CQ Zone 04        ITU Zone 07

Maidenhead Grid:     EN31du

County: POLK

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Sheldahl is a small town of 300 people in the flat lands of upper central Iowa.  The surrounding area is primarily agricultural.   It is located about 15 km south of Iowa State University (ISU) in Ames, Iowa and about 30 km north of Des Moines, the capitol city of Iowa.  Other towns within a 10 km radius are Slater, Huxley, Madrid & Kelley.  Sheldahl sits astride the common  junction of  three Iowa counties: Polk, Story and Boone.  

Sheldahl is also the home of the Central Iowa wide area repeater (NQFK/R) on 147.075 MHz (+).  This site was atop a 200 ft tower at the QTH of neighbor NQFKand was the hub for a linked system that covered much of central, western & northern Iowa, and south central Minnesota.  The tower came down during summer of 2010 and a permanent replacement has not been installed.

Sheldahl is also home of the WAROI-1 APRS node and the WAROI AR-Cluster.