The Centralia Wireless Association is always looking for new members to join the club.

Click here for the membership application in PDF.

If you desire to join the club, print out the application and send it to the address at the top of the first page, or bring it to a monthly club meeting. Be sure to enclose a personal check or money order payable to "Centralia Wireless Association, Inc."


2017 Members

Lisa Beasley, KC9BG - Secretary
Kenneth "Ben" Benjamin, AC9GJ
Richard Bollmeier, N9XCO - President
Levi Brown, KD9BFM
Dorothy Chance, N9PFV
Cheri Chumley, W9INK - Treasurer
Kelly Chumley, KC9NRA
Kathryn Dailey, KC9WXT
Miranda Dailey, KC9ZMS
Robert Dailey, NV9S
Earl Dailey, KC9WDR
Alex Fine, WB9UPA
Jack Hamburg, KC9RTX
Bill Hawkey, KB9TTH
Dale Hillyer, KB9SRQ
Chad Hays, N9USA
Barbara Hodgins, K7LTT
David Hodgins, K7LT
Matt Hodgins, K7LTU
Warren Ilges, KC9RTY
Duane Karrick,W9HDK
Bud King, WA9U
Daisy King, AA9EK
Rodney King, N9HRY
John Koch, KB9BPZ
Bradley Lietz, AA9EQ
Dave Leonard, KD9HBI
Shane Lyberger, KD9GSQ
Greg Maxey, KF9OK
John May, KD9HIB
Daniel Meadows, KB9UEP
Gina Moulder, KD9AQH
Bob Moulder, KD9AQF
Joe Niederhofer, K9RJN
Tim O'Dell, KD9HPD
Lee Owens, K9AZY
Marvin Owens, KC9OLQ
Richard Pugh, N9ZIQ
Sharon Pugh, KD9BJG
Tom Simmons, K9BYS
Jerry Spear, Jr., K9KWD
Bartholomew Stavisky, KF5EKG
Marilyn Stevenson, KC9JKN
Dennis Wilkins, KD9AIS
Bill Wimpy,KC9SMJ
If there are any omittances or errors in this list, please please please
send email to [email at] and let us know. We want this information to be accurate.

Last modified: 8 May, 2017