"Hazer 4" Project:

Installation prior to installing the Hazer.

Justification for change:

My expectations...

GME on target with advertising jargon...

One time expectation...

  1. Use the hazer 4 system after initial assembly to remove my existing two and six meter beams to ground level
    THIS OBJECTIVE NOT OBTAINABLE.... The hazer 4 does not allow for a person to climb above the tram. (Footing not available, see picture below with the ladders)

Longer term expectations...

  1. Easy to use on demand
  2. Very high 'comfort level' relating to mechanical / structural condition
  3. Zero failures

Some compromises I had to make because of my existing tower system...

My Rohn 25G tower was already in service thus a few things are not as "good-as they could-be" compared to a new installation. I see where the Hazer System is best installed on new installations. However after reviewing these drawbacks, I decided the Hazer was still an improvement over my present system. These compromises are not the fault of the hazer.

  1. My tower is too close to my house. Assemble of the Hazer around the tower had to be done at the roof level because there was not enough distance between house and hazer frame for clearance.
  2. My house will prevent me from working on the ground while servicing the rotator or lower antenna.
  3. The second set of lower guy wires will have to be done away with. This should not be a problem with a 50 ft tower.
  4. My 80 meter full wave loop would have to be removed from the tower each time the hazer is lowered.
  5. My TV antenna will have to be removed each time the hazer is lowered. (TV antenna at 15 ft.)

Action (Time to order):

I ordered my Hazer 4 directly off the internet site. http://www.glenmartin.com/ I decided to try operating without the "roller wheels" sold by Glen Martin. They seemed expensive and also appear they can be added at a latter time. This was done in an effort to reduce the total expense of the "hazer package". They do not have an 1-800 number however after completing the order form on the internet they called on the phone to obtain my payment method. It seems the only one who wasn't friendly was the UPS driver since the Hazer 4 is rather heavy and is shipped in one box. The packaging was really compact and left nothing to be desired. (You can do your UPS driver a big service by helping him unload the package)

My Pre-Work Plan (Major Steps) ........................................(Problems documented)

The first picture shows the pieces as spread out on the backyard table prior to construction. As I inspected the parts, I was pleased to find all the parts were there and the galvanizing job on the steel was outstanding! I saw no bare metal and the braces, shelves and cross braces were all aluminum. The Hazer 4 should weather well, even on the gulf coast here in South Texas. Only one hole had to be cleaned out because of the galvanizing process. All holes were perfectly aligned. The construction of the three sides took about 1 1/2 hours working alone.

The next picture shows the three sides assembled on the back yard table.


The above picture shows the work location with the extension ladder used to climb above the hazer in order to climb the tower. Not shown is the 12 ft extension ladder I used to walk the six meter beam up to the mounting location on the mast. The two meter beam was pulled up with a rope. To the left is a picture of the hazer prior to the rotator being mounted and the TB-25 Thrust Bearing can be seen on the upper shelf.

The coax, rotator wire, and hard-line can be seen attached to the tower. They of course all had to be removed off the tower and some of the tower bolts which were put in backwards had to be reversed so that the bolt head was on the outside of the tower.




.This is a picture of the tower after being stripped of all coax, wires and tape. I had a big concern rather the Hazer would travel high enough in order to properly lock on the horizontal brace. I found during the first test without any antenna's installed it did not! After letting the guy wires out a little, it did latch properly which tells me the tolerance is very tight!

The Hazer latched at the top of the tower.

The completed product. Six and Two meter beams above the tree line. The two and six meter beams are too long to walk the guy wires around from the ground after the hazer is at the 25 ft elevation. It works best if the two guy wires are vertical to the tower prior to raising the hazer. (I figured this out after cranking the hazer to an elevation of about 35 ft and had to lower it again but no strain. It cranks up easily.)

The two meter beam had to be mounted a little off center / counter weight center because the element closest to the mast would not clear the guy wire assembly / torque bar. This does not appear to be a big problem since the boom has end supports.

This was published the day after. If there are problems, they will be documented on this site using buttons below this area.


We hope this button is not used, will post any mechanical , process problems with my hazer.