The 1985 voyage across the Atlantic

Over the years we have had many reunions held at various crewmembers homes as well as restaurants in the area.  Our first reunion was in 1986 and it was the last time we had all 15 crewmembers together.  The last time any of us got to sail together on Godspeed was during OpSail '86 and the lighting of the Statue of Liberty in New York. 

Hopefully I will be able to include more reunion pictures as I obtain them.

OpSail '86

Starting from the left:
Jim Barton, Jim Cox, Robert Woollard, Neil Tanner and Charlie Morgan.

2001 Reunion held at Pete and Caddy Meekins home in Yorktown, Va.

From left to right:
Charlie Morgan, Pete Meekins, Jack Greer, Jim Cox and Neil Tanner.

2002 Reunion held at Jim and Linda Coxs home in Tappahannock, Va.

Starting from the left:
Dug Steele, Jack Greer, Charlie Morgan, Pete Meekins, Robert Woollard, Mike Brookman, Jim Cox and Neil Tanner.

2003 Reunion held at Charlie and Cindy Morgans home in Mathews, Va.

Start from the left, back row:
John Broadwater, Jack Greer, Charlie Morgan, Joe Gowdy, Debbie Sowers (Boat Mom), Mike Brookman and Neil Tanner
In front from left:
Jim Barton and Allan Libby (BA)

Reunion in 2004

1- Charlie Morgan  2- Jim Barton  3- Norm Cubberly  4- Pete Meekins
5- Jack Greer  6- George Salley  7- Joe Gowdy  8- Robert Woollard
9- Jim Cox  10- Wayne West  11- Mike Brookman  12- Steve Wann
14- Neil Tanner  (missing are: Maurice Duke, John Broadwater and Dug Steele)

Our last reunion with Robert Woollard in 2005 held at Robert and Brenda Woollards home in Surry, Va.

Starting from the left:
Norm Cubberly, Maurice Duke, Neil Tanner, Jack Greer, Charlie Morgan, Robert Woollard,
Joe Gowdy and Steve Wann.  Also in attendance was John Broadwater.

Rob, I wish I had called you one last time....

2009 Reunion held at Pete and Caddy Meekins home in Yorktown, Va.

Starting from the far left:
Joe Gowdy, Jack Greer, Penny Gowdy, Pete Meekins, Caddie Meekins and Neil Tanner.

Reunion in 2009

John Broadwater (seated), Charlie Morgan and Mike Brookman.
Also in attendance but not pictured was:
Steve Wann and Jim Cox.

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