Richard E. Whitten

A more advanced Technical/Managerial position in the area of Computers,
Systems Engineering or Communications.

Graduated from Washington University, St. Louis in 1974 with a Bachelor's 
degree in Computer Electronics. Previous schools include the University of 
Missouri (St. Louis) and the Junior College District, St. Louis.

1,500+ hours of in-house Technical Education.

Service obligation with United States Marine Corps. in Republic of Vietnam.

Two Teammate of Distinction awards.
Cash award for Engineering and Project Management of a major Division relocation.
Telephone System Conversion Award.
Four Presenteeism awards.
Two Daring Acts of Really Teriffic Service (DARTS) nominations.
Four years as Director of a corporate computer club.
Licensed Radio Amateur Operator.
Prior Missouri Real Estate Licence(1984)

1.	Complete Telecomm. Project Management for a Major MDA relocation 
              (up to 2,500 people), and several large remote sites. Costs up to $1M
2.	Complete Definition of all Quality aspects of a new Telephone Switch.
3.	Lead Engineer for Network Engineering Group and Warehouse Operations.
4.	Initiated many internal programs such as Quality Assurance, 
              Departmental Server Network, etc.
5.	Team leader of Associates at Western Electric before promotion to 
               full Engineer.

1.	Conceived and Implemented a Unix based Telecommunications Management 
              System for MDA Telecomm. and itís vendors.
2.	Main engineer and project coordinator for P.C. refresh program (8,000 P.C. additions).
3.	Implementations for some 16,000 data terminals on twisted pair local area networks.
4. 	Design and implementation of video systems, including a corporate business TV system.

Extensive Computer hardware experience , Electronics to component level,
Radio, Ethernet backbone,Fiber Optics, X.25 Equipment, Data and general 
Test Instruments, EPABX equipment, Central Office Equipment, Telecomm. 
Plant Layout Experience & Aircraft wiring.

Extensive UNIX  & MS-DOS experience. PASCAL, CP/M, IBM JCL, COBOL, FORTRAN,
C, 8080-Z80-8086 Assembler, TCP/IP, Token Ring,SNA(Sdlc), etc.

						Richard E. Whitten

01/93 to present      IBM Global Services
Staff Member in Telecommunications. Buyout from McDonnell Douglas Corp. 
Duties are a continuation of those at McDonnell Douglas Corp. plus Circuit Provisioning,
LAN Network Engineering. Current duties are in support of Network Monitoring, Linux Systems .

07/84 to 01/93        McDonnell Douglas  Corp. - St. Louis, Mo. -
Technical Specialist responsibilities for design and implementation of 
twisted pair data, Ethernet, video and other local area networks in a 
100+ building, multi-vendor corporate environment. Was a major contributor
in the corporate data and wiring plan. Responsibilities required a detailed 
knowledge of computer systems, Telecommunications, software protocols and 
interfacing methods. Provided assistance in Telecomm. Research & Development
duties. Have written extensive documentation for department, including 
Standard Practices.

01/83 to 12/83    Contel Networks, Inc.  - Wentzeville, Mo.
As a Consulting Engineer I assisted in the design and expansion of a major 
X.25 Packet network. Duties required a knowledge of computer hardware, 
software and networking issues.

09/81 to 11/82     United Technologies Comm. Co.  - St. Louis, Mo.
This position as Operations Engineer involved quality assessments, product 
reviews and engineering support for PABX systems. Major project was the 
design of a new EPABX system. The design team prepared system design and 
architecture specs. including studies, testing, manufacturing, product 
delivery and support documents.

06/68 to 09/81    Western Electric Co., Inc.  - St. Louis, Mo. -
Three positions of increasing responsibility were held: 

1. Planning Engineer entailed circuit analysis, consultation effort, 
operational support and investigative efforts as a major interface 
between the B.O.C. and Bell Labs.

2. As Information Systems Staff Member I designed and developed a highly
successful Computer Aided Maintenance System for service center equipment.

3. Engineer Associate, responsible for detail specification and 
engineering of Telephone Central Office equipment. 

9/63 to 01/65     McDonnell Aircraft Company
Held a position as Electrical Inspector, F4/RF4 aircraft. Responsibilities 
were for wiring assemblies and basic electronics of forward fuselage assemblies.

As an engineer, I feel it is my obligation to keep abreast of my chosen career,
Electronics. I therefore spend a portion of my private time in the pursuit of Amateur
Radio, Electronics and Computers. Reading includes numerous technical periodicals.