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Durability By Design - Performance Through Science

Ham operators and scanner enthusiasts alike. I have recently discovered a WONDERFUL new brand of antenna designed and built by Nil-Jon Antennas. Dr. Jack Nilsson, President and brainchild of Nil-Jon, has dedicated a better portion of his life to his passions in physics, mathematics, and antenna design. What he has come up with is one of the simplest, yet highest performing antennas I have ever used! I have also had the pleasure of speaking at length with him on his design, as well as using his latest mobile design. Folks, it is AWSOME STUFF!

The people that visit here often and know me KNOW that I must myself be passionate enough about a design and company to dedicate this much space on my web page to it. If you are in need of a VHF/UHF mobile antenna that under-promises and over-delivers, do yourself a favor and check into the unique, high performance, broad-banded Super-M Mobile antenna. As a self-professed "antenna junky" and builder of numerous home-brew projects, I was literally knocked off my chair by some recent testing done with the Nil-Jon Super-M. A complete synopsis of my testing and results are included in an article which can be found below, or click HERE.

DISCLAIMER: I do not work for, nor am I at all affiliated in any way with the Nil-Jon Antenna Company. What I AM is a consumer who has discovered a little-known product that really delivers and I simply wish to increase the exposure of this great product to the amateur radio community.



Since posting my original review article, I have come to find out that the Super-M has been validated for performance on the 1.25cm band, and has continued to impress. This great design is now making significant inroads into the commercial, and public safety markets. The inherent signal stability gained with the Super-M makes this design perfect for all entities requiring consistent mobile antenna performance, especially those who depend on digital modes.  The Super-M has gained appreciation in the private and public safety sector for it's ability to improve life-saving communications.


Did You Know?


          Do you have the new Kenwood TH-F6A HT? The Super-M is an EXCELLENT accessory for using your HT in a mobile environment. Use all three bands with one small, effective antenna!


          Add one of Larson’s inexpensive ground planes and the Super-M becomes a tri-band base antenna!

Super-M Tri-Band Mobile Antenna:

 My Review of this Excellent Antenna Design!

The Super-M Mobile Antenna may be purchased at the following quality dealers:


Grove Enterprises


Universal Radio


Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Depot

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