Clark County Amateur Radio Club
Wednesday Night Net 146.850

CQ CQ CQ This is the Clark County Amateur Radio Club, located in Jeffersonville, IN.

This Net Meets Every Wednesday Evening at 9:00 PM on 146.850. The W9JBQ Repeater. (Only say if using the Alternate repeater, "on 146.745 WD9HMH Repeater. The PL tone is 151.4 Hz")

 You donít have to be a club member and all licensed amateurs are welcome to check-in. The Net Manager is _Dan KB4CF.

 We call for stations alphabetically using the letters after the number in your call.  Please give your call slowly, and phonetically and your name and location.

 This is a directed Net, please transmit only as directed by net control.  Your Net Control for this evening is _______, my name is __________ and I am located in____________.

 I would like to welcome everyone to the net this evening! If anyone should have an emergency situation during the Net, just give us a double break. and we will give you our immediate attention.



††† (1) Are there any announcements for the net, please call now?

        Take any announcements.

 (2) Call for any mobile or portable stations and get their comments before starting roll call.††††††††††† †††††††

††††††† Mobile and portables have priority.

 (3) Are there any short time stations wishing to check-in?

†††††††† Encourage them to stay for comments.

 (4) Roll Call: Alpha through Foxtrot
                    Alpha through Mike
                    Alpha through Sierra
                    Alpha through Zulu

(6) Call for and late check-ins.

       If none, close the net, and take any traffic waiting to be picked up.


I would like to thank everyone for checking tonight!

This concludes the Net for tonight.  This is ___________ closing The Clark County Amateur Club Net and returning the repeater back to normal amateur radio use.

                                                                                                 73ís and goodnight!



*Please be sure to Identified the Net and your call every 10 minutes.

*Pause periodically during comments and see if you have more check ins.

*Before closing the Net call for any last check-ins.