Central Washington's premier amateur radio club
Contact Information:     Email - applecityarc@gmail.com     Postal - PO Box 5283, Wenatchee, WA  98807
Next Club Meeting: Nov 5th - 8am
5th and Western Fire Station, Wenatchee
*will be at this location until we can no longer use facility - may still may need to find more permanent location in future*

Next Board Meeting - Nov 3rd - 6:30pm
Country Inn, East Wenatchee


Field Day
Field Day 2016 from Kenroy Park is complete.  We didn't end up with near the number of contacts as last year, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.  One thing that we did have was a lot of interest from unlicensed visitors to the site.  While this did take us away from the radios a bit more we hope that it leads to some class attendees later this fall, and maybe some new hams.  Dave N7BUK was instrumental in helping keep us nourished with hamburgers, chicken, and breakfast sandwiches.  It wasn't too hot, and most importantly we had fun.  Looking forward to next year.

Hamfest 2016 Complete
It is Jun13th and Hamfest 2016 is in the books!  We had a great turnout this year with an almost 25% increase in attendance.  Congratulations to Jerry W7IEW, the winner of the grand prize Icom mobile radio and antenna.  Hope to see everyone again next year.

Special Olympics Completed
Big thanks to Tracy-KD7KBE and Jex-KG7MKS for helping coordinate our participation this year.  It was not without challenges (which we overcame) and next year should go even smoother.  The even went well for the city and we were proud to be involved.

Technician Classes Completed
Sal-KA7ZDL and Skip-KE7MPO (with help from Danny-K7ISC and Stacey-KB7YS) have wrapped up the Technician License classes.  All said and done we had 7 new hams added to the ranks.  Already there has been talk about the next round of technician classes and probably a general course as well.  More information as those details are worked out.  Congratulations to all those that put in the hard work and studying to take and pass the test.

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Club Repeaters:

146.68  ( - offset  /  156.7 )
53.390  ( - 1.700 offset  /  118.8 )

Weekly Club Nets:

Tuesday Night Net
8pm on Club 2 meter repeater

Monday 10 meter gathering
8pm on 28.375
(freq open to all license classes
*****  Upcoming Club Events  *****

MakerFaire Wenatchee - Oct 29th - Wenatchee Convention Center
ACARC will be participating this year at the MakerFaire at the Wenatchee Convention Center on 10/29 from 9am-4pm.

Christmas Party - 12/17 - Steelworkers Building on Rock Island Road, East Wenatchee - 4pm-8pm

!!! Net Controls Needed !!!
If interested please contact Tracy (KD7KBE) or email the club.  Volunteers needed for Tuesday night net.  No experience necessary - just follow the provided script.
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