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"This collection covers a few years and a lot of fun with family and friends."

    This is one of Bernie's
    "SMALL" ones.

     I am serious, I think it is Voodoo or something, she
     never fishes where, "I know" the big fish are.
     After all, I've been fishing for 50 years, so
     I must be an "expert."

This is our Grandson Scotty's
1st "Keeper" Striped Bass.

He is just like his Grandmother, or for that matter,his father, Scott.
Scotty started fishing before he could walk, and is really good at it.
He got this a few years ago at age seven. I do not have a picture of it,
but his younger sisters, Kalyn and Heather have taken a few prize
trout in the past year. I'll get a picture soon I'm sure.

Scotty has become quite an archer and hunter as well.

  This "Old Salt"
  is my older son, Paul.

   Paul worked the Alaskan fishing boats for quite a few years. We built
   his first kayak when he was 7, and by the time he reached 8, you
   couldn't catch him with an outboard. It was about 12 feet in length
   with 17 inch beam. He put hundreds of miles on the boat and then
   gave the it to a friend's boy when he had outgrown it. It may still
   be out there?

Well, at least I catch them two at a time.  

Now, I fish where the big fish are.   I don't catch 'em,
but I do know where they are! And to make up for it, I catch
them 2 at a time. Of course I do catch a few BIG ones.    

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