W8FFF - FISTS # 7200Ohio Valley FISTS
Fists # 7200 - Ohio Valley Fists / W8FFF - Founded on 12/21/99 by Roger KI8DU
  • In order to be granted permission to use the Club Call W8FFF, first you must;
  • Reside in the USA's 8th Call
    Region *** and, hold a valid US Amateur Radio License.

  • If you meet the above to criteria then you should;
  • Contact the Club Trustee and request membership.

  • Once membership approval is granted (in writing) via OVF's Executive Officers;
  • an eligible candidate may be granted approval to operate with said club callsign. The Ohio Valley FISTS club callsign shall only be used within the CW Band Plans only.
         *** Stations residing outside of the 8th call region (visitors) are very 
         welcome to operate (from Club Headquarters only) located in Huntington, WV at 
         the Museum of Radio and Technology, provided; that permission has been obtained
         in writing via the Executive Board. 
  • Any Call Region - Operator (visitor), is welcome to Operate our Club Station when visiting us locally, provided; that you have previously registered and hold a valid Amateur Radio License.
  • When operating "alone, on your own" you are only entitled to operate within your license class privileges. If not alone, but are accompanied by another valid, licensed operator, you can then operate the frequencies allowed by the higher class operator
  • QSLing
  • The Trustee can provide you with Original QSL Cards - at cost - to you, plus - Postage and any other directly related items or materials. Where applicable, send us your SASE's accordingly.
  • You may compose your own QSL Cards
  • You are expected to QSL all Club Contacts (during an event)
  • You are responsible for the contacts you make (logs, qsling, all acquired costs, etc.)
  • All QSL Cards shall contain Club Name & associated Fists Numbers
  • You must submit your logs to the Trustee in a timely manner. Once you have completed a full sheet, please submit via US Mail. Print Log Sheet - CLICK Here
  • NON-EVENT qso's - you should QSL via FISTS Buro to your callsign, or direct (NO QSLing via Trustee - Club call)
  • The Trustee is NOT a, or your, QSL manager. Please be responsible
  • Information on FISTS International CW Club Bureau
  • All contacts you make with other Fists is worth 3 International Fists Club points which count towards the various awards
  • Welcome ! Now go and have some fun!
  • Club Liabilities and Obligations 
  • All members shall adhere, agree, abide and follow the afore mentioned Guidelines. In NO fashion shall W8FFF - Trustee, be deemed responsible or be considered accountable, for any monetary liabilities encountered here within, other than by himself.
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