My First Amateur Radio Station

W6HYU was my 1st call-sign, received in January, 1950. I was 16, a high school junior at Montebello, CA. My home-brew 807 rig ran "class-C" at 50 watts plate input power and was screen-grid amplitude modulated. A 7-Mhz crystal oscillator was frequency-quadrupled to drive the 807 at 28.808 MHz. The antenna, a folded dipole, was fashioned with 300-ohm TV twin lead. Although a low-pass filter attenuated higher harmonics, TVI was a MAJOR problem. Neighbors where amazingly tolerant of this young "experimenter."

My receiver was an ARC-5 (WW2 surplus) modified as a down-converter, feeding a broadcast band radio at 1515 KHz. My first QSO was with Orange, Texas. He gave me "Q5, S7!" I can still feel the excitement! Those days will never return, but linked digital radio is providing a great encore!!!

My current call sign is W7DHS. My favorite mode is Pactor, a handshaking protocol that produces error free copy with no need for my repeating. (The computer does the repeating when needed.)