2009 Minutes of the Lowell Amateur Radio Club, Inc

LARC meeting Notes

LARC meeting Notes

21 March
LARC meeting Notes

10:10 a.m.

Secetary Report:
Minutes read from 2-14-09 and are passed.

Tech Report:
  • Preamp went out in the muti-couplier at 92nd st at reciver site, will fix this weekend
  • Want to thank Jim for his work on figuring out the insurance. We do not have insurance on anyone that climbs the tower.  Dave T of T&W needs insurance papers from any climber we get. I did  let them know we want to go up 130 ft with our  recieving antenna.
  • Did a battery back up test on all three recievers, batteries are holding up.

Treasury Report:
24 paid members

Old Business:
  • Jim gave a tower update.
  • Jean is going to check on bank cards.
New Business:
  • Al mentioned the ARGYL Hamfeast April 4, 2009.
  • Thanks giving to Jim, Mike, Ken for all the help with tower.
  • 2 new hams at ham dinner and 45 showed up.
  • Mis dig was out to check the ground.
  • Courtland wants to know if anyone wants to volunteer for Mars.
  • Talked about field day this year. 
End time 10:50a.m.

11 April
LARC meeting Notes

Secretary Report
Minutes read from March 21, 2009 and Passed.

Treasures report
27 paid  members

Tech report
  • Talked to T&W can not use the club insurance.
  • 92nd st reciving better with out the pre amp.
  • Grounds clean up at reciver site.
Old Business
  • Jim gives a update on tower project. 
    • Recieved check from Red Frog for $50.00
    • Bolt kit recieved for tower $975.35
    • Need help with stuff today.
  • Ken
    • Price of the concreat is $2322.46
    • High grade is giving us a 20% discount on cement
    • Pump truck $450.00 for 4 hours of truck.
    • April 25, 2009 have cement delivered. 12:00 p.m.
  • Jean checked with bank the cards are good.
  • Jack needs help with forest clean up in Muskegan on April 17, 2009. 8:00 a.m to 1:30p.m. The will provide lunch for you.
  • Bob donated $50.00 to the club

New Business

  • Frank mentioned having a member ship chairmen to get new members.
  • Try to get people to come in and speak about Ham Radio on saturday meeting
  • Al talked about ARGYL Hamfast more showed  up this year then past years.
    • Mentioned that some things are missing from the youth things.
  • Things are up for sale from the SMAT school. If we want to buy all we need to do is make a offer.
  • FROM wants to start charging us for electric and heat for the use off the room.
  • May meeting is the same day as River Bank Run, we will meet at 4:00 p.m.
  • Field Day this year we will team with ARGYL at the Lowell High School.
  • Lowell Histroical Society help with there bike challenge. July 12, 2009

Closing of the meeting 11:02a.m.

LARC meeting Notes

Treasurys Report

A motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made and past.

Technical Report

  • Evaluation of all sites. Portland site needs to work on Antenna.

Secretary Report

Minutes read and passed

Old business


  • We need a fence for around the tower. Cost is about 750
  • He paid 426.00 on things needed for the tower.
  • Second or Third week of June to assemble tower.
  • Jim needs some help after meeting to take the templete over the roof and put on his trailer.


  • need to think of obligations at repeater site. Be careful at morley site there is a big whole in ground.
New  Business

  • Jack we need  to go to morley an start clean up. Also he just reniewd the cell phone  at the tower. He will pay the bill.
  • Ken mentioned we still owe Some money on cement bill.
  •  we need to figure out a way to come up with more funding to finish tower.
  • Ann wanted to know why we need to have a fence around the tower
  • Courtland donated some money to tower fund
  • It was mentioned how much are we going to have to pay for Electric and gas bill? not shure yet.


End at 5:15p.m.

LARC meeting Notes

Treasurys Report

A motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made and past.

Secretary Report

A motion to approve the secretary’s report was made and past.

Technical Report

  •  Need to tale care of grounds at repeater site each month.
  • Will be working on a problem at repeater site.

Old Business

  •  Funding to finish the tower project. Short on Money for fence.
  • Arguyl group donated cable and feed line
  • John will donate 100.00 to tower project.
  • Chuck will order the rotor on Monday.
  • jim went over a list of things that need to be done.
  • Jack asked for hel with the 24 hour bike challenge next Saturday.

 New Business

  •  Jack will be at the Morley site for a clean up July 3, for a week to clean up. Could use more help.
  •  Will talk to Craig about the best day to set tower up.

 End meeting 10:45a.m

LARC meeting Notes

Treasurys Report

A motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made and past.

Secretary Report
A motion to approve the secretary’s report was made and past.

Technical Report
  • Took care of the problem at repeater site.
  • Talked to another tower climber
Old Business

  • Jack talked about the work at the morley site. Wanted some feedback about weather it was a bad weekend for the clean up, we need more help with clean up. Talked about having the september meeting at Morley site. 
  • Jim thanked everyone who helped and supported the tower project. Need help finish some  things up before snow falls. 
  • We need to send information on the project to the grant communities on the done project.

New Business

  • Jack dropped of hooks for door. easy to install.
  • Maybe have a booth at riverwalk to help with exposure.
  • FROM does not want us to prop the doors open.
  • Learn how to build atenna at the August meeting.
  • Chuck will get with Jack to get another computer in the club shack.
  • Jim will get the weather station of his tower before next meeting.
  • Need to place club information at each of the sites.

Meeting adjurned at 10:35a.m.

LARC meeting Notes

Treasurys Report

Secretary Report

Technical Report

Old Business

New Business

Meeting adjurn at

LARC meeting Notes
Start at 3:00p.m.

Treasurys Report

Secretary Report

Technical Report
  • Portland site completed do to a donation made to the club. Working good.

Old Business

New Business

  • Chuck, Ann, Robin worked concessions at the swap. We did very well.
  • Auto patch is good until December 
  • Morley needs to be mowed at least one more time this year. Also main site needs to be done again this year.
  • Thank jim for all the work on the tower project.
  •  Introduce new people.
  •  Election of new officers. Stay the same as last year. Except for Vice President until next meeting.


Meeting adjurn at 3:17p.m.

LARC meeting Notes
Start Time:10:05a.m.

Treasurys Report

Secretary Report
read and passed

Technical Report
  • Battery back up holding up like it should. 
  • If there is any addresse changes or license please give to frank to update file in computer.

Old Business
  • Hamfest Consessions went well. whould suggest doing it again.
  • Holland swap will have a table to sell things.

New Business
  • Jim needs to get paid for weather station & 2 bay.
  • Do we want to continue doing the 50/50 drawing? We decide to keep doing it.
  • When you donate something it is property of LARC. Unless it is loaned to the club for a period of time. Keep a record of everything donated to the group.
  • A club project of building a solar panel or a wind turbine as a group.
Meeting adjurn at 10:38a.m.

LARC meeting Notes

Approved Minutes
Meeting Called to order at: 10:03 a.m.

Treasurys Report
Read and Passed

Secretary Report
Read and passed

Technical Report
  • Finally got the Internet working right.
  • Working on the Database
  • Will work on the cables so you wont be able to see them in the shack.

Old Business

  • Al asked where the Yeasu  radio went to.
  • Someone asked if we found the form for all the donations to record them.

New Business
  • Al will be in later today to clean the room. We need to keep the room cleaned.
  • Al also asked if anyone had a place to put the lawn mower for the winter.
  • Jim also asked to have someone go to Jenison to help get the ice tray picked up.
  • Al also said that we need to get some card access done, he is not able to get it done.
  • Frank is working with Sam Nabkey on getting it fixed.
  • Suggest we send out monthly newsletters on the Internet.
  • Is LARC going to still sponsor the New Hams Dinner? 
    1. A date was picked to do it at Fire Moutnain. 
    2. Al is going to check and see if the date is available.

Meeting adjurn at: 10:38a.m.
LARC meeting Notes

Meeting Called to order at:

Treasurys Report
Dues are do the first of January

Secretary Report:
Was read and passed

Technical Report
  • We have 80 meter Inverted Beam at the shack.
  • Red Frog is working on putting us on our own server.
  • We currently have 24 cards issued
Old Business
  • need more help for FROM Christmas giveaway
  • Santa Clause Net on Christmas Eve
  • Jack will get the door prizes for New Hams Dinner

New Business
  • Jack and Ann took care of things at Morley.
  • We are going to need more help in the spring.
  • Auto patch will expire at the end of the month. Jack
  • Will put more minutes on it.
  • Get together on New Years Eve at the shack.
  • Courtland step down as Vice President, Ann was nominated as Vice President. Passed.
  • If possiable we will have a sub sale starting in January.
  • Need to make a cable to go from weather station to the computer. Maybe we can work on it on Thursdays.
  • Found the donation sheets, just need to make copies of it.
Meeting adjurn at 10:40AM
This concludes the Minutes for 2009, Have a Happy and Joyous 2010, & Good Luck in the Contests in 2010.