Joe, Greg ,Perry, Randy

Joe (N6SZO), Greg (KD6YQR), Perry and Randy (KF6LCY)

The transmitter was hidden at Ski Beach in beautiful and scenic Mission Bay Park. Originally, a beam antenna was tested but no bounce/reflection effect could be achieved, so we resorted to a rubber duck antenna stuck in a grove of palm trees fed with a Yaesu 530 handheld using KE6CBRs Picon controller. We started with 300 milliwatts, but no one could hear the signal from Montgomery Field [at least that is what was reported to us by Perry (KF6DXU)]. We raised the power to 500 milliwatts for about 15 minutes, and then lowered it back down to 300 milliwatts.

We estimated that the first vehicle left Montgomery Field at about 12:10. The first vehicle with an antenna was seen cruising thru the Ski Beach parking lot about 12:35. Greg (KD6YQR) and myself (N6SZO) were blending in with the San Diego Association of Geologists picnic which was being held about 300 feet away. Randy (KF6LCY), who helped us with testing the site, and Rebecca (KF6WZR), who conned Tony into taking photos for her since she had a conflicting engagement, were not present.

We set up a decoy picnic table with three ice chests underneath. The transmitter and controller were hidden in a styrofoam ice chest with a cable coming out the top and leading up into the palm tree with the rubber duck semi-concealed amongst the branches. Shortly other vehicles with antennas were observed in the parking lot trying to find a place to park. Many T-Hunters walked around us and back and forth in the vicinity of the hidden T. Then, much to our surprise, Bruce (KF6AUW) was seen walking thru the area with a cell phone, but no sniffer...He was not on the list of hunters...Whats up with that? Could it be that our measly 300 milliwatt signal was so good that it captured T-Hunters radios that were not even hunting that day? Turns out that he had his motor home parked on the other side of the lot and was having a birthday party for his son. Good thing he did not notice us setting things up at 11:00 AM!

Confusion was in order until about 1:05 when Tony (WA6ZMZ) located the T. Shortly (seconds?) after that Thomas (KE6CBR) and Johnna also located it and the rest gradually followed suit. We moved the decoy table and ice chests over by the volleyball court and discussed the hunt. Jerry (K6DYD), Joey (N6UKL), Michael ( Martys (K6KTP)) son and his brothers. All stuck around until about 6:00 PM and played volleyball..Thanks for keeping the party alive!


1st.1:05 PMTony (WA6ZMZ ), Tom (KE6VCR) and Bruce (KG6IYN)21.8 miles
2nd.1:06 PMThomas (KE6CBR) and Johnna14.5 miles
3rd.1:09 PM +/-Michael13.0 miles
4th.1:10 PMJerry (K6DYD) and Joey (N6UKL) 12.8 miles
5th.1:11 PMMarty (K6KTP), Tom, and his other son17.2 miles
Thanks to all the participants, everyone found the T and, we hope, had an enjoyable afternoon.