In Loving Memory of my Immigrant Grandparents

	Copyright		Richard E. Whitten    2001

Oh God, Father and Provider, we praise you and thank you for the
abundant blessings our nation enjoys. You have made our nation holy 
by our labors each day.

Be mindful of our ancestors, Oh Lord, most of whom were immigrants 
to this nation. Like Moses, they too were "strangers in a strange land".
They came to America for many reasons; some thinking our streets were
paved with gold, others came here just to be alive. Many were uprooted
by war, violence and injustice. They sacrificed comfort, material
possessions and even family so that we, their descendants, could enjoy
this nation's bounty.

Forgive them all of their sins, Oh Lord. Comfort their souls in your
infinite mercy. Reward them richly for their sacrifices. We, their
children and children's children, humbly remember their origins, toil
and tears. Help us to be grateful to them and remember always their
link to the communion of saints.

We ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen