WA3WSJ AT Cap Antenna
This is my newest AT Antenna!
This picture is the prototype and it works
just great. I tried this one with Rich Arland,
K7SZ, when we were on the AT in October.
This antenna works great and it only weighs 4.5 oz. including the reels!  Two reels weigh about 1.5 oz. and I didn't weigh the wooden insulators. The actual antenna should weigh just under 3oz. That's not bad for a 40M antenna! The antenna tunes on all bands with my K2 KAT2 Tuner except 17M.  The neat thing about this baby is that there are only five parts to the thing. One SO-239 connector; one 3/4 " PVC end cap and three small screw eyes. Here is the frequency response of my antenna on 40M without a tuner:

2:1 = 6.9708mhz            Fr = 7.124mz        2:1 = 7.300mz            7.040mhz = 1.5:1

I cut my antenna to cover the entire 40M band, but you could tune it lower for cw only and get a 1.1:1 swr at 7.040mhz. You can tune it to however you operate! This is a easy antenna to put up and take down on the trail.

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