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Kevin Bosworth

By Jared Luther N7LRX

Kevin Bosworth W7BOZ, started out in radio when CB was really big in the late 80's, early 90's. One night he counted all the people he knew on CB and came up with over 100 different CB handles. That was before cell phones were affordable. He got interested in ham radio because of the limitations and poor operating ethics of most CB operators. Kevin knew a few hams in the area: Dave Hancey KC7CXF, and his dad Ellis KC7CXE (sk). Kevin's friend, Ron Cooper W7UTA, asked if he wanted to study and get his license. They took the No-Code Tech test and passed. Kevin's first callsign was KC7HGN. He recently upgraded to General after taking a class and studying online. Now he has a vanity callsign: W7BOZ. (Just remember Kevin's last name - Bosworth). Kevin now has 4 other family members with their license, including his mom, Valerie Call KF7LQT. Kevin enjoys everything about Amateur radio. Helping others, social events, meeting new and interesting people, building antenna's and radio equipment, computers and electronics. He always likes to try out new things and experiment with different ham equipment. His favorite thing right now is packet, APRS, satellite, and the other digital modes. He finds the digital modes more challenging, and likes to build his own equipment when he can. Right now Kevin is trying to save towards an HF radio. Most people are surprised when he tells them he is an amateur radio operator. "I guess I don't fit their profile of a ham." Kevin says "Or they don't know what its all about. But they all have questions and are very interested to learn more about what we do." Kevin Bosworth was born in Logan, Utah in May 1974. He is the oldest of 6 kids and currently lives with his dad and 2 youngest brothers. He has worked as an Electronics Technician and doing apartment maintenance. He used to race motorcycles when he was younger. He also likes to play the guitar, snowmobiling, snowboarding, off-roading in trucks, and working on vehicles. In addition to amateur radio, Kevin loves computers, electronics, scanner radio, and working on his website when he can. Kevin has had many fun times in amateur radio so far. From Field Day, bunny hunts, Net Control, tracking down a stuck transmitter, and helping others in time of need. He has also been helped by other hams. Kevin says he's a night owl and can usually be found on the air, late evening to early morning and looks forward to meeting more hams on air.

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