Globe King 500 - Summary

Grant Youngman, NQ5T, has a beautiful Globe King 500B displayed on his webpage. I thought of it when I saw this one at the Belton hamfest. I later found out that he had made arrangements with Gary to look it over and then decided not to buy it. Thank you, Grant.

Sometimes we all get the urge and energy to take on a project like this, but I frankly don't see how some guys can do this all the time, especially for a living. I don't know if I will ever get into a restoration project as I did this one. My officemate at work (we have shared an office for five years) knows me pretty well, and he can attest to the obsession that this became (not to mention my poor wife). So if any of you out there want to buy this rig, you know the answer :)

It was a very fulfilling and rewarding project. To take something so old and neglected and turn it into new again gives one a Zen-like feeling. By giving it your all, it keeps a part of you and you it. I love to turn the transmitter around and watch the mercury-vapor rectifiers glow purple and pulsate with modulation. Oh, the now-gone days when ham radio was in it glory, when AM was king, when on-the-air manners prevailed, when gentlemen operators respected each other (and the FCC), to flip the plate switch and talk for five or more minutes, I can go back there by turning on the Globe King 500 and its vacuum tube receiver mate. There are more and more boomer operators showing up on 3.88 Mcs (yes, megacyles) AM. Do all of us get that nostalgic when we cross the 50-year mark in our lives?

Afterword - 11/1/99

There is a fitting ending to this story.

On Sunday evening, October 24, 1999, I got a call from Leo Meyerson himself. He had read this article that was published in the October issue of Electric Radio Magazine. He called to congratulate me on the restoration and asked if the picture of the Globe King in the article was actually mine or one that I clipped from an ad. I felt very honored to get a call from Mr. WRL himself. I will always remember it. He sent me his QSL after exchanging email later.

Leo's QSL

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