2005 Minutes of the Lowell Amateur Radio Club, Inc
8 January
LARC meeting Notes
Approved Minutes

Start 10:00AM
End   11:42AM
Total 1 Hour 42 Min
In Attendance 14

Secretary Report Tim Mullen N8NET
Motion to accept By Dave Timmick KB8SYQ
Seconded By Jim Jarowicz AA8JR

Treasury Report John Walker WA8YUA
Omitted for website per ByLaws
Motion to accept by Dave Timmick KB8SYQ
Seconded by Doug Phillips KC8EGM

Tech Report Frank Schmidt N8UVI

  • Morley not Voting right
  • Main site has a problem - still checking
  • Website updated

Old Business:

  • John Walker WA8YUA - Club Insurance -could find any cheaper
  • Jim Jarowicz AA8JR Found Info - Purpose of Use Don Stiles N8CSP Motioned
  • Effective June 2005 dues Raises to $15.00
  • Autodial to be included with dues Al Eckman WW8WW Seconded
  • Approved by vote
  • Al WW8WW Would new members not have to attend 2 functions to be a member
  • Jack Amelar NY8D - 15 Attending GRARA Hamclasses
  • Doug Phillips KC8EGM- new hamsdinner or new to the area Feburary 12th 6pm
  • Old Country Buffet on Alpine
New Business:
  • Motion by Tim Mullen N8NET
  • Allow Don Stiles N8CSP to use repeater On Sunday 8PM Weekly Net
  • John Walker WA8YUA 2nd Approved by vote
  • Tim Mullen N8NET made a 
  • Motion to transfer trustee from Jack Amelar NY8D to Al Eckman WW8WW
  • Don Stiles 2nd motion
  • Approved by vote
  • Don Stiles N8CSP
  • Motion to end meeting 11:42AM
  • Dave Timmick KB8SYQ 2nd
  • Approved

12 Febuary
 LARC meeting Notes
Approved Minutes
Meeting called to order by Doug 10:05 AM. Thirteen present.
Secretary’s Report None
Treasury Report by John read and approved.
Tech Report by Frank
  • Local repeater had a few issues during first LARC net.
  • Demo of new equipment for club.
Old Business
  • Al proposed (in writing) changes to the constitution (by-laws) regarding full membership. To be voted on next meeting.
  • Buck reported good check-in numbers on the LARC net. The net is running about one hour. Discussion of articles for sale guidelines was discussed.
  • Buck asked that ideas for trivia questions, to be used on the net, be sent to him.
New Business
  •  Buck is in contact with ARRL to gain information for airing ARRL Audio News. (This should not be a problem)
  •  Chuck stated that tables are available for the club at the up-coming Skywarn training.
  •  Al announced that the ARGYL group would have a 440 repeater on the air very soon.
  •  Buck recommended that a committee review our clubs constitution (by-laws).
  •  Doug stated that our 50/50 drawing would be held at tonight’s New Hams Dinner.
  •  Motion to close the meeting, Buck 11:05 AM Seconded by? Motion Accepted.

12 March
LARC meeting Notes
Approved Minutes
Meeting called to order by Jim 9:55 AM. Sixteen present.
Secretary Report by John - read and approved.
Treasury Report by John - read and approved.
Tech Report by Frank
  • · Voter being worked on.
  • · Block diagram of system available on the web site. Visit Tech Shop.
Old Business
  • · John questions the holding of a 50/50 drawing at our meetings. Reply by Gail holding coffee can and tickets in hand.
  • · John asked about the possibility of a back up secretary. Al and Gail will help if needed.
  • · Changes to the constitution (by-laws) regarding full membership was seconded by (?) and approved.

New Business

  • · Al suggested that the club get domain name at the cost of $30.00 for three years. Motion by Buck, seconded by Gail, approved. Al will take care of this.
  • · Jim asked the club to approve the purchase of the “service monitor” that was demonstrated last meeting. This would be paid for using part of our grant monies that were granted for this purpose. Seconded by Buck and approved.

Open Discussion

  • Buck gives kudos to Ken for fine job of net control of the LARC net.
  • Ken wondered about “crackling” type noise during the net. Frank believes that cleaning several mechanical connections has cured this issue.
  • All give recognition to Al for his accomplishment of Ham of the Year.
  • Jack announces upcoming Skywarn meeting, ham fest: Marshall, IRA, and Cadillac.
  • Gail is 50/50 winner!

 Motion to close meeting 10:36 AM by Al, motion approved.

9 April
LARC meeting Notes
Approved Minutes
Start Time 9:59am
End  Time 11:06am
Total Time 1Hr 7 Mins
In Attendance 12 + 1 Wife

1  FRANK    N8UVI                          7  JERRY    KB8RHY
2  DAVE       KB8SYQ                      8  CHUCK  KC8REH
3  DOUG     KC8EGM                     9  JOHN     WA8YUA
4  CHUCK  N8HMD                     10  TIM           N8NET 
5  TOM        KC8YOE                    11  KEN         KC8YTC
6  RON       K8OFL                        12  AL            WW8WW

Secretary Report - Tim N8NET

January's minuets were read
Motion to accept by Dave KB8SYQ
2nd by Jerry KB8RHY

March Meeting notes read by John WA8YUA
Motion to accept by Doug KC8EGM
2nd by Chuck N8HMD

Treasury Report - read and approved. - John WA8YUA

Motion to accept by AL WW8WW
2nd by Dave KB8SYQ

Tech Report - Frank N8UVI

  • local receive site is high in frequency - adjustments were made
  • Battery Test not good, only main transmitter site working well
  • East Link Site at Ionia Sheriff up for grabs - old tower 
  • 500 watt amplifier on order running with 24 volt power input. It was found that the 24v system would run less power.
  • URL is setup W8LRC.ORG and working

Old Business 


New Business

  • Doug KC8EGM - Money Maker - Local company to sell items on Ebay
                                 Can set up club account and track donations.
                                 Discussion on this and Doug will get more details.
  • Chuck KC8REH - April 28th ARES/RACES meeting 6:30pm Skywarn 7PM
                                   Location - ?                     Will last 2-2½ Hrs
                                   Club Meeting next month has been changed due to 
                                   conflicts.  May 7th at 9am at the Lowell Airport.
  • Frank N8UVI  -  Fieldday - Need Chairman
                                4th weekend of June   25th and 26th
                                Chuck KC8REH will not be available for this but will 
                                Permission from Lowell Airport Director for setup 
                                again this year.  Chuck will also check into getting
                                a Helicopter to load as an antenna.
                            -  KC8OEO Leroy SK             He was 52 Years old

Announcements and Discussions

  • Talked about code classes over the repeater
  • Al WW8WW is interested in doing this
  • Al WW8WW - starting a General Class for the youth group

Motion to close meeting
2nd and approved at 11:06am


7 May
Approved Minutes

This meeting was on the first Saturday of the month instead of the second Saturday due to conflict ....

Start  10:01am
End    11:05am
Total Time 1hr 5mins
In Attendance - 10


Motion to accept last months mins into record by Chuck Putney KC8REH
2nd the motion Frank Schmidt N8UVI
Approved by vote

Treasury report - John Walker WA8YUA

 Deleted from website per bylaws

Motioned by Tim Mullen N8NET to accept
2nd by Chuck Putney KC8REH


  • New 500 watt amp  for transmitter is here will install after meeting
  • Amp will be set for 400 watts, current set up is at 135 Watts.


  • Al WW8WW - Web site reminder www.w8lrc.org is working good.
  • Doug KC8EGM President - Code practice With Al WW8WW is  setting up for the summer Monday nights 9pm on 145.27Mhz and Thursday Night 9pm on 146.620Mhz.
  • Jim AA8JR - 2 Yagis donated to ARGYL. ( Adult club to youth club)


  • Al WW8WW - ARGYL fund raiser is going to be a "Country Roots Band Concert," cost of admission is $10.00 and 40 songs are planned for the event to be held at 5-14-05, 7-9pm, at the Lowell High School.
  • Chuck KC8REH - Riverbank run still need volunteers June 11th-14th contact Jeff Nawrot N8JSN Events@kcares.org 
  • Frank N8UVI - Reminder this is our time to get Citadel Property cleaned up. This is part of our agreement to be there on the tower. Wed following the meeting if rained out be thurs.

Motioned to end meeting made be Tim Mullen N8NET
2nd by John WA8YUA
Approved by vote

11 June
Approved Minutes
Start 1000

No Secretary Report Present

Treasury report - John Walker WA8YUA

 Deleted from website per bylaws

Motioned by Doug KC8EGM to accept
2nd the motion Frank N8UVI


  • New Amplifier Installed - Last Saturday
  • Interferance issues Corrected
  • Preparing for east link going to portland site
  • Grounds Cleanup Need Help
Old Business:
  • Field Day - Allow ARGYL to use Logging Computers for Thier Field Day
New Business: 
  • Ken 's Net checkin's from Sundays Net 150 Miles South into Indiana and also Marian North of Clair.
  • Jack National 24 Hour Challenge in Berry County Saturday June 18.
  • Jim Raffle ? 820 for Dell Inspiron 2200 Laptop - 1000 Tickets Done Drawing September 10
  • Lifetime Membership ? $100.00
  • Gail Bakesale
  • Business Cards for officers to solicite financial backing for club.
  • Al Field day Youth Group at Fallasburg Park 
  • Annual Meeting September 11 @ 2PM at Star East
  • Jean K0ZRD Get on the air
  • Send invitations to Hams in the Lowell Area to Join LARC.
Meeting Ended: 1100

9 July
Approved Minutes

Start 10:03am
End   10:53am
Total time 53 Mins
In Attendance 8

Secretary's report - 

Chuck Putney KC8REH for June
Motion to accept John Walker WA8YUA
2nd Dave Timmick KB8SYQ                   Approved

  • Tim Mullen N8NET gave Mays report and was voted and approval

Treasury Report John Walker WA8YUA
Tim Mullen N8NET Motion to accept
 and 2nd Chuck Putney KC8REH approve by all

Tech Report Frank Schmidt N8UVI

  • power outage Main site
  • Portland East Link worked on
  • Grounds Cleanup Wed night, Thurs night alternative if rain.

Old Business

  • Jack Amelar NY8D - Star east Restaurant in Lowell will be the site of the annual meeting. -  Sunday Sept 11th and cuisine is Chinese.  $10.00 includes tip at 3pm
  • John Walker WA8YUA Talked about computer raffle and described the computer.
  • Jim Jaworicz AA8JR Bought lawnmower for club and cost of keys for eastlink.

New Business

  • Frank Schmidt N8UVI - Designed officer templates for business cards
  • Chuck Putney KC8REH - Wed - Sun Muskegon airfare looking for volunteers. July 20th-24th. contact K8MHZ@K8MHZ.COM

Open Discussion

  •  Talked about company donations
  •  Discussed generic business cards for members.

Motion by Tim Mullen N8NET to end meeting
2nd by Dave Timmick KB8SYQ
Approved by vote

13 August
Approved Minutes
Start 1000
End   1041
Total time 41 Mins
In Attendance 11

Secretary Report - John Walker WA8YUA
Motion to accept By Dave Timmick KB8SYQ


Treasury report - John Walker WA8YUA

 Deleted from website per bylaws

Motioned to accept by Dave Timmick KB8SYQ 



  • Loss phone service
  • 500 Watt Amp has to go back for warrentee Repair 
  • Lost Power supply on the main system( Filter Capacitior went bad )
  • East receiver is now in service( went online aug 6 )
  • 92nd Street Receiver: batteries once thought to be bad are in good condition. Chargers not fully charging batteries (Charging about 75 to 85% Capacity).
Old Business:
  • Raffle Still Pending
New Business: 
  • Jerry KB8RHY will help our Climber Who helped us get our east receiver Antenna up to get his Ham Radio Licence.
  • Al WW8WW asked about a table at September swap.
  • Frank N8UVI Thanked Dave KB8SYQ for mowing WKLQ Transmitter Site

  • Meeting Ended: 1041

  • 11 September
    Approved Minutes
    Start 1500
    End   1552
    Total time 52 Mins
    In Attendance 11

    Secretary Report - John Walker WA8YUA
    Motion to accept By Dave Timmick KB8SYQ


    Treasury report - John Walker WA8YUA

     Deleted from website per bylaws

    Motioned to accept by Dave Timmick KB8SYQ 


    TECHNICAL REPORT - Frank Schmidt N8UVI

    • Portland Tower Preamp inline
    • Amp back in-service at lower input power.
    • Shorted parts in power supply, ordering parts, to repair.
    Old Business:
    • Site cleanup sept
    New Business: 
    • The Hams Got their Licence - Both given Antennas from Tom(yoe antennas) and given radio's as New Hams.
    • Cost for testing - cost by donations
    • looking into setting up a paypal account
    • Repeater usage stopped by WMTN( no longer using LARC Repeater ) Mostly because of Hurricane Traffic explected. This move is Perminent.
    • LOOK Foundation - Lowell Community Fund - both from Lowell

    Election of Officer:

    • President - Doug Phillips KC8EGM
    • Vice President - Chuck Putney KC8REH
    • Tresurer - Ken Meksula KC8YTC
    • Secretary - JimJaworowicz AA8JR
    • Technical Advisor - Frank Schmidt N8UVI
    • PR - Jack Amelar Ny8D
    • Annual Donation from Companies
    • Jim Wrote Letter
    Repeater Reverse Patch Access: 897-0375  <repeater says: Control up    <enter>90<slot#>#    to answer #51>

    Meeting Ended 1552.

      8 October
      Approved Minutes

      Start 10:04am
      End   10:40am
      Total time 36 Mins
      In Attendance 9

      Secretary's report - (September 11 Meeting Minutes is Available Here(above))

      Treasury Report Ken Meksula KC8YTC approved

      Tech Report Frank Schmidt N8UVI

      • Parts for new Power Supply
      • Power Supply Back in Operation.
      • Normal Battery Backup Check future work needed.
      • need to get crew together to inspect and check out Morley Site.
      •                                                        A. Site Cleanup
      •                                                        B. Inspection
      •                                                        C. General Maintenance
    • Old Business
      • Portland Tower antenna Receives btter than Transmitt
      • Moved from 4 Bay to Ringo Ranger on 92nd St.

      New Business

      • New Hams Dinner - Saturday, February 18th, 2006 - Doug will check on Location( Fire Mountain as one possible Location ). 

      Open Discussion

      • 15 Minute Meeting than NTS Class

    • 12 November
      Approved Minutes

      Meeting Date:  11/12/2005

      Start 10:00 AM

      Ended 11:20 AM

      In attendance:  11

      Secretary Report:

      Jim Jaworowicz read the minutes from the meeting of 10/08/2005

      A motion to accept the secretary’s report was made and approved.

      Treasurers Report:

      Presented by Ken


      Deleted from website per bylaws


      The treasurer submitted a written report

      A motion to accept the treasurer’s report was made and approved.

      Tech Report:

      Presented By:  Frank Schmidt

      1. A remote control, battery backup test was performed on each receiver site.  The Morley site failed.  Jim Jaworowicz donated six new, maintenance free, deep cycle 75 AH batteries.  Plans to replace all site batteries are in the works.
      2. Morley Site Maintenance:  A work party consisting of Frank Schmidt, Jack Amelar, Ann Ingersoll, Tom KC8YOE and Doug Phillips cut, trimmed and cleaned up around the Morley shack and 250-foot tower.  Photos of the project are posted on the web site.

      Lightening strike at the 145.27 TX site :

      Lightening knocked out several pieces of equipment at WKLQ and took out lightening arrestors for the ARCH paging transmitters.  All that is known about damage to LARC equipment at this time is that the phone line was lost and the fuse to the auxiliary transmitter is blown.  More testing needs to be done.

      A motion to accept the technical report was made and approved.

      Old Business:

      Al Eckman was pleased to announce that he has successfully procured a raffle license from the Michigan Charitable Gaming Commission.  Al went on to explain that in order to meet the qualifications for attaining the license, it was necessary to make certain changes in the LARC articles of incorporation.  To accomplish this, a special meeting of the LARC officers was held and the following changes were made:

      1. If the LARC were to disband all assets would go to another 501C3 organization or to the State of Michigan.
      2. The LARC would remain a non-profit organization
      3. The only requirement for membership in the LARC is that the member pays his annual dues.

      Al went on to say that the Michigan Charitable Gaming Commission has requested that the Michigan Department of Labor and Human Growth send them a copy of the updated LARC articles of incorporation.  Al said that he would make sure that was done.

      1.  Jim Jaworowicz reported that the total cost for the raffle laptop was $1,035.41

      Ticket prices were discussed.  One ticket would be $2.00 and three tickets $5.00.

      The drawing is scheduled to be at the ARGYL Ham Fest on Dec. 18.

      The New Ham Dinner :

      Doug Phillips said he would check on a location for the new ham dinner.

      New Business:

      The ARGYLE Ham Fest:

      Al Eckman encouraged everyone to get a table at the upcoming ARGYL Hamfest.  Al announced that when tables are purchased as described below, an admission ticket would be issued to the owner of the table at no additional cost.

      Two five foot tables $10.00.

      Single 5 foot table $8.00

      Motion to adjourn was made and passed.  Meeting adjourned at 11; 20 AM

      NTS Class conducted by Chuck Putney followed.

      10 December
      UnApproved Minutes

      Meeting Date:  12/10/2005

      Start 10:00 AM

      Ended 11:20 AM

      In attendance:  11



      Secretary’s Report

      Minutes from the meeting of Nov. 12, 2005 were read by the secretary, Jim Jaworowicz.

      A motion to accept the report was made and approved.




      Technical Report:

      Frank Schmidt was not in attendance.  Doug Phillips made the report in his behalf.

      1. The auxiliary transmitter is not yet repaired.
      2. Frank has located an SWR/Power meter capable of 500 watts and has placed it on layaway.  Frank would like permission to purchase the meter with money that might be received by the sale of the batteries that were removed from the remote receive sites.


      At this point there was considerable discussion about the purchase.  Some members opposed any purchase because of lack of sufficient money in the treasury.


      Eventually, the discussion evolved to raffle ticket sales which were counted prior to the meeting.  $561.00 was counted and Al Eckman had around $200 yet to bring in.  This meant that around sixty tickets need to be sold to break even on the cost of the raffle prize.


      A motion to accept the Technical report was made and approved.



      Treasurers Report:  Presented by Ken


      Deleted from website per bylaws


      A motion to accept the Treasurers report was made and approved.







      Old Business

      Al Eckman:  The ARGYL Swap will be held Sunday December 18th. From 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon.  A free table will be supplied to each club that requests one.  All proceeds from the swap go to the ARGYLE (youth) Radio Club.


      Doug Phillips:  All LARC raffle tickets must be turned in before at or before the ARGYL swap Sunday, December 18.


      New Ham Dinner:  Doug could not get reservations at Fire Mountain so we are back to the Old Country Buffet.  The proposed date for the event is February 18, 2006.



      New Business

      Al Eckman:  Mentioned that it had been 5 or six months since Jim Jaworowicz had purchased the lap-top raffle prize.  Al then made the following motion;


      “Before any money is spent, Jim Jaworowicz should be reimbursed and that Jim should be paid immediately following the ARGYL swap with any available money”

      The motion was seconded and accepted by a vote of those present.


      Doug Phillips: mentioned that the sale of the River town Mall tickets brought in $75.00 for the LARC. 


      Christmas Net:            Ken will not be holding a net on Christmas Day.

      New Years Net:      Ken will hold a net on New Years day if he feels up to it.


      AL Eckman:  Is teaching a Technicians Radio class of six students.  A week before the class ended Al took three of the students to the Red Cross Building to be tested and all passed.


       Echo Link:  The ARGYL repeater (146.620 PL 94.8) has the Echo Link feature.  Some conversation about the possibility of installing Echo Link on the LARC (145.270 PL 94.8) followed.  No details were worked out.


      Transmitter Hunts:  Doug brought up this topic.  A group discussion followed.  No precise plans were made.


      Al Eckman thanked Jack Amelar for all his time and effort making mailing labels free of charge to the club.


      The meeting adjourned at 11:10 AM