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The operating position pictures above are old.  

The station has since changed immensely although the physical layout has remained the same.

The station can  vary over time, but the basic configuration consists of:


Ten-Tec Omni-VI+ main DX station  & Scout Model 555
Yaesu FT-847,  FT-857 
Swan SS-200
Collins KWM-2
Alinco DX-70T, DX-701
SGC SG-2020, SG-2000's
ICOM IC-M700, IC-M800
Hull Model 230 SSB (anyone have a manual?)
Motorola Mobat Micom-3F for CAP ALE use, owned by CAP


Alpha Power Alpha 99 (Two 4CX800A)
Gonset GSB-201 (Four 811A)
Collins 30L-1 (currently off-line)
Swan Mark 6B (Two 3-400Z) for 6 meters
Ameritron ALS-500M (solid state)
SGC SG-500
Homebrew Various w/ 813's, 4-400's & 4-1000's, not on-line

Antennae & Tuners

160m Inverted-L @ 70 ft

Full-size inverted V

 @ 70 ft with 900 ft  radials

Apex @ 60 ft

80m Modified HyGain HighTower top-hat with 2500 ft  radials
40m Vertical  (90 deg.) Home-built with 8  radials
60m Inverted-V  Apex @ 30 ft
30m Elevated Vertical (105 deg.) over counterpoise Homebuilt
13.5 - 30 MHz 3EL SteppIR yagi @ 80 ft  3 element yagi
2-30 MHz T2FD (homebrew) sloping from 60 ft T2FD also used for ALE
6m 5el mono-band yagi @ 12m (& SteppIR) HyGain
H.F. Mobile Hi-Q Hi-Q-4/160 RT
H.F. Multi-band  Various end-fed wires & Sloping Windom from 75 ft
LDG AT-600PRO, AT-200PRO Sometimes used for ALE
MFJ MFJ-993, MFJ-927 (remote) Sometimes used for ALE
Alinco EDX-2 End-fed wire used with ICOM IC-M700
SEA 1625 End-fed wire used with SEA225
HULL H-402CU (ATU-251) End-fed wire used with Model 230 SSB
VCI HFT-1500  Rarely used, general purpose


RTTY TU #1 & 2             2 ea  ST-6000 (Low Tone)  HAL Communications Corp.
RTTY TU #3 (primary TU) FSK-1000  IRL 
RTTY TU #4     ST-6000 (HighTone)  HAL Communications Corp.
Recievers TenTec SP325-350, Collins R388, Hallicrafters S-20R, Wells Gardner BC-348-Q  
RTTY Software TRTY for general use WØSE
RTTY Software RTTY for contesting WF1B
PSK Software W1SQLPSK et al W1SQL Software
Logging Software ProLog2K DataMatrix
DX Cluster DXTelnet suite for DXCC mode alerts Fabrizio Sartoni

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This location is also host to the WAØROI (AR-Cluster) DX Cluster.  The primary user access is via a Hustler G7 antenna at 85 ft with a tx power of 20 watts and provides coverage for Des Moines, Ames & surrounding areas.   Secondary access is via a M2 4el Yagi aimed east toward Mingo, IA.  Access is also available via Telnet at .

WAØROI DX-Cluster User Ports

Primary port 147.51 MHz Simplex Secondary port 144.91 MHz Simplex (inactive)

We also gratefully recognize the major role played by Dave Zeph, W9ZRX as the Remote Administrator who makes sure the updates are installed and the configuration remains current.