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(Last updated 07/30/2017)
Last Name First Call Cls. City E-Mail Address
Albright Jim KC8YYS G Cuy.Falls [email protected]
Albright Ruth XYL --- Cuy.Falls ---
Caldwell Donald AC8N E Akron [email protected]
Caldwell Joan KC8WSQ G Akron [email protected]
Costanzo Phil WV3K E Cannal fulton [email protected]
Costanzo Robin XYL --- Cannal Fulton ---
Fields Larry WD8LF E Barberton [email protected][1]
Howe Fred WA8KOC G Clinton [email protected][2]
Internoscia Dave KC8YPA T Barberton [email protected]
Johnson. Carla KE8DHF T Doylestown [email protected]
Johnson Jay W8DAP T Doylestown [email protected]
Johnson Jr. Lenny N8XPI E Doylestown [email protected]
Lewis Cherie N8JII T+ Cuy.Falls ---
Lieving Ron AA8QX E Akron --- 
McBride Charles --- --- Akron --- 
McBride Linda WA8MUD T Akron [email protected]
Ricks Roger W8BOA G Stow [email protected]
Spencer Joy KA8TDF T+ Akron [email protected]
Sullivan John KE8FWH T Akron [email protected]
Sullivan Michelle KE8FWI T Akron --- 
Teleis Kenneth KZ3E E Stow [email protected]
Turner Jr Jim KB8THW T Akron [email protected]
Watson James AC8PY E Akron [email protected]
Zadiraka “Zeke” AB8OU E Akron [email protected]
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