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The Lowell Repeater is located 4 Miles north of Lowell, Michigan on the WODJ Transmitting tower. With Three Receive sites One on the 92nd Street Hill, and the other is in Morley Michigan, the system reguires CTCSS 94.8 do to interference.
History Of W8LRC Repeater!
Shortly after the birth of the Lowell Amateur Radio Club, as a generous gesture, the former Stars Repeater group donated their 145.27 repeater to the newly formed club.  With lots of spirit and some hard work, members off the LARC refurbished the machine and installed it at Jacks’ QTH about three miles North of Lowell.  For a couple of years Jack’s call, NY8D was the official club call, now W8LRC. 

From a technical prospective, the repeater had not changed much from its, “Stars” days.  It still utilized a duplexer to operate from a single antenna at the top of Jacks 120-foot tower.  Then, with an offer of tower space from a nearby commercial broadcast station, the wheels really began to turn and haven’t stopped since.

After some discussion, it was decided that the repeater transmitter would be located at the broadcast tower site with its antenna at the 400-foot level.  Three remote receivers and UHF link transmitters would be positioned at strategic points within the coverage area of the transmitter.  All remote receivers would report to a voter and controller located at Jacks house via UHF link.  A fourth receiver would be included at the controller location.  The equipment at Jack’s would select the best signal from all the receivers and send it to the 145.27 transmitter by way of yet another UHF link.   Sound like an ambitious and expensive plan?  Your right, it was!

Financed by money earned through donations and the activities of members and friends of the Lowell Amateur Radio Club, most the above and much more has been accomplished.  Improvements to the system are ongoing.

Recent improvements:
This winter, both the Calidonia and Morley links have been replaced and upgraded.  Improved battery back up circuitry has been installed at the Calidonia location.

The LARC tower at the Lowell High School, “Shack” has been outfitted with all the antennas and associated equipment necessary to re-locate the voter – controller rack to the high school.  The move is scheduled to take place after the meeting on Saturday, January 8,

On the drawing board:
Motorola GM300’s will replace the GE UHF link receivers at the voter rack.  When accomplished, you will notice that repeater audio has a lot more punch
The FF800 controller, the brain of the system is scheduled for a reprogramming face-lift this winter as well.