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Kent County RACES

KCARPSC Weekly Nets 
Thursday Night KCARPSC NET at 8PM-K8SG Rptr 145.11-(94.8Hz)
A 10 meter net, 28.350MHz commences following the 2 meter net.
Everyone for the first time in a long time West Michigan will have a net dedicated to passing traffic.  This net will be on VHF not HF.   We will pass traffic on this net, if it needs to be moved using HF it will be moved. We encourage everyone to join in and check in.  If enough interest is generated we will add more nights to the schedule. The Dedicated traffic net is on the Link System(147.16+ in the Grand Rapids Area) at 9pm every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights. Check the Link System Map for the rptr in your Area.
Backup repeater is the 145.270 - 94.8 CTCSS

Any questions please email [email protected]

Please pass this information on to any amatuers in the West Michigan Area.

  Sunday Night at:   Net Control
5PM 3932 State Wide ARES Net  
7PM 146.82     
8:30PM 50.4AM Out of GR  
8PM 145.27 LARC Net  
9PM 52.150 Out of Zeeland N8QEM Charley
9PM 147.16(GR Area)  WMTN Traffic Net  
9:30 PM 144.155 USB Out of Holland Bill K8NFT
  Monday Night at:    
6PM 3932 State Wide ARES Net  
7:30PM 147.06    
8PM 147.16 Newsline  
8PM 144.250 Out of Sandusty Bart W8IDT
8:30PM 52.51 WEST Michigan Night Cappers  
9PM 146.62 K8LHS Net  
9PM 147.16(GR Area) WMTN Traffic Net  
  Tuesday's Night at:    
7:30 P.M.  28.400 Mhz CW  Coordinated on 146.41 Simplex  
8PM 145.490    
8PM 147.04    
8:30PM 144.21 USB Splatter Skik Net out of Lansing KB8GOY Jim
9:00PM 145.27 MDXA  
9:00 P.M. 146.740    
  Wednesday Night at:    
8PM See Above  KCARPSC  
9PM 50.14USB MDXA 6 Meter Net KB8RHY Jerry
9PM 147.16(GR Area) WMTN Traffic Net  
  Thursday Night at:    
7PM 146.46 Simplex Net  
8PM 28.35 USB Phone  
8:30PM 50.21 USB Lansing SplatterStik Net KB8GOY Jim
9PM 145.23 CW Practice  
9PM 146.46 CW Practice  
9PM 146.74 CW Practice  
  Friday Night at:    
9PM 147.16(GR Area) WMTN Traffic Net  
10:30 AM Daily or (6) Days
50.200 Ludington KC8OTI or W8ZKZ
Daily 7:30 AM 144.155 USB Milwaukee Area  
9:00AM Tues and 9:00PM Thur 50.16 Milwaukee Area