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W5LTU's Moon data for 2002.

Predictions for upcoming Leonids showers (revised 2000).
Summary of 2002 Leonid predictions.

North American HSCW Procedures.

Preprint of HSCW Article (no illustrations - text only)

Zipped, Word DOC talk on HSMS (HSCW, WSJT) that was supposed to have been given at the 2002 SE VHF Conference (but was scrapped to make room for information on the JT44 mode). (Long download time).

When is the best time for MS operation?

Azimuth and elevation offset chart for MS operation.

OZ1HR's Sporadic (non-shower) and "hot spot" information.

K7VVV's Brief summary of the meaning of the solar and geomagnetic numbers and letters.

How to lose a MS QSO!

Take a look at the Ultimate EME Rover Mobile.Ultimate Rover?



Some general (visual) meteor Web sites:

The International Meteor Organization (IMO).

The American Meteor Society (AMS).

Try Gary Kronk's Web page for an introduction, and his shower calendar pages.

Feast your eyes on the meteor section of the Nine Planets Web site. It has whatever is missing from the others.

You may also wish to check out the Web sites of David Asher and Robert McNaught, who are revolutionizing meteor shower predictions with their dust-trail model of the Leonids shower.

Reports from the Leonids MAC project, still being updated.

Early summary of the 1999 Leonids findings (and questions) on Daniel Fisher's page, Story 2 Item 3.

For auroras, try N1BUG's aurora page, or Today's Space Weather.

For daily summary of meteor rates, sunspot activity, geomagnetic activity, lots more, see the

EME - Except for an occasional note and some of VE7BQH's antenna charts, there is little on this Web site concerning EME. This is due to lack of time, and because there are already a number of good EME Web sites. For EME information, it is suggested that you start with W5UN's Web site. And for another very good moon-tracking program, see N1BUG's Z-Track.

For satellite tracking programs, start with the AMSAT Web site. (Also try a search for STSPlus and Traksat).

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