9, 10, and 15 to 24 October, 1999

A report assembled by Jean Burnell with commentary by John Fisher and Jean Burnell



This was the eighth major effort at Cappahayden, and as such we seem to be getting more and more demanding about what we expect to hear. The incredible 130 country total of the fifth DXpedition is unlikely to be surpassed without an equally large DXpedition, so we have focused once more on going for new catches and difficult DX.


The DXpeditioners were:

Alan Merriman [AM] Chincoteague, VA AOR AR-7030 Plus (15 - 23 Oct)

John Fisher [JF] Calgary, AB Icom R-71A (15 - 17 Oct)

Neil Kazaross [NK] Barrington, IL AOR AR-7030 (17 - 24 Oct)

Jean Burnell [JB] St. John's, NF Drake R8A & Icom R-71A (9 - 24 Oct)


As I had my children with me for a couple of days, some logs have also been contributed by 9-year-old cub-DXer Christopher Burnell [CB] using a Sony 2010.

The antenna complement at the DXpedition was:

Brazilian Beverage: 1 km twin-lead with Byan termination aimed at eastern Brazil. This is also quite effective for Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina as well as southern Africa. We extended this even longer for one night.

African Beverage: 390 m unterminated wire towards southern Africa. This was extended half-way through the DXpedition, and with a wider beam than the Brazilian Beverage, it really helped with the Africans.

European Beverage: 500 m terminated wire towards northern Europe. Eastern routes were far from exceptional, so we may not have missed much when this antenna was clipped short by wave action.

Delta (K9AY) Loops: Up to three such systems were used. By and large these were handy for filling in the gaps between the Beverage beams, and sometimes these provided quieter coverage than the Beverages.

The ends of the Beverage antennas connected through noise-reducing transformers to coaxial cables that brought the signals into the radio "shack." The signals were gently amplified using Kiwa broadband amplifiers then split four ways using ICE splitters. Each DXer could choose his antenna at the flick of a switch. I used a modified MFJ-1026 unit for phasing. Al used a unit based on Mark Connelly's Super-phaser design, and Neil had his zillion-knob Connelly unit of uncertain vintage (carbon-dating being unavailable at Cappahayden).

I like to go to the DX site the weekend before the crowd arrives so that I can ferry the many spools of antenna wire and coax and other heavy material such as bottles of drinking water. The hamlet of Cappahayden does not change much. This time there seemed to be even fewer human inhabitants, but more aggressive dogs. The best way to make sure that nothing important has been forgotten is to DX for a night. I had forgotten part of my delta (K9AY) loop set-up! It would have been foolish to try to erect it anyway, as the wind was howling at about 100 km/h, and it began to rain heavily. I did stretch out the 1-km long Brazilian Beverage and the 500-m European wire, but neither was terminated until the next week. I was stalked by a seal while fiddling with the latter, and I picked up a jawbone and a vertebra of a baleen whale on the beach.

Propagation from the East was better than during the full-fledged DXpedition. I heard stations such as Yemen on 760 kHz and BBC from Redmoss on 1449 kHz that were not audible a week later. I discovered that the Brazilian Beverage had snapped about 250 meters from the shack, which explained a disappointing initial showing from Brazil.

The next Friday I was back in Cappahayden getting the shack set up. Al Merriman arrived in the afternoon, and I had to zoom back to St. John's to collect my children from school and bring them down to Cappahayden. They were disappointed not to be stalked by a seal, but we did find another whale vertebra and half a dozen pieces of baleen (machete-sized, but flexible whale teeth). My first log was Tanzania on 1377 kHz, not a bad start! We were DXing when John Fisher arrived. He picks up the narrative here:

John Fisher:

While this may have been my third trip to the East Coast Mecca of DXing, Cappahayden, Newfoundland, time has not jaundiced my appreciation of this great location.

As with my last trip in 1998, I was fortunate to have been able to have my visit coincide with a business trip to Germany. So rather than have to deal with an 8-hour time difference and jet lag in Germany, I was able to split the trip in half, making my transition to German Time easier. (That's my story, and I am sticking to it!). In fact, when I heard in late Spring that I would be making this trip, I sent off a note to Jean, asking if he would be interested in a weekend of DX. His reply was that he had been thinking of having another DXpedition, so invites were sent and the plan was set in motion.

Every time that I have been to Newfoundland, the weather has been almost as exciting as the DX. This year was no exception. I saw on Friday morning's weather report in Toronto that there were high wind warnings for Atlantic Canada, so I expected a rough ride on the flight in. When I landed and picked up the rental car, I got the first taste of the wind that was awaiting me. The woman at the counter told me that I may want to avoid an area near the University since some streets were closed because the roof was blown off the Aquarena. When I got in the car and tuned on the radio, I heard that there had been hurricane-force winds of 140 km/h on the south shore (where I was headed) and that the winds tonight would be gusting over 100 km/h. Well those winds stayed with us all weekend and made putting up the K9AY loops for Jean and Al a real challenge. However, I tip my hat to the pilots of the planes that flew in and out of St. John's airport; they really know how to handle these windy conditions. The take off and landings were as smooth as any that I have had in calm conditions.

While I was only at the DX Inn for 47 hours, reception conditions provided for a little bit of everything. On the first night, reception was so-so; Europeans were in with fair signals, South America was OK, and we could hear Kenya on 1386. A check of the MW bands in the morning revealed improving conditions to deep South America and my first logging of HCJB on 690. On Saturday afternoon, central Europe and North Africa was coming in stronger, providing me with my first receptions of Belgium 1188 and Algeria 1422. But the real highlight this afternoon as an African station on 1062 that had all three of us, listening and taping intently. All indications were that this station was from Nigeria, however, it took us until the next night to confirm this. By early evening, stations in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay were making a good showing. Many of the Argentineans were new for me, including 630, 1030 and 950.

But by far the highlight of the night was hearing a station on 530 with a British-accented announcer in English under Radio Vision on the southern Beverage. Could it have been Falklands ? On Sunday afternoon before I left, I went for a short drive in the countryside. After passing through "The Barrens," a zone of sub-arctic tundra with only rocks, a few short trees and ponds, I reached the hamlet of Portugal Cove South and the sign to Cape Race and its lighthouse. Only 20 km to Cape Race the sign said, so it should only be a short drive. The road started off as a gravel road, turned into a more rocky trail and then it really started to degenerate. After about 6 km, it was little more than two tire paths over the rock and grass. At times it was hard to tell where the road stopped and where the field took over. I finally reached the end of the road. My rental car had scraped over the rocks to get here and there was the lighthouse finally in view. After all that, when I got a little closer, I saw that the lighthouse was surrounded by scaffolding and plastic - a reconstruction project. So much for getting a nice photo of a remote lighthouse on a desolate Atlantic point !

Sunday evening left only a few hours of DXing before I had to leave, but they were good hours. In all of my trips to Cappahayden I had never experienced really good conditions to Southern Africa. There were a few glimpses of Lesotho and Botswana, but never anything really solid. Today that changed. It started off with strong signals from Guinea on 1386 and quickly led to Angola 945, a weak signal from Senegal on 765 (so they are still on, but not very strong), a killer signal from Mozambique on 1206 and a possible unauthorized relay of Merlin Network One on 1485. Once again it was great to see Jean and enjoy his hospitality and the use of his Icom R71A. That saved me from lugging around a communications receiver for 3 weeks while I traversed North America and Germany on business. Once again, I got to meet Neil for a couple of hours; it seems like one of us is always leaving when the other is arriving. Maybe one of these trips we will overlap for a longer period. And it was a pleasure to meet Al for the first (and probably not the last) time. While I have numerous tapes to keep me busy for a little while, I am already looking forward to my next trip to the windy coast of Newfoundland.

Again, Neil and John seemed to cross in the air ! As the weather continued to disappoint, the DX didn't. Conditions were quite auroral on the night that John left, and we scored some fabulous reception of Mozambique on 1206 kHz and of the Nigerian on 1062 kHz. We also picked up some good Argentinean and Uruguayan signals, and the best audio I have for Falklands on 530 kHz was taped that night. The next few nights were not as interesting, even though more new Brazilians were logged.

The 19th was probably our worst day in terms of weather. The 120 km/h winds, the tail of Hurricane Irene, had managed to drag our European wire into the heavy surf during the night, then in the morning as I drove to St. John's there were snow flurries. (The missing sections of the European wire were spliced in a few days later, and we set out another, shorter wire aimed roughly at southern Africa.) However, the 19th was also the evening in which auroral conditions returned, and this time in spectacular fashion. I missed most of the fun since I didn't arrive back in Cappahayden until after Africans had signed off. Neil and Al gleefully recounted how I had missed Lesotho on 891 kHz and a bunch of stations from Botswana.

Fortune smiled when the weather didn't. The auroral conditions persisted, and in subsequent evenings I managed to relog most of the stations I had missed on the 19th. This included Family Radio on 1197 kHz, which is from the ex-BBC transmitter in Lesotho, Emissora Provincial de Tete from Mozambique on 963 kHz, and three "new" (for me) Botswana stations. We also caught a lot of great signals from southern South America, and even a "new" Peruvian on 810 kHz. Every DXpedition I gripe that we never hear Chile on our big antennas. I did hear Radio Familia del Maule on 1570 kHz back in August, so it doesn't hurt as much to admit it this time...we still didn't hear Chile on a DXpedition, but I'll trade Falklands for Chile any day !

To wrap up, here's a final word from Neil:

Neil Kazaross: It was great to see Jean and John again and to meet Al and see the impressive K9AY loops in action. The DXpedition was a HUGE success thanks to great auroral conditions, and helped towards Africa by the shorter wire just to the east of our monster 1-km Brazil-getter !


The Logs (UTC dates and times)

Trans-Atlantic DX

530 UNID 20 Oct, 1951 - Woman in AA, AA music; SIO 221 with splatter from LORAN [JB]. 21 Oct, 2045 - Here again with AA music, then Koran with French translation, Neil has an ID for Cairo on tape! SIO 222 [JB].

531 BOTSWANA R. Botswana, Maun, 19 Oct, 2145-2200 - Poor- fair with EE music, // 972, then lost under the Spanish pest; new wire put a nice null on Spain to give us a new logging [NK]. 23 Oct, 2111 - African pop music, // 972; SIO 243 [JB]. 23 Oct, 2116 - In well over Spain and Madeira with mellow African music, // loud 873 and 972 [NK].

540 MALI ORTM, Bamako, 23 Oct, 2147 - Clear under CBT with tribal African rhythms, // 4783 [NK].

549 ALGERIA RTA, Les Trembles, 16 Oct, 0113-0118 - AA stringed music and AA talks; very good // 891 was poor [JF].

567 IRELAND RTE-1, Tullamore, 16 Oct, 0119 - Interview with woman about a nurses' strike; fair [JF].

612 MOROCCO RTM, Sebaa-Aioun, 16 Oct, 0122 - AA talk in what sounded like a news-magazine show; fair until faded under co-channel Ireland [JF].

630 NORWAY RRK, Vigra, 21 Oct, 2244 - Country and western music, // 1314; SIO 333 [JB].

630 TUNISIA RTT, Tunis, 16 Oct, 0100 - Slow pips over AA music, AA talk from 0002; SIO 443, but later QRMed increasingly by another AA station [JB].

648 GAMBIA Gambia R., Bonto, 17 Oct, 2028 - Decent with tribal music and African talk [NK]. 17 Oct, 2036 - Presumed; man in African language; fair to good [JF]. 21 Oct, 2131 - Woman with news about Gambia and Africa; SIO 242 but no sign of Botswana [JB].

657 ENGLAND BBC R. Cornwall, Bodmin, 16 Oct, 0108 - Report on Hurricane Irene, // 909; SIO 322 [JB].

657 ISRAEL Kol Israel B, Tel Aviv, 16 Oct, 0012 - Hebrew phone-in then "My Way," // 1206; SIO 322, under Spain [JB].

657 SOUTH AFRICA Pulpit R., Meyerton, 23 Oct, 2133 - Tentative; religious tunes, few or no announcements until off at 2200, but level too low for much comprehension by that time; SIO 242-1 [JB]. 23 Oct, 2135 - Presumed; over Spain for a few minutes on our African antenna with EE religious singing; after 2200 this was off but their open carrier was clearly on [NK].

666 ALGERIA ENDS, Tindouf, 21 Oct, 2242 - Clear and almost alone, // 891, with AA talk [NK].

675 NETHERLANDS R. Ten Gold, Lopik, 10 Oct, 0007 - Pop music, jingle ID; SIO 544 [JB].

747 BURKINA FASO Radiodif. Nat. du Burkina, Ouagadougou, 23 Oct, 2114 - Man in African language, // 4815, but lost to Spain shortly after; SIO 232 [JB].

760 YEMEN Yemen R., Mukalla, 9 Oct, 2037 - Woman in AA; SIO 333 with LORAN QRM [JB]. 9 Oct, 2209 - Koran, man with announcement in AA, anthem at 2212 and off; SIO 243 [JB].

765 SWITZERLAND R. Suisse Romande, Sottens, 9 Oct, 2039 - Pop music; SIO 444 over unID Brit [JB]. 9 Oct, 2300 - FF news, sports, and weather; SIO 544 [JB]. 16 Oct, 2145 - Pop music, FF news at 2200, IDs as "La Premiere;" good [JF].

765.08 SENEGAL RTS, Dakar, 17 Oct, 2022 - FF talks by a man - the type of French definitely sounded more African than European - pop music; fair, but only audible on the southern Beverage; nothing heard on the European antenna [JF]. 17 Oct, 2023 - Presumed; man in African language, sounded like Senegal of old, but weak; SIO 242 [JB].

792 GREECE Voice of America, Kavalla, 22 Oct, 0353 - Over Spain with woman in Slavic language interviewing an American EE speaker [NK].

792 UNID 16 Oct, 0126-0131 - Koranic chants, AA (?) talks, time pips at 0130 mixing with co-channel Spain and starting to fade down; fair [JF]. 16 Oct, 0126 - Koran, possible AA ID at 0129, AA talk under Spain; SIO 322 [JB].

810 SCOTLAND BBC R. Scotland, synchros, 9 Oct, 2249 - "Celtic Connection" program to 2255, then news and weather and into BBC WS at 2300; SIO 444 [JB].

846 ITALY RAI R. 2, Rome, 16 Oct, 0305 - News in EE; SIO 333 [JB]. 16 Oct, 05-0311 - EE news and sports and into Italian news at 0306; "Notturno Italiano" program at 0311; fair [JF].

846 SOUTH AFRICA R. Xhosa, Komga, 17 Oct, 2041 - Talk in unidentified language on southern Beverage; poor [JF]. 18 Oct, 2125-2127 - Fair with talk in Xhosa into mellow EE music; on our new, shorter 1300-foot wire, which had great nulls to Europe in this bad area, we could listen to this basically clear of Italy all night [NK].

864 ARMENIA Trans-World R., Kamo, 10 Oct, 0042 - Eastern language, into "Old Rugged Cross," IS and ID in EE at 0045 then American syndicated religion; SIO 544 [JB].

864 EGYPT Egyptian R., Santah, 17 Oct, 0320 - Koranic readings, // 9755; fair [JF].

873 BOTSWANA R. Botswana, Ghanzi, 22 Oct, 2152 - // 972 with man and woman in African language well atop Spain [NK]. 22 Oct, 2155 - Man and woman with news, // 972; SIO 252 [JB].

891 LESOTHO R. Lesotho, Maseru, 19 Oct, 2220-2240 - New to our log thanks to new wire with a great null to Europe in this frequency range and very little QRM from Algeria and only remnants from Portugal; station had African talk and nice tribal music, // 4800, with good peaks [NK]. 20 Oct, 2005 - Man in African language, // 4800; SIO 232, best on the K9AY loops since the Beverages were picking up a lot of QRM from co-channel Algeria and Portugal [JB]. 20 Oct, 2022 - HUGE signal, way better than SW!! When this was this strong, it beat up Algeria on our Brazilian Beverage as well [NK]. 20 Oct, 2036 - Now strong with nice African music, over Algeria; SIO 433 [JB].

907.84 GAMBIA R. Syd, Banjul, 19 Oct, 2013 - EE country & western music; good [NK]. 21 Oct, 2137 - African music, then woman DJ in EE before more African music; SIO 242 [JB].

909 BOTSWANA Voice of America, Selebi-Phikwe, 23 Oct, 2048 - Very weak under unID African with woman in EE, definitely // 4950; SIO 121 [JB].

909 ENGLAND BBC R. 5, synchros, 16 Oct, 0125 - EE interviews [CB].

909 MOROCCO RTM, Safi, 17 Oct, 2026 - Talk in French and local music, // 774; fair [JF].

909 NIGERIA FRCN Abuja National Station, Fwagwa Lada, 23 Oct, 2043 - Tentative; males in African language, definitely mentioned "Abuja" at 2050, African music after 2056; SIO 222 [JB].

945 ANGOLA R. Nacional, Cazenga, 17 Oct, 2046-2102 - Religious program with male preacher in PP who mentioned Angola several times and some religious music, clear ID at 2056 as "Radiodiffusao Nacional Angola," more music until French news at 2100; good [JF]. 17 Oct, 2047 - Man in African language preaching, mentioned Angola often; SIO 444 [JB]. 21 Oct, 2030 - HUGE signal; man reading news in FF mentioning various local officials [NK]. 21 Oct, 2034 - French "MicroMagazine" news program to 2045, then African music; SIO 354 [JB].

954 UNID 22 Oct, 2127 - Presumably an African; weak briefly well under the Spanish pest with American Black-oriented music [NK].

963 FINLAND Oy Yleisradio Abe (YLE), Pori, 10 Oct, 0254 - Finnish folk music, pips and news at 0300; SIO 333-2 [JB].

963 PORTUGAL R. Renascenca, Seixal, 17 Oct, 2253 - Pop music including "Monday, Monday" by the Mamas and Papas, PP IDs and ads at 2257; fair to good with no sign of Finland [JF].

963 MOZAMBIQUE Em. Prov. de Tete, Tete, 22 Oct, 2100 - ID as" Emissora Provincial de Tete...." I can't make out the word after Tete; into PP news mentioning Cidade de Beira after 2100; this had virtually no QRM on the new shorter Beverage, which allowed nice African reception due to wider beam but a nice null of Europe [NK]. 23 Oct, 2058 - On the K9AY loops and on the African Beverage; pop music, PP talk from 2059, telephone report at 2101; SIO 242, R. Renascenca was audible on the European Beverage [JB].

972 BOTSWANA R. Botswana, Sebeli, 17 Oct, 2042 - EE announcer giving sports scores and then African language; fair-good [NK]. 20 Oct, 2034 - Man in African language; SIO 243 [JB]. 22 Oct, 2123 - Deep-voice man then woman with news report in EE; SIO 333 [JB].

972 GERMANY Norddeutscher R., Hamburg, 16 Oct, 0258 - German talk mentioning Hamburg, instrumental music bridge; good [JF].

972 UNID 22 Oct, 2128 - Likely a Nigerian; emerging to mix with Botswana, woman in African language hosting program of US pops; SIO 222 [JB].

981 GREECE ERT, Athens, 16 Oct, 0333 - Woman in Greek; fair-good [JF].

999 ENGLAND Magic 999, Preston, 21 Oct, 1955 - Oldies, news at 2000, nice ID at 2006; SIO 322 [JB].

999 SPAIN R. Pop. de Madrid, Madrid, 21 Oct, 2019 - Local ID as "COPE Madrid en 9-99;" over RAI but Brit has disappeared, SIO 333 [JB].

1008 CANARY IS. R. Voz, Tejada, 16 Oct, 0122 - Loud SS talk [CB].

1017 GERMANY Sudwestfunk, Mainz, 16 Oct, 2110 - Music "When I Need You" by Leo Sayer, male announcer in German mentioning Baden-Baden; poor [JF].

1017 TURKEY TRT-1, Mundanya, 16 Oct, 0245-0304 - Local music with female announcer, news at 0300, music at 0304; good [JF]. 20 Oct, 1916 - Football play-by-play, IDs as "Radio Bir;" SIO 322 [JB].

1035 ENGLAND Country 1035, London, 9 Oct, 2111 - "Country 10-35 AM" ID, country music; SIO 343 [JB]. 9 Oct, 2304 - Jingle seemed to include "Ritz Country;" SIO 232 [JB]. 16 Oct, 0337-0404 - IDs, C&W music with no announcements, ad at 0359 for "Country 1035 Match-maker," 0400 Independent Radio News read by Mitch Karasay, C&W music at 0402; fair [JF].

1053 ENGLAND Talk Radio, synchros, 16 Oct, 0107 - ID and phone-in show; good and // 1089 fair, 1107 fair [JF].

1062 DENMARK Danmarks R., Kalundborg, 19 Oct, 0341 - Rock tune, male DJ in Danish, woman with marine weather from 0345; SIO 343, with QRM from test tones (RAI?) and a buzz on the frequency [JB].

1062 NIGERIA Enugu State BS, Onitsha, 16 Oct, 2159 - Station/location tentative; African music fading up, EE ID by woman (muffled audio) and time as "11 o'clock," pop tunes, ID at 2237 as "Radio 2," seemed to be news at 2300, children recite Nigerian pledge at 2310 and off; variable but SIO 443 at peak [JB]. 16 Oct, 2202-2310* - Program of pop and rap music including songs by Madonna and Michael Jackson, female announcer in English with heavy African accent with time checks for UTC +1 and numerous IDs mentioning "Radio 2", but on this day it was not possible to clearly make out the full ID, jingle ID, time check and ID at 2300 followed by news, music at 2304, English prayer at 2309, children's' chorus giving a pledge including the words "God Bless Nigeria, my country," short anthem and then off; fair to good (JF). 17 Oct, 2058-2102 - Rap music, ID at 2100 as "This is the local --- service of Radio Nigeria," news read by a woman; good but over modulated [JF]. 17 Oct, 2100 - Woman with the "latest from the news service of Radio Nigeria;" audio always muffled! SIO 443 [JB]. 18 Oct, 2300 - Muffled ID included "Radio Nigeria," Nigerian news, religious message, Nigerian pledge, anthem and off at 2309; SIO 342 with deep fades [JB]. 19 Oct, 2000 - Good with ID "ADFC AM you've got the place;" this was very easy to hear all week [NK].

1062 UNID 15 Oct, 2338 - Back to back old pops/country tunes, suspect Country R. in Czech Rep.; SIO 242 [JB].

1098 SLOVAKIA Slovenska R., Velke Kolostany, 17 Oct, 0057-0123 - Slovak talk, time pips at 0100 followed by news, overnight EZL music program at 0104; good [JF].

1116 CHANNEL ISLANDS & ENGLAND BBC Guernsey and BBC Derby, 16 Oct, 0217 - BBC Overnight show with the two stations not synchronized producing a one-second echo; fair [JF].

1134 CROATIA Hrvatski R., Zadar, 16 Oct, 0219 - Pop music; good, // 1125 was fair [JF].

1152 ROMANIA R. Romania, Cluj, 16 Oct, 0221 - East European music, male announcer; fair, // 855 was poor [JF].

1161 SCOTLAND R. Tay, Dundee, 10 Oct, 0237 - Scottish-accented presenter w/ "Five Questions" contest, music, seemed // Clyde 2 on 1152 kHz; SIO 342 [JB].

1170 NIGERIA Ogun State Broadcasting Corp., Abeokuta, 17 Oct, 2136 - Tentative; talks under co-channel Brazilian; very poor [JF]. 19 Oct, 2020 - African-sounding language mixed in a mess of QRM [NK].

1179 SWEDEN R. Sweden, Solvesborg, 16 Oct, 2032 - Dance music request show in EE and Swedish, // 6065; fair [JF].

1188 BELGIUM R. Twee, Kortrijk, 16 Oct, 2010-2033 - Two men in Flemish, jingle ID at 2012, variety of music including Shania Twain, Sister Sledge; fair with fading under Hungary by 2030 [JF].

1188 HUNGARY Magyar R., Szolnok, 16 Oct, 1938-2010 - Pop music, news at 2000 in Hungarian mixing with co-channel Belgium; fair [JF].

1197 LESOTHO Family R., Lancer's Gap, 17 Oct, 2034 - EE religious program on southern Beverage; poor [JF]. 17 Oct, 2134 - EE religion; SIO 222-1 [JB]. 20 Oct, 2044 - Religion in EE, "Family Radio" ID at 2101, more religion; SIO 242 [JB]. This is the ex-BBC 100-kW transmitter.

1206 ISRAEL Kol Israel Reshet Bet, Haifa, 16 Oct, 0010 - Hebrew phone-in program; long deep fades, SIO 443 [JB]. 16 Oct, 2343 - Phone-in show with announcer saying "Shalom;" only in momentarily, poor [JF].

1206 MOZAMBIQUE Em. Prov. de Inhambane, Inhambane, 17 Oct, 2102-2206* - Pop music program with PP announcements, nice ID at 2200, anthem at 2204 before sign-off; fair peaking at good [JF]. 17 Oct, 2123 - PP news, instrumental guitar music and PP songs; SIO 333 [JB]. 18 Oct, 2022 - Good with local mentions during PP male and female commentary; the Beverage and auroral conditions took out European QRM [NK]. 22 Oct, 2055 - Pop music, ID, silence for almost 2 minutes before music at 2059, ID and news at 2100; SIO 333 [JB]. 23 Oct, 2106 - PP woman tried to talk to child...she couldn't understand the child either; SIO 332 [JB].

1215 BOTSWANA R. Botswana, Mahalapye, 23 Oct, 2119 - African music, // 972; SIO 232 [JB]. 23 Oct, 2120 - Very good, // several others [NK].

1251 LIBYA Voice of Great Homeland, Tripoli, 16 Oct, 2348 - AA talk and music, // 15415; poor [JF]. R. Voix de l'Afrique, 18 Oct, 2031 - EE news just ending then FF news with IDs; SIO 433 [JB].

1260 ENGLAND Classic Gold 1260, Mangotsfield, 21 Oct, 2027 - DJ chats with female caller, pop tunes, weather for "Bristol and West" and "Bristol and Bath," lots of IDs and promos; SIO 333 [JB].

1260 ENGLAND Sabras Sound, Freeman's Common, 21 Oct, 2022 - (It's not "common" here!) Poking occasionally above Classic Gold with Indian music; SIO 222-1 [JB]. 21 Oct, 2040 - Peaking now with Indian music; SIO 232 [JB].

1269 GERMANY DeutschlandRadio, Neumunster, 15 Oct, 2224 - German talk; good [CB].

1278 ENGLAND Classic Gold 1278, Bradford, 19 Oct, 0155 - Over and under Ireland with "Classic Gold" ID [NK].

1296 ENGLAND R. XL 1296, Langley Mill, 10 Oct, 0004 - Indian music, Hindi announcer but some EE; SIO 444 [JB].

1323 GERMANY Voice of Russia, Wachenbrunn, 16 Oct, 1924-2000 - FF programming, sign-off announcement at 1958, chimes IS, time pips and EE ID at 2000; EE news; fair [JF]. 16 Oct, 2052 - "Russian by Radio" program, frequency announcement and IS at 2058; SIO 333 [JB].

1332 UNID 23 Oct, 2005 and 2043 - African here in PP, not // Portugal or Madeira stations, with US music; is this Angola or Mozambique? [NK].

1341 NORTHERN IRELAND BBC R. Ulster, Lisnagarvey, 16 Oct, 2028 - C&W music show, program promo for a BBC Live music show for the Millennium, ID as "BBC Radio Ulster," old jive music; very good [JF].

1359 EGYPT Egyptian R., Batra, 9 Oct, 2131 - Fade up over Brits w/ classical flute music; SIO 332 [JB].

1368 ISLE OF MAN Manx R., Douglas, 16 Oct, 2318 - Oldies music "Imagine" by John Lennon; fair with het [JF].

1377 ENGLAND Asian Sound R., Manchester, 15 Oct, 2200 - Independent Radio News to 2202, then quickly faded; SIO 222-1 [JB]. 15 Oct, 2355 - Male host in unIDed language, Independent Radio News, then ads or slogans; SIO 242-1 as Tanzania had faded down for a while [JB].

1377 TANZANIA R. Free Africa, Mwaza, 15 Oct, 2158 - African choral music, VOA news from 2200 to 2206, then back to music; SIO 232 [JB]. 15 Oct, 2258 - More repetitive African music, ID at 2300 as "Radio Tanzania, Dar es Salaam" before news; SIO 353 [JB]. 16 Oct, 2127 - African choral music, no announcements; SIO 333 [JB]. 17 Oct, 2330 - Music sounded like an anthem, then just piano music without announcement; SIO 444 [JB].

1385.93 GUINEA R. Rurale, Labe, 17 Oct, 1954-2032 - Flute music with tedious singing (it must be an acquired taste!), "Le Magazine du Monde" in FF at 2001 with many mentions of Conakry, local music at 2025 and more FF talk at 2031; good [JF]. 17 Oct, 1957 - Repetitive African music, "Le Magazine du Dimanche" program in FF began at 2001; SIO 354 [JB]. 18 Oct, 1937 - In reasonably well by 1937 and was huge most evenings by 2000 [NK].

1386 KALININGRAD / RUSSIA Voice of Russia, Bolshakovo, 16 Oct, 2026 - EE economics show talking about the price of diamonds in Germany; good [JF]. 20 Oct, 1911 - Newsmagazine in EE about organized crime conference; SIO 353 [JB].

1386 KENYA KBC, Maralal, 16 Oct, 0158 - IS, choral anthem at 0200, woman with frequency announcement; SIO 232 [JB]. 16 Oct, 0158-0202 - Talking drum IS, choral anthem at 0200, female announcer at 0201 with "You are listening to..." then music; very poor [JF].

1422 ALGERIA ENDS, Alger, 16 Oct, 2043 - FF pop music with FF announcements; poor to fair [JF]. 16 Oct, 2044 - Faded up over Germany with FF program "Galaxie," phone-in contest then pop music; SIO 433 [JB].

1422 GERMANY DeutschlandRadio, Heusweiler, 16 Oct, 2043 - Light orchestral music program; SIO 422 [JB].

1431 SPAIN RNE R. 5, two stations, 18 Oct, 2024 - Two signals, poorly synchronized with network program; SIO 332 [JB].

1449 ITALY RAI Radio 2, synchros, 9 Oct, 2157 - Over Brit with music, woman with program announcement, then anthem; SIO 322 [JB].

1449 SCOTLAND BBC R. 4, Redmoss, 9 Oct, 2159 - Became more apparent as Italy disappeared, "Radio 4" just before pips and news at 2200, marine weather from 2203; SIO 222 [JB].

1458 ENGLAND Lite AM, Manchester, 9 Oct, 2053 - Old pop song, ID and jingle before news at 2100; SIO 322 [JB].

1467 FRANCE / MONACO TWR, Roumoules, 16 Oct, 2140 - Religious music, preacher in English with simultaneous AA translation; good [JF].

1467 SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA, unknown location, 15 Oct, 2241 - AA music and talk, // 1440 (which was stronger); SIO 343 [JB].

1476 AUSTRIA ORF, Bisamberg, 16 Oct, 2154-2202 - EE/unID language talks, soft pops, multilingual IDs at 2158 "Radio Austria - Neighbour in Need," news in German at 2200; fair [JF].

1476 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES U.A.E. R., Dubai, 16 Oct, 1920 - AA talks and music, // 13675, poor [JF]. 19 Oct, 1922 - Fair to good with AA music, // 13675, over/under Austria [NK].

1484.3 SPAIN unID SER station, 23 Oct, 1945 - Station off frequency here [NK].

1484.90 ANGOLA unID station, 23 Oct, 2000 - US music and PP announcer, soon QRMed by Spain and Ascension [NK]. 23 Oct, 2018 - Rave/dance music with PP announcements, time to time heard echoed canned "Musica!", and at 2028 and 2037 also said something about "cultural" as well as AM and FM frequencies; SIO 242 [JB]. I thought this might be the Estacao Radio de Madeira (which I've never previously logged), but Rocco Cotroneo in Brazil, who has heard this station as well, says he is sure it is Angolan.

1485 ASCENSION ISLAND R. Ascension, English Bay, 17 Oct, 2151 - Very likely this based on antenna bearing; Merlin One rock music with Merlin IDs; occasionally faded up very strongly, SIO 444-2 [JB]. 17 Oct, 2155-2232 - Usual Merlin rock music program with British announcer saying that they were also on shortwave (9720) and satellite; possibly an unlicensed rebroadcast from Ascension as the station was only audible on the southern Beverage; a phone call to Merlin on the next day, indicated that they were unaware of a broadcast on this frequency; good [JF]. 17 Oct, 2200 - Well atop Spain on Brazilian Beverage with Merlin Radio feed with popular rock music [NK]. Are the guys in the middle of the Atlantic getting a little tired of BBC WS?

1485 ENGLAND BBC R. Humberside, Hull, 21 Oct, 1950 - Mixed with Spain and atop a station that was different from R. Merseyside with Indian film music (possibly a new Dutch station which has Indian format) ID heard as "serving Lincolnshire and the North Midlands, this is BBC Radio Humberside" [NK].

1485 ENGLAND BBC R. Merseyside, Wallasey, 21 Oct, 1944 - News of Merseyside Bangladesh Centre, ID at 1946; SIO 333 [JB]. 21 Oct, 1945 - Excellent; over Spain with ID after Indian music [NK].

1485 SPAIN Onda Cero R., Vilanova & Antequera, 18 Oct, 2100 - Under SER with different news broadcast in SS; SIO 322-1 [JB].

1485 SPAIN R. Santander, Santander, 18 Oct, 2057 - Regional program with "Radio Cantabria" IDs and ads, back to SER network at 2100; SIO 444 [JB].

1492.7 MOROCCO RTM, Casablanca, 18 Oct, 1950 - Wild music and AA announcer, // 1044, 774, 909 .. note this is NOT Ivory Coast [NK].

1502 ANGOLA Em. Prov. de Benguela, Benguela, 17 Oct, 2017 - PP talk; fair [NK]. 17 Oct, 2126 - Presumed; African music; fair [JF].

1503 AZORES AFN, Lajes, 16 Oct, 1941-1957 - EE features; fair [JF].

1503 POLAND TWR/Norea R., Szczecin, 21 Oct, 1947 - Scandinavian language talk; SIO 444 [JB].

1512 BELGIUM R. Vlaanderen, Wolvertem, 16 Oct, 1902 - Flemish news; fair as European stations were starting to fade in [JF].

1512 CRETE / GREECE ERA, Chania, 23 Oct, 0111 - Far under the Koran from Saudi Arabia with very Middle-Eastern-sounding music, then talk in Greek; SIO 322 [JB].

1521 ENGLAND The Breeze, Reigate, 15 Oct, 2242 - "The Breeze 15-21" ID, old pops; SIO 333-2 [JB].

1521 SAUDI ARABIA BSKSA, Duba, 16 Oct,1903 - AA music; good [JF].

1530 SAO TOME Voice of America, Pinheira, 16 Oct, 0300 - EE ID and news; poor-fair [JF]. 18 Oct, 2142 - EE talk about dangers for Americans in Nigeria; SIO 333 [JB]. 21 Oct, 2000 - "Africa World Tonight;" SIO 433, over British commercial station [JB].

1530 VATICAN Vatican R., 17 Oct, 1950 - EE radio drama "The Trial Of St. Theresa;" fair [JF].

1539 GERMANY Evangeliums Rundfunk, Mainflingen, 18 Oct, 2139 - Christian rock music; SIO 422 with massive QRM from SER station(s) [JB].

1548 MOLDOVA Voice of Russia, Grigoriopol, 16 Oct, 0133 - EE ID into sombre vocal music; poor [JF].

1566 BELARUS R. Mayak, synchros, 21 Oct, 1930 - Peaking good with man in Slavic language [NK].

1566 UNID 17 Oct, 0029 - Mid-eastern style stringed music; likely Iran since it did not go to Hindi news at 0030, which is what AIR stations have done here in the past; poor [JF].

1575 CLANDESTINE / KUWAIT Al Mustaqbal, 9 Oct, 2027 - AA music over Spain, ID and AA talk about Iraq; SIO 444 [JB].

1602 SPAIN R. Vitoria, Vitoria, 15 Oct, 2208 - SS news; good [CB].

1630 UNID 9 Oct, 2144 - Middle Eastern or Eastern European a cappela music; very weak [JB].

1636.17 NETHERLANDS unID pirate, 16 Oct, 2115 - Dutch and German hoaky tunes, probably R. Barones; SIO 252-1, deep fades and frequent transmitter cut-outs [JF/JB].

1670 UNID 9 Oct, 2147 - Similar to 1630 kHz, but too weak to hope for an ID [JB].

Pan-American DX

530 FALKLAND IS. Falkland Island BS, Stanley, 10 Oct, 0353 - EE talk under RVC, but too QRMed to comprehend; SIO 221 [JB]. 16 Oct, 0137 - Woman and man in EE under RVC; SIO 121 [JB]. 17 Oct, 0253 - Rock music; SIO 221 [JB]. 17 Oct, 0407 - Man in EE with British accent up briefly under R. Vision on the southern Beverage only; music at 0408, but dropped out very quickly; very poor [JF]. 18 Oct, 0419 - Unequivocally BBC WS under RVC; SIO 222 [JB]. 18 Oct, 0422-0424 - Under RVC Turks with EE commentary by man and woman clearly // 6175 BBC WS; this was not that common during the DXpedition, occasionally one could phase a null that helped a bit, although this was difficult to achieve and maintain on RVC[NK].

530 TURKS & CAICOS IS. R Vision Cristiana, South Caicos, 16 Oct, 0111 - SS talk and ID; good [JF].

535 GRENADA GBC, St. Georges, 16 Oct, 0056-0107 - A really eclectic mixture of music with EZL pops, island music and rap; ad for "Lacroix Brothers Burial Society with offices in St. Georges, Grenville and Carriacou" at 0100; choral style music; fair-good [JF].

550 PUERTO RICO WPAB, Ponce, 21 Oct, 0105 - Tentative; one "Puerto Rico" mention in a long talk before lost under the Venezuelan and another SS station (probably Uruguay) [NK].

550 URUGUAY R. Colonia (CW1), Colonia, 18 Oct, 0409 - Notice of church services then ID; SIO 433 [JB]. 18 Oct, 0409 - Atop Venezuelan with ID, then into SS religious program [NK]. 22 Oct, 0143 - Promo for program of news and music from Spain "en Colonia;" SIO 322 [JB]. 21 Oct, 0143 - Mostly under YVKE with "Colonia" ID [NK].

550 VENEZUELA Mundial (YVKE), Caracas, 22 Oct, 0140 - Slightly stronger than co-channel R. Colonia, ballads, ads and many times checks with "Mundial" slogans; SIO 333 [JB].

560 BRAZIL R. Educadora do Maranhao (ZYH887), Sao Luis, 22 Oct, 2257 - Talk about football, IDs around 2301, news, long ad string began at 2310, more IDs; SIO 343 with CHVO reduced by phasing [JB].

580 BRAZIL R. CBN (ZYI776), Recife, 22 Oct, 0439 - Perhaps helped through CJFX by the lengthening (one day experiment) of our Beverage to 4900 feet; // many stations with "CBN Madrugada" net ID [NK]. 24 Oct, 0208 - Talk in PP, // 860; SIO 222 [JB].

580 DOMINICAN REP. R. Monte Cristi (HIAF), Monte Cristi, 22 Oct, 0901 - Three stations in SS here, this one with lively music IDed; SIO 222, suspect dominant (news) station was Puerto Rico [JB].

580 PUERTO RICO R. Reloj (WKAQ), San Juan, 23 Oct, 0915 - SS chat and ads; SIO 433 [JB].

600 BRAZIL R. Gaucha (ZYK278), Porto Alegre, 21 Oct, 0037 - PP talk, // 6020; SIO 333 [JB].

610 BRAZIL R. Itatiaia (ZYL268), Belo Horizonte, 20 Oct, 2202 - "A Voz do Brasil" ends, ID; SIO 433 [JB].

610 TRINIDAD & TOBAGO NBS R., Port of Spain, 17 Oct, 2234 - Nat King Cole ballad, ID and EE time check at 2237; fair [JF]. 18 Oct, 0449 - Good with a British EE male announcer [NK]. 23 Oct, 0817 - Caribbean-accented preacher; SIO 333 [JB].

610 VENEZUELA R. Centro (YVXY), Centaura, 18 Oct, 0115 - Probably this with sports, // RCR 750 [NK].

630 ARGENTINA R. Rivadavia (LS5), Buenos Aires, 17 Oct, 0201 - News, weather, ID at 0204 "Rivadavia, solo la verdad;" SIO 444 [JB]. 17 Oct, 0204 - SS news, clear ID; good [JF]. 18 Oct, 0034 - Election coverage; SIO 222, under another SS station [JB]. 19 Oct, 0105 - Over and under WSKN and a domestic station with ID [NK]. 20 Oct, 0222 - Election ads, amazingly clear; SIO 444 [JB].

640 GUADELOUPE RFO, Pointe-a-Pitre, 10 Oct, 0408 - Pop music and woman DJ, // 1375; SIO 333 with CBN phased [JB]. 18 Oct, 0059 - ID as "Radio Guadeloupe" before France-Inter news; SIO 322 [JB].

640 VENEZUELA Union R. (YVQO), Puerto La Cruz, 18 Oct, 0035 - News by man and woman, ID at 0101 only as "Union Radio;" SIO 433 over Guadeloupe with CBN phased [JB]. 18 Oct, 0417 - "Union Radio" slogans under Guadeloupe; SIO 222 [JB]. 23 Oct, 0822 - Promo for baseball with list of Union R. stations; SIO 444 [JB].

650 COLOMBIA RCN Antena 2 (HJKH), Bogota , 18 Oct, 0455 - SS announcement, ads, "R-C-N" ID; SIO 243 [JB]. 19 Oct, 0240 - SS reports from cities in Colombia, accordion music, talk about football; SIO 322 under domestic QRM [JB]. 20 Oct, 0138 - Football play-by-play, fabulous goals, IDs; SIO 322 [JB]. 22 Oct, 0220 - Ads, "RCN" ID, music; SIO 444 [JB]. 23 Oct, 0201 - "Antena Dos de Cali" ID; SIO 343 [JB].

650 UNID 18 Oct, 0235 - Classical music station, deep fades like a "deep South" American, so S.O.D.R.E. (Uruguay) seems most likely, but it faded away before possible ID at 0300; SIO 333 [JB]. 22 Oct, 0207 - Classical music occasionally fading up but mostly under Colombia; SIO 322 at peak [JB].

660 ST. LUCIA St. Lucia BC, Babonneau, 18 Oct, 0124 - Excellent; over Venezuela with accented EE giving a 9:24 time check then mellow instrumental music [NK]. 19 Oct, 0051 - Local-like signal, talking about Victory Hospital [NK]. 23 Oct, 2151 - Man and woman host "Caribbean Count-Down;" SIO 343 [JB].

660 VENEZUELA R. Anaco (YVQZ), 20 Oct, 0350 - Sign-off announcement, mentioning 10 kW (says 5 kW in WRTH), state and Venezuelan anthems; SIO 443 [JB].

680 BRAZIL R. Difusora AM (ZYH885), Sao Luis, 18 Oct, 0500 - ID [NK]. 18 Oct, 0501 - ID, then notice of a meeting for entrepreneurs in Sao Luis; SIO 333 [JB]. 20 Oct, 0003 - ID then rapidly fading under Puerto Rico; SIO 322 [JB]. 20 Oct, 0259 - Way over WAPA and then lost to unID Brazilian QRM [NK].

680 PUERTO RICO R. Guapa (WAPA), San Juan, 16 Oct, 0905 - ID "La Maxima en Noticias," male announcer; fair [JF]. 20 Oct, 0004 - Rose rapidly with IDs listing this and a couple of affiliated stations, ads and jingles; SIO 444 [JB].

680 VENEZUELA R. Continente (YVQR), Cumana, 22 Oct, 0210 - Horse-racing results, // 740, mentioned "dos mil Bolivares para ganar" (can't be much ?) [NK].

690 BRAZIL R. Dragao do Mar (ZYH587), Fortaleza, 17 Oct, 0138 - Likely; Portuguese language preacher; good [JF]. 21 Oct, 0348 - Presumed; seemed like PP religion, mentioned "Fortaleza;" SIO 322 [JB].

690 COLOMBIA R. Recuerdos (HJCZ), Bogota , 24 Oct, 0928 - Faded up over HCJB with ads and many IDs; SIO 433 [JB].

690 ECUADOR Voz de los Andes (HCJB1), Quito, 10 Oct, 0927 - Local music, talk in presumed Quechua, // (and better than) 3220; SIO 444 [JB]. 16 Oct, 0934-0941 - EZL music, // weaker 3220, coming up nicely over Anguilla as sun rose, Quechua talk, but fading down by 0941; good [JF]. 24 Oct, 0919 - Man in Quechua, clarinet music, // 3220; SIO 333 [JB].

700 ARGENTINA R. Cordoba (LV3), Cordoba, 20 Oct, 0106 - Man and woman with news and sports for the Provincia de Cordoba, ID (garbled) and Web address; SIO 322 [JB].

700 BRAZIL R. Nova Eldorado AM (ZYK686), Sao Paulo, 18 Oct, 0522 - Lucky to land here as woman IDed; SIO 333 [JB]. 20 Oct, 0110 - Ads, program promo, ID; SIO 222 [JB].

700 COLOMBIA R. Net (HJCX), Cali, 24 Oct, 0933 - "Radio Net" and time as 4:30 before news; SIO 332 [JB].

700 VENEZUELA R. Sur (YVPQ), Puerto Ordaz, 20 Oct, 0101 - Presumed; very likely this with baseball coverage; SIO 332 [JB]. 20 Oct, 0256 - Still baseball, Caribes del Oriente vs. somebody; SIO 332 [JB].

705 ST. VINCENT National Broadcasting Corp., Kingstown, 17 Oct, 0345 - Typical Caribbean eclectic program with LA music, old C&W ballads and EE announcer with heavy Caribbean accent; fair [JF].

710 ARGENTINA R. Diez (LRL202), Buenos Aires, 17 Oct, 2239 - Election coverage, best around 2301 with inaccurate ID: "Radio Diez, la radio mas potente de Argentina;" SIO 444 briefly [JB]. 17 Oct, 2323-2332 - Mostly atop another SS with loteria ad, deportes (sports report), and a nice ID "Radio Diez, La Radio mas potencia de Argentina;" of course many Argentines use more power than them [NK].

710 VENEZUELA R. Capital (YVKY), Caracas, 17 Oct, 0042 - Baseball play-by-play; SIO 322 with QRM from CKVO [JB].

720 PARAGUAY R. Pa'i Puki, 25 Leguas, 23 Oct, 0830 - Seems to have just signed on with ID (sounds more like "Patai-Paku" to me!) and weather; SIO 333, but fading fast [JB].

730 PARAGUAY R. Cardinal (ZP7), Asuncion, 16 Oct, 0312 - Very likely this, no ID noted during sporting event but the Paraguayan team was obviously the 'good guys;' SIO 332 [JB]. 16 Oct, 0314 - SS sporting event with male announcer mentioning Paraguay often; poor [JF].

750 BRAZIL R. CBN (ZYH709), Brasilia, 18 Oct, 0513 - Good with "C-B-N" ID atop presumed ZYL213 with RCR off [NK]. 24 Oct, 0216 - ID noted over/under Venezuelan, // 860; SIO 322 [JB].

750 VENEZUELA R. Caracas R. (YVKS), Caracas, 17 Oct, 0039 - Venezuelan baseball, "R-C-R" IDs; SIO 444 [JB]. 24 Oct, 0212 - "RCR" ID and promo, time check, telephone chat; SIO 322 [JB].

759.78 CUBA R. Reloj, Caney de las Mercedes, 19 Oct, 0950 - News and IDs; SIO 333 [JB].

760 BRAZIL R. Record (ZYH588), Fortaleza, 10 Oct, 0225 - Phone chat, canned ID at 0227, mellow music; SIO 444 [JB].

760 GUYANA GBC, Georgetown, 24 Oct, 0126 - Caribbean-accented EE women under Fortaleza's big signal [NK].

760 VENEZUELA R. Puerto La Cruz (YVQQ), Puerto La Cruz, 16 Oct, 0026 - Announcement with huge reverb, ID in promo; SIO 333 [JB].

770 COLOMBIA RCN (HJJX), Bogota, 10 Oct, 0229 - "RCN" IDs and hype over likely R. Oriental, Uruguay; SIO 433 [JB].

770 URUGUAY R. Oriental, 17 Oct, 0331 - Nice ID "Transmite CX12...Radio Oriental, Montevideo, Uruguay," male announcer talking about classical music; fair [JF].

780 BRITISH VIRGIN IS. ZBVI, Roadtown, 24 Oct, 0128 - Caribbean EE man ranting atop the SS and PP QRM [NK].

780 PARAGUAY R. Primero de Marzo (ZP70), Asuncion, 23 Oct, 0836 - Spotted in unusually strong opening to Paraguay, telephone report, ads, ID at 0840; SIO 343-4 [JB].

780 VENEZUELA R. Coro (YVMN), Coro, 16 Oct, 0927 - Promos, ads, ID, and "Fiesta 7-80" promo; SIO 433 [JB].

790 ARGENTINA R. Mitre (LR6), Buenos Aires, 16 Oct, 0846-0857 - SS talk, music "Girl from Ipanema" in PP and EE, ID at 0855 as "Mitre, La Radio;" fair [JF]. 17 Oct, 2244 - Presidential election returns; very unusual to hear Argentina well this early, SIO 433 [JB]. 17 Oct, 2340 - Atop with local ads [NK]. 18 Oct, 0224 - Ad for Channel 14 TV, Mitre ID; SIO 444 [JB]. 21 Oct, 0116 - Fair and clear with "Radio Mitre" ID [NK].

800 BRAZIL R. MEC (ZYJ457), Rio de Janeiro, 18 Oct, 0014 - PP talk then classical music; SIO 422 [JB]. 22 Oct, 2304 - Huge with local ads and about 10 IDs which sound phonetically like "Radio Mek-key" into a beautiful PP song [NK]. 22 Oct, 2324 - Mellow Brazilian pops, IDs that sounded like "Radio Mecky" at 2330; SIO 343 with VOWR reduced by phasing [JB].

800 NETHERLAND ANTILLES TWR (PJB), Bonaire, 18 Oct, 0008 - SS religion, address in Atlanta; SIO 422 [JB]. 22 Oct, 23 Oct, 0001 - "Radio Transmundial" ID under R. MEC; SIO 222 [JB].

810 COLOMBIA Caracol Colombia (HJCY), Bogota, 23 Oct, 0905 - News, ads, IDs and jingles; SIO 433 [JB].

810 PERU Radial Andina (OAX7V), Juliaca, 23 Oct, 0907 - Briefly audible through Caracol with clarinet and woman with "en simultan ...para todo el Peru ...RPP;" SIO 322 [JB].

820 COLOMBIA Caracol Colombia (HJED), Cali, 22 Oct, 0859 - "Esta es Caracol" after fanfare; SIO 232 [JB].

820 VENEZUELA R. Guadalupana (YVXG), Coro, 22 Oct, 0909 - Generally dominant on this frequency with Rosary to almost 0930, then local ads; SIO 333-2 [JB].

820.24 COLOMBIA R. Vigia (HJAD), Cartagena, 22 Oct, 0928 - Hetting earlier, but decent level at this time with "Radio Vigia" ID and lots of saludos and time checks between LA songs, mentioned "Antena Todelar" at 0940; SIO 232-3 [JB].

830 ST. KITTS R. Paradise, Charlestown, 17 Oct, 0347 - Presumed; EE preacher; poor [JF].

830 VENEZUELA R. Sensacion (YVLT), Caracas, 17 Oct, 0240 - "Cinco y Seis" horse-racing under R. Paradise; SIO 322 [JB].

840 ARGENTINA R. Salta (LV9), Salta, 19 Oct, 0911 - "Noticias deportivas," temperatures for Buenos Aires, news-program hype heard twice: "Este Pais Hoy, Primera Emision...Radio Salta," often just used "AM 8-40;" SIO 322 [JB]. 21 Oct, 0859 - Sign-on announcement, song about station, more IDs and hyped joint news with Mitre, news; SIO 333 [JB].

840 BRAZIL R. Bandeirantes (ZYK687), Sao Paulo, 18 Oct, 0600 - ID, "Jornal Bandeirantes" news; SIO 322 [JB].

840 COLOMBIA HJKK, Neiva, 19 Oct, 0930 - Suddenly almost alone with "La Buena Radio, H-J-Doble K" ID and time, another ID at 0933 then accordion music; SIO 333 [JB].

840 CUBA R. Reloj, Santa Clara, 16 Oct, 0944 - SS news over clock ticks, ID; fair [JF]. 16 Oct, 0953 - Usual news, time checks, and IDs with code; SIO 243 [JB]. 19 Oct, 0945 - Still audible when everything else except locals had expired; SIO 333 [JB].

840 PARAGUAY R. Guaira (ZP6), Villarica, 20 Oct, 0937 - Man with local announcements/ads mentioned Villarica; SIO 322 [JB].

840 PUERTO RICO R. Victoria (WXEW), Yabucoa, 16 Oct, 0858 - Ads, full SS ID into LA music program at 0900; fair [JF]. 16 Oct, 0859 - Emerged above other SS station (Argentina?) with sports news "Radio Victoria, la emisora de campeones," cock crows, more IDs; SIO 333 [JB]. 20 Oct, 0939 - ID under Paraguay "Radio Victoria...Voz del Oriente;" SIO 222 [JB].

840 UNID 19 Oct, 0927 - ID on SS station sounded like "Radio Telefonica...oriental...5 kilowatts de potencia...;" SIO 332 briefly [JB].

840 VENEZUELA unID station, 19 Oct, 0909 - Venezuelan anthem, but lost around 0911, later heard old Venezuelan tunes; SIO 222 [JB]. R. Juventud (YVMY) may be the only Venezuelan on 840 kHz now. Guarapiche was supposed to move to 640 kHz.

850 CUBA R. Reloj, Nueva Gerona, 22 Oct, 0946 - News and "RR" IDs became noticeable through other SS stations, one of which was Carve [JB].

850 URUGUAY R. Carve (CX16), Montevideo, 16 Oct, 0829 - SS IDs and talks mixing with co-channel Boston; poor [JF]. 17 Oct, 0238 - Football coverage ending, ID; SIO 443 [JB]. 19 Oct, 0320 - Atop presumed Venezuelan with ID [NK].

870 ARGENTINA R. Nacional (LRA1), Buenos Aires, 16 Oct, 0832-0845 - LA music and news items about Argentina; good [JF].

870 VENEZUELA R. Pueblo (YVRU), Puerto La Cruz, 16 Oct, 0904 - Signing on with anthems, but announcement never mentioned a station name/slogan; SIO 443 [JB]. 23 Oct, 0926 - Lively local music; SIO 454 [JB].

880 PERU R. Union (OBZ4N), Lima, 20 Oct, 0819 - Evident with Julio Iglesias-type music, definite // with 6115; SIO 222-1 under R. Mundial and WCBS [JB].

880 VENEZUELA R. Mundial (YVYM), Puerto Ordaz, 20 Oct, 0817 - Ad for natural medicines, slow fade but up again at 0823 with ID; SIO 332 [JB].

890 ARGENTINA Emisora Santiago del Estero (LV11), Santiago del Estero, 10 Oct, 0900 - Sign-on with prayer, lots of IDs and time checks; SIO 343-2 [JB]. 19 Oct, 0905 - Great IDs, sound effects introed "Noticias..A Primera Hora;" SIO 343, over Colombia [JB].

890 COLOMBIA R. Galeon (HJPM), Santa Marta, 19 Oct, 0857 - Time as "cuatro en punto," IDs, saludos to many people; SIO 344 [JB].

900 BARBADOS CBC, Bridgetown, 10 Oct, 0222 - Program promo, music; SIO 333 over CJBR [JB]. 17 Oct, 2248 - Ad for tires, sports news; SIO 443 [JB]. 18 Oct, 0130 - Good with heavily accented man saying that something was "brought to you by the Ministry of Health" [NK].

920 BRAZIL R. Franca do Imperador (ZYK584), Franca, 23 Oct, 0000 - Surprising ID almost alone as all others faded down briefly, then instrumental music; PP religion heard on this frequency may have been them, too; SIO 242 [JB].

920 BRAZIL unID station, 24 Oct, 0240 - Once again we cannot ID the religious PP here [NK].

920 PARAGUAY R. Nacional (ZP1), Asuncion, 18 Oct, 0134 - Good with "Radio Nacional del Paraguay" ID [NK]. 17 Oct, 0847-0858 - LA music with zither-like instrument, // 9734, nice ID at 0849; poor-fair [JF]. 23 Oct, 0158 - Football play-by-play of Paraguay versus Bolivia with Paraguay scoring and announcers screaming joyously; SIO 433 [JB]. 23 Oct, 0803 - Just after sign-on with prayer, echoed ID over harp music, serious talks; SIO 444 [JB].

930 BRAZIL R. Metropolitana (ZYH646), Fortaleza, 22 Oct, 2231 - Horse-racing results, promo for coverage of Fortaleza's football team; SIO 333 with local CJYQ reduced by phasing [JB]. 22 Oct, 2235 - Huge at times with phased CJYQ almost inaudible with many "Metropolitana" IDs and a second unID Brazilian beneath! At times this was over local CJYQ without phasing [NK].

940 COLOMBIA RCN (HJTL), Cucuta, 24 Oct, 0254 - "RCN" ID noted in passing; SIO 332 [JB].

940 CUBA R. Reloj, Central Espana & Mayar , 20 Oct, 0840 - News and IDs; SIO 222 [JB].

950 ARGENTINA R. Libertad (LR3), Buenos Aires, 17 Oct, 0832-0843 - SS ID "LR3, Radio Libertad, Buenos Aires, Argentina," 'musica romantica' ballads in SS, ads at 0838 including one for a show on Libertad and another for an establishment on Rua Presidente; good [JF].

950 CUBA R. Reloj, Sancti Spiritus, 16 Oct, 0943 - SS news over ticking clock and many mentions of Cuban towns; fair [JF].

970 COLOMBIA R. Super, Bogota, 16 Oct, 0919 - SS ad for an establishment in Bogota, ads and LA music; poor [JF].

970 VENEZUELA Mundial Oriental, Barcelona, 23 Oct, 0144 - Romantic SS music and "Mundial Oriental" ID [NK].

980 COLOMBIA RCN (HJES), Cal , 20 Oct, 0220 - Very strong way atop Brazilian QRM with "RCN" IDs during a soccer game [NK].

990 ARGENTINA R. 9-90 (LR4), Buenos Aires, 18 Oct, 0406 - Good with "Radio 9-90" ID [NK].

1000 BRAZIL R. Pricesa Serrana (ZYI791), Timbaba, 23 Oct, 2332 - Ad string, stores in Timbaba, ID was unintelligible due to massive reverb, so slogan in presumed; SIO 322 [JB/NK].

1000 VENEZUELA La Caribena (YVNM), Moron, 18 Oct, 0025-0029 - Briefly atop the Brazilian pest with local ads [NK].

1010 BRAZIL R. AM de Povo (ZYH635), Fortaleza, 23 Oct, 0757 - Over another Brazilian with IDs, ads, ID with call letters then "Jornal de Manh ;" SIO 444 at peak [JB].

1020 BRAZIL R. CBN (ZYH247), Maceio, 17 Oct, 2249-2252 - Several "CBN" IDs then lost under R. Margarita [NK].

1020 BRAZIL unID station, 22 Oct, 0605 - Over and under presumed R. Nanduti (Margarita was off I think) and QRMed by a big growl; PP female with what sure sounds like a "Radio Cultura" jingle; there are four R. Cultura's listed on this frequency [NK].

1020 PARAGUAY R. Nanduti (ZP14), Asuncion, 18 Oct, 0448 - ID, phone chat; SIO 333-2 [JB]. 18 Oct, 0555 - Still telephone chat; SIO 332 [JB]. 24 Oct, 0846 - Political news, UTC-3 time checks, very nice local music; SIO 344 until clobbered by Venezuelan's sign-on [JB].

1020 VENEZUELA R. Margarita (YVRS), La Asuncion, 16 Oct, 0922-0928 - LA music, used slogan "Venezuela Primero;" good [JF]. 24 Oct, 0855 - Sign-on with first Venezuelan then Estado Nueva Esparta anthems, sign-on announcements, IDs; SIO 433 [JB].

1030 ARGENTINA R. Del Plata (LS10), Buenos Aires, 17 Oct, 0248-0311 - Orchestral music ("orchestra romantica") with SS announcements, pips at 0300 then more music, 0303 news program "Radionoticias del Plata," opera program featuring "Tosca" by Puccini at 0306; poor [JF].

1040 DOMINICAN REP. R. Cadena de Noticias (HION), Santo Domingo, 16 Oct, 0927 - News read by male and female announcers, jingle ID as "Radio Cadena Noticias," ads at 0930 then more news at 0932; good [JF].

1050 MEXICO R. Pirata (XEQOO), Cancun, 16 Oct, 0933 - Mexican music under WEVD, but slowly gained strength to be dominant by 0948 with time checks, ads, and IDs; SIO 433 at 0948 [JB]. 16 Oct, 0951-1000 - Weak under co-channel WEVD, SS ID, EZL Latin ballads; poor [JF].

1050 URUGUAY S.O.D.R.E. (CX26), Montevideo, 18 Oct, 0159 - Good with woman saying "Buenos Noches Montevideo" and joining into the Espectador Net at 0200 with "Informas Espectador" news program [NK]. 18 Oct, 0206 - SS talk and many IDs, e.g. "Radio Turistica," "Radio Telefonia," and "Radio Rural," before unequivocal ID at 0230; this sounded like a DX program; peaks to SIO 333 [JB].

1070 ARGENTINA R. El Mundo (LR1), Buenos Aires, 10 Oct, 0400 - "10-70 Informa" began with weather for Buenos Aires; SIO 422, QRMed heavily by CBA [JB].

1070 COLOMBIA Em. Atlantico (HJAH), Barranquilla, 23 Oct, 0955 - Romantic SS tunes, time check, jingle ID; SIO 232 [JB].

1070 FRENCH GUIANA RFO, Cayenne, 17 Oct, 0051 - EZL FF pop music, // 1375 St. Pierre, but not // 640 Guadeloupe; poor [JF]. 22 Oct, 0330 - Atop others with 2 FF men, // 1375 [NK]. 22 Oct, 0331 - FF report on sailing races, // 162; SIO 322 [JB].

1090 BRAZIL R. Rural de Natal (ZYJ592), Natal, 2100 Oct 23 - Tentative; gave an ID (but slogan was unreadable) which said "1270 kHz;" there is a Natal station on this a frequency change? I suspect Natal from early fade-in of this eastern Brazilian [NK].

1100 ANTIGUA ZDK, St. Johns, 17 Oct, 0856-0930 - Tentative; British-accented talk, EE news at 0900, local weather at 0906, short newsmagazine program, easy listening gospel music at 0910; fair [JF].

1100 BRAZIL R. Globo (ZYK694), Sao Paulo, 9 Oct, 2134 - IDs, sport talk; SIO 343 [JB].

1110 ARGENTINA R. Municipal (LS1), Buenos Aires, 18 Oct, 0504 - Woman reading numbers (maybe lottery), notices and weather, ID and station phone numbers; SIO 333 [JB]. 21 Oct, 0219 - Probably this with classical music (Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra), no real ID at 0300, just slogan "La Radio de la Ciudad," then rock music program; SIO 444 [JB].

1120 ARGENTINA R. Atlantica (LU6), Mar Del Plata, 17 Oct, 0017 - Sports play-by-play, local ads at 0028; SIO 343 [JB].

1130 BRAZIL R. Nacional (ZYJ460), Rio de Janeiro, 18 Oct, 0241 - Many IDs, but mixing with R. Nacional de Montevideo in SS; SIO 322 [JB].

1130 URUGUAY R. Nacional de Montevideo (CX30), Montevideo, 18 Oct, 0245 - Mainly chat hosted by woman, often using only the slogan "La Trenta," but became very clear after the Venezuelan signed-off at 0401 and full ID was noted at 0403; lots of QRM earlier, but SIO 444 at 0403 [JB].

1130 VENEZUELA R. Ideal (YVRL), Maiquetia, 16 Oct, 0911 - Romantic music, ads, ID at 0913; SIO 322, QRMed by WBBR [JB]. 23 Oct, 0938 - Rock music, IDs and promos at 0943, "La Emisora del Amor;" SIO 444 [JB].

1150 ARGENTINA unID station, 17 Oct, 0400 - News, local event in "Plaza de Mayo" and possible temperature in Buenos Aires, then program of music and phone chat (subject: mothers) hosted by a woman, mentioned "Frecuencia del Aire" with time checks (UTC-3), IDed as both "Radio Continental" and "Radio Nacional" - I'm confused! SIO 333 [JB]. 24 Oct, 0903 - Man yelling something about "el pueblo de hoy" then played spirited accordion music, woman host welcomed some guests, more bumpy accordion pieces; clobbered by FF QRM by 0915, SIO 333 at peak [JB].

1150 BRAZIL R. CBN (ZYL283), Belo Horizonte, 17 Oct, 0340 - "CBN Madrugada" news faded up over SS religion; SIO 433 [JB]. 20 Oct, 2340 - Many "CBN" IDs atop presumed ZYK656 [NK]. 24 Oct, 0219 - Interviews, "CBN Madrugada" at 0233, // 860; SIO 222 [JB].

1150 BRAZIL R. Mundial (ZYK656), Sao Paulo, 22 Oct, 0457-0502 - Mostly atop SS and ZYL283 with IDs as "Mundial" and "Mundial, La Voz Amiga" [NK].

1160 ANTIGUA Caribbean R. Lighthouse, St. John's, 22 Oct, 0100 - Enormous signal ending religious program with "Caribbean Radio Lighthouse" ID [NK].

1160 BERMUDA VSB3, Hamilton, 19 Oct, 0835 - BBC WS program; SIO 222 [JB]. 23 Oct, 1007 - BBC WS news; SIO 242 with local noise [JB].

1160 UNID R. Unica, 19 Oct, 0835 - Perhaps a domestic station; slightly stronger than co-channel Bermuda, SS interviews, ID at 0842; SIO 322 [JB].

1170 ARGENTINA R. Mi Pais, Hurlingham, 21 Oct, 0356 - Noted ID in a jumble of SS and PP signals; SIO 222-1 [JB].

1170 COLOMBIA Caracol Colombia (HJNW), Cartagena, 23 Oct, 0935 - Colombian news item, "Caracol" IDs; SIO 343 [JB].

1180.03 BRAZIL R. Capital?, unknown location, 19 Oct, 0402 - Brazilian seemed to ID quite clearly as "Radio Capital" a couple of times, but I have no information about a Brazilian station on 1180 kHz using this slogan; SIO 232 [JB].

1190 ARGENTINA R. America (LR9), Buenos Aires, 17 Oct, 0144-0151 - Tango-style romantic vocal music, male announcer mentioned "Musica Clasica," this style of programming suggested a style from the 1930's being broadcast from a glamorous dance lounge; good [JF]. 17 Oct, 0144 - Old-fashioned SS music then announcement of a classical music competition in Buenos Aires; SIO 443 [JB]. 18 Oct, 0245 - Atop with SS man "Ahora...en America" and local mentions [NK]. 20 Oct, 0245 - Atop with "Provincia de Buenos Aires" mention [NK]. 23 Oct, 0040 - Ads for Argentinean companies; SIO 444 briefly [JB].

1190 BRAZIL R. CBN (ZYJ594), Natal, 23 Oct, 0042 - R. America faded down leaving PP news, ID; SIO 322 [JB].

1190 UNID 10 Oct, 0905 - SS with mellow romantic songs, caught bit of canned slogan under WLIB:"...ondas del verdad, 11-90 kiloHertz, la verdadera en emision radial..."; SIO 222 [JB].

1200 VENEZUELA R. Tiempo (YVOZ), Caracas, 17 Oct, 0922 - Time check for UTC-4, LA music and SS IDs; fair [JF]. 19 Oct, 0851 - SS religious talk, how to get spiritual help in Caracas; SIO 333 [JB].

1230 BRAZIL R. CBN, location unknown, 22 Oct, 0523 and 23 Oct, 0111 - IDs briefly through strong ZYJ816; two possible locations, Joao Pessoa was IDed here with old format in a prior year [NK].

1230 BRAZIL R. Guararema (ZYJ816), Sao Jose, 22 Oct, 0504-0507 - Unusually loud with enormous signal with many IDs and "Guararema de Madrugada" program [NK].

1240 BRAZIL R. Capibaribe (ZYI774), Recife, 17 Oct, 2110-2115 - Many local ads during nice sunset enhancement of eastern Brazil; huge signal [NK]. 17 Oct, 2113 - Talk about the "Copa de Pernambuco," really good fade up at 2126 with 2 IDs and ad string; SIO 444 [JB]. 17 Oct, 2114 - PP talks and IDs as Brazilian stations start to fade in; good [JF].

1240 VENEZUELA R. Nacional (YVNV), Punta Tumatey, 22 Oct, 0442 - Atop with "Radio Nacional de Venezuela" ID [NK].

1250 ARGENTINA AM 1250 , Rafael Castillo, 19 Oct, 0400 - Mostly atop the CBN Brazilian with Argentine-sounding SS man giving two "AM-1250" IDs then a woman and Argentine - - - - pips [NK].

1250.04 BRAZIL R. CBN (ZYI218), Vitoria, 17 Oct, 0159 - Promo for "CBN na Madrugada," ID and jingle; SIO 332 [JB]. 19 Oct, 0259 - PP news, ID; SIO 333 [JB]. 19 Oct, 0426 - Strong with "Jornal de CBN" program [NK].

1270 ARGENTINA R. Provincia de Buenos Aires (LS11), Buenos Aires, 19 Oct, 0244 - ID, Argentinean music; SIO 332 [JB]. 23 Oct, 0230-0233 - So strong in auroral conditions that I needed to phase it to hear CJCB; local mentions of La Plata and Buenos Aires and local BKB scores and ID [NK].

1270 BRAZIL R. Continental (ZYJ474), Campos, 23 Oct, 2354 - Pop and country & western songs, many "Continental" slogans; SIO 333-2 with QRM from SS stations and CJCB [JB].

1280 PUERTO RICO NotiUno / R. Centro (WCMN), Arecibo, 21 Oct, 0942 - News and "NotiUno" ID, fading away quickly; SIO 333-2 [JB].

1290 VENEZUELA R. Puerto Cabello (YVLF), Puerto Cabello, 19 Oct, 0243 - Several "Radio Puerto Cabello" IDs over/under Brazilian QRM [NK].

1300 VENEZUELA 1300 AM (YVKH), Caracas, 21 Oct, 0936 - Lively tunes, "1300 AM" ID, mention Caracas; SIO 333 [JB]. 24 Oct, 0859 - Romantic music, ID as "1300 AM" between songs; SIO 343 [JB]. 24 Oct, 0950 - Local music, ID; SIO 243 [JB].

1310 BRAZIL R. Cidade Esperanca (ZYI691), Esperanca, 18 Oct, 2200 - Good with ID then "Musica, Desportes, Noticias..." but soon lost under another Brazilian [NK]. 20 Oct, 2300 - Good with "Radio Cidade Esperanca" ID [NK].

1310 MARTINIQUE RFO, Fort de France, 19 Oct, 0230 - Fair with 2 FF women talking atop PP and SS QRM [NK]. 19 Oct, 0235 - FF talk, French-from-France accent; SIO 332 [JB]. 23 Oct, 0900 - "France Inter" heard then FF news and sports; SIO 322 [JB].

1320 BRAZIL R. Regional (ZYH597), Sobral, 22 Oct, 2159 - More likely this is Sobral than the other R. Regional on 1320 kHz, ZYH503, from Cicero Dantas for no other reason than Ceara stations generally come in well; "Voz do Brasil" ended, "Radio Regional" (but no call or location that I could discern) at 2201 over theme from "Once Upon a Time in the West," then music without announcements; SIO 222 [JB].

1320 BRAZIL unID station, 19 Oct, 0259-0302 - Mixing with WUNO ending a PP religious program but no ID decipherable [NK]. 22 Oct, 2203 - We simply can't clearly read the ID mentioning "1320 kHz" and "Universitaria" after the ID [NK].

1320 PUERTO RICO NotiUno (WUNO), San Juan, 19 Oct, 0159 - Jingle ID; SIO 332 [JB].

1320 UNID 21 Oct, 0340 - SS LA here with ballads atop WUNO with CKEC phased...some QRM from a religious PP underneath that we've also never IDed [NK].

1330 BRAZIL R. Tupi (ZYK736), Osasco, 21 Oct, 0200 - This is now Sao Paulo's R. Tupi, ex 1150 kHz, with "Tupi" IDs [NK].

1330 BRAZIL R. Eldorado (ZYJ621), Natal, 20 Oct, 2005 - "A Voz de Libertao" to 2059, ID, then into "A Voz do Brasil;" SIO 243 [JB].

1330 BRAZIL R. Liberal (ZYI533), Belem, 18 Oct, 0235 - Loud with PP music, // 4775, and over another Brazilian with music; the Brazilian situation on 1330 was checked out extensively and yielded the following: often loud and dominant is R. Eldorado in Natal which runs religion; ZYK736 in Osasco, a Sao Paulo suburb, has taken over from 1150 as Sao Paulo's Tupi station as is heard almost as often as the religious R. Eldorado; occasionally, maybe 5-10 % of the time, ZYI533 is in there. There may be more but we were unable to ID any [NK].

1340 BRAZIL Nova Sao Luis AM (ZYH886), Sao Luis, 19 Oct, 0009 - ID with call including "...cobrindo todo o Maranhao, uma difusora do grupo Zildene Falco" (owner's name); SIO 343. Rocco Cotroneo (Rio de Janeiro) phoned the station on my behalf. The address he was given differs from that in WRTH: Avenida dos Africanos 77, Areinha, Sao Luis, MA [JB]. 19 Oct, 0500 - Running what seemed to be a small network program as //s found later in the week on 1010 and 1570 kHz; this is a program of EE and PP music with phone-in's where the announcer asks people where they are from. I was confused at first by a Sao Paulo pizzeria ad and other ads; I think the singing ID slogan was "Radio Tropical;" but Jean heard them ID earlier with a local Sao Luis ID and at another time Al had them break for an EE ID!! Often preceding song a couple of girls say what sounds like "Bop, Bop, Bop" [NK]. 20 Oct, 2232 - Heard in normal programming with local ads [NK]. 20 Oct, 2232 - Lots of ads for Sao Luis; SIO 343 [JB].

1340 BRAZIL R. Planalto (ZYH661), Maracanau, 18 Oct, 0038-0042 - Excellent, way atop with soccer promo and local ads and addresses [NK].

1340 VENEZUELA R. Uno (YVNE), Caracas, 18 Oct, 2359 - Woman in SS, ID; SIO 232 with rising QRM from CJLS [JB].

1340.07 BERMUDA ZBM-2, Hamilton, 24 Oct, 0957 - Rock music, just before 1000 "At home, at work, or in the car, it's FM 89" then ABC news; SIO 343 initially, but faded away by 1004 [JB].

1350 ARGENTINA R. Buenos Aires (LS6), Buenos Aires, 22 Oct, 0057 - PP religion, but then switched to SS at 0058 with ID; SIO 333 [JB].

1360 BRAZIL R. Bandeirantes (ZYJ464), Rio de Janeiro, 18 Oct, 0200 - ID with call, into religious program; SIO 444 [JB]. This one must still use the "Radio Guanabara" slogan also, see next log!

1360 BRAZIL R. Guanabara (ZYJ464), Rio de Janeiro, 18 Oct, 2358 - Noted this regular in passing with "Guanabara" ID [NK].

1370 BRAZIL R. Atual (ZYK766), Sao Paulo, 20 Oct, 2322 - Up over R. Independencia with ID; SIO 222 [JB].

1370 BRAZIL R. Independencia (ZYJ267), Curitiba, 20 Oct, 2314 - ID, song about the station, telephone chat; SIO 333 [JB]. 20 Oct, 2315 - Atop R. Atual and a 3rd Brazilian with many "Independencia" singing IDs and IDs and then a short song about the station! [NK].

1380 MEXICO Romantica 13-80 (XECO), Mexico City, 24 Oct, 0925 - Tentative; not sure if this is the same station as the SS religion or, more likely, the schmaltzy music, but at puny level caught "Esta es X - E -....O" then essentially gone; SIO 131 [JB].

1390 BRAZIL R. CBN (ZYK570), Campinas 19 Oct, 0437 - "CBN" IDs, // CBN all-night network, over/under LR11 from Argentina and WISA underneath that [NK]. 22 Oct, 0446 - Poor-fair with "CBN" IDs, // net [NK].

1390 VENEZUELA R. Fe y Alegria (YVZA), Caracas, 20 Oct, 0249 "Fe y Alegria presenta...;" SIO 222 [JB]. 21 Oct, 0925 - "Buenos Dias Caracas" many times then nice harp music; SIO 333 [JB]. 23 Oct, 0933 - Program promo mentioned "Fe y Alegria" then Venezuelan music; SIO 333 [JB].

1400 UNID 21 Oct, 0258 - At least one LA SS here with CBG phased with mention of various barrios including what sounded like Barrio Elaymundo [NK].

1420 BRAZIL R. Guaruja (ZYJ754), Florianopolis, 18 Oct, 2201 - "A Voz do Brasil" ended, ID, promo for their "Jornal Regional," IDs at 2203; SIO 332 [JB].

1420 VENEZUELA R. Marabina (YVNZ), Maracaibo, 21 Oct, 0932 - Talk about Maracaibo, ID, jingles, many "Marabina 14-20" slogans; SIO 333 [JB].

1430 BRAZIL R. Clube Paranaense (ZYJ200), Curitiba, 18 Oct, 0159 - Catholic religion, no real ID but announced a list of stations including this one (usual Brazilian heard here); SIO 332 [JB]. 20 Oct, 2354 - This regular noted in passing with a loud signal; phone call with many "Parana" mentions [NK].

1430 PUERTO RICO NotiUno / R. Tiempo (WNEL), Caguas, 21 Oct, 0914 - Many "NotiUno" slogans, news; SIO 344, but faded away almost immediately [JB].

1430 VENEZUELA R. Bahia (YVTP), Puerto La Cruz, 21 Oct, 0917 - Program about medicinal plants ends, lottery numbers, time checks and IDs; SIO 444 [JB].

1460 BRAZIL R. Agreste (ZYJ615), Santo Antonio, 21 Oct, 2335 - Two Brazilians mixing, but this one had a clear jingle and romantic music; SIO 333-2 [JB]. 23 Oct, 2232 - "Radio Agreste" song, accordion music; SIO 343 [JB].

1470 PUERTO RICO R. Cumbre (WKCK), Orocovis, 21 Oct, 0904 - Seemed like sign-on, many IDs, mellow vocals; SIO 333 [JB].

1470 URUGUAY R. Cristal del Uruguay (CX147), Las Piedras, 17 Oct, 0135 - Religious phone-in, ID just before big fade; SIO 332 [JB].

1480 BRAZIL R. Alvorada (ZYH508), Guanambi, 18 Oct, 2301 - Way atop WMDD with "Radio Alvorada" and UTC-2 time check [NK].

1500 BRAZIL R. Montanhesa (ZYL215), Vicosa, 20 Oct, 2205 - Mixed with another Brazilian and R. Dos Mil with "Radio Montanhesa" ID [NK]. 21 Oct, 2342 - Horoscopes, jingle ID at 2344; SIO 332 [JB].

1500 VENEZUELA R. Dos Mil (YVRZ), Cuman , 21 Oct, 2341 - Ads for stores in Cumana, lost to Brazil moments later; SIO 332 [JB].

1520 BRAZIL R. Salinas (ZYJ610), Macau, 20 Oct, 2229 - PP talk, "Radio Salinas de Macau" ID; SIO 332 [JB]. 22 Oct, 2047 - Ads "en Macau" and ID before big fade; SIO 243 [JB].

1529.58 URUGUAY R. Independencia (CX50), Montevideo, 22 Oct, 0245 - SS pops, at least 3 songs without announcements between the songs, but then "CX50, Radio Independencia" ID at 0259 and off rather abruptly; SIO 342 with deep fades [JB]. 22 Oct, 0258 - Separable from weak 1530 stuff with ID after SS music, into quick sign-off and carrier cut; clear "Radio Independencia ... Montevideo, Uruguay;" 250 watts at night!! [NK].

1530 MEXICO unID station, 19 Oct, 0846 - "15-30, Su Musica" slogan, anti-drugs message from Mexican government, incomprehensible jingle, then instrumental music; mainly under WSAI, SIO 322 [JB].

1540 BAHAMAS ZNS1, Nassau, 17 Oct, 0856-0930 - Tentative; soft rock and gospel music, male announcer in Caribbean-accented EE; fair [JF].

1550 VENEZUELA R. Metropolitana (YVMW), Los Teques, 21 Oct, 0910 - ID, Venezuelan music; SIO 333 [JB].

1570 BRAZIL R. Cidade (ZYI418), Aparecida do Taboado, 21 Oct, 0003 - Football play-by-play, paused to say something about the "Radiojornal de Aparecida do Taboado;" SIO 332 [JB]. 21 Oct, 2356 - PP talk, "Aparecida" mentioned and ID a minute later; SIO 343 [JB].

1570 BRAZIL R. Sertao Central (ZYH621), Senador Pompeu, 17 Oct, 0220-0234 - PP music with strange lyrics and male announcer, ID and mentions of Fortaleza in a phone call from a listener, phone-in requests; fair [JF].

1570 BRAZIL unID station, 21 Oct, 0532 - Same late night program as on 1340 with girls saying "Bop..Bop..Bop" before many songs, often takes phone calls from listeners [NK].

1580 VENEZUELA R. Manzanares (YVTK), Cumana, 18 Oct, 0149 - Good over ZY's with "Radio Manzanares Deportes" ID [NK].

1590 BRAZIL R. Santa Cruz AM (ZYJ614), Santa Cruz, 18 Oct, 0002-0004 - Huge with women with ad starting "Attencion Santa Cruz" then "Radio Santa Cruz" singing ID, and a song about the station then it seemed to sign off [NK]. 18 Oct, 0003 - Ads mentioning Santa Cruz many times, jingle then seemed to go off at 0004; SIO 444 [JB].

1600 BRAZIL R. Nove de Julho, Sao Paulo, 18 Oct, 2219 - PP religion, nice ID and jingle at 2232; SIO 332 [JB]. 18 Oct, 2230 - Great signal with "Radio Nove do Julho" ID and more PP religious songs [NK]. Listed as a "Construction permit" in WRTH - it's obviously on now.

1620 ARGENTINA R. Tropicana, Buenos Aires, 18 Oct, 0143 - Good peaks with SS religion [NK]. 19 Oct, 0029 - Presumed; religious talk in SS; SIO 252-1 [JB].

Domestic DX

760 NY WCHP, Champlain, 9 Oct, 2212 - Woman with sign-off announcement; SIO 242 [JB].

820 NY WNYC, New York, 16 Oct, 0955 - "Latino USA" hosted by woman with British accent, ID and NPR news at 1000; SIO 354 [JB].

940 FL WINZ, Miami, 20 Oct, 0838 - "South Florida's Talk 9-40;" SIO 232 [JB].

1190 NY WLIB, New York, 10 Oct, 0900 - This one is now a nuisance with Caribbean-accented preaching and reggae music; SIO 322 over more interesting signals [JB].

1380 VT WSYB, Rutland, 21 Oct, 0200 - Legal ID; SIO 222 [JB].

1620 NE KOIL, Bellevue, 10 Oct, 0130 - Corn Huskers vs Iowa State Cyclone football, Omaha ads, but ID at 0205 was "KKAR;" SIO 332 [JB].

1620 AL WPHG, Atmore, 10 Oct, 0430 - Mixing with nostalgia music (KOIL?), ID, PSA about hurricane info Web-site; SIO 322 [JB].

1690 CO KDDZ, Arvada, 20 Oct, 0945 - R. Disney with woman announcer and pop music; SIO 222 [JB].