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Picture of Several Club Members Past and Present
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Now you can pay your dues using Paypal. Fill out an application each year and get it

to the Treasurer. Full membership, or Student Membership, or Family member of a paid

Member. Of course you can still pay in person if you want to.

Allen Nichols KC5NHV   Ralph Matteson KD5RTW
J.L. Stevens N5INC   Lee Mertens KG5CCZ
Ray Alexander WD5EFT   William Burghart KC4CMX
Brad Hyde W5BK   Laurie Petersen KG5CYS
Bucky Garner KB5DRZ   Jerry Farmer KK5EM
Tom Hines WB5TOM   Danny Nordman KG5DYL
Terry Wofford KE4KCM   Leland Pechacek KF5AEO
Sonny Tant N5BCM      
Brian Grant KF5UFC      
Mathew Grayson KG5CCT      
Liz Petersen KG5CQG      
Marvin Gross KE5EUR      
Henry Hunter KN3RD      
Lloyd Duck W5LND      
Val Cox K5RDV      

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