2000 ARRL DX CW Contest

V47C Multi Op All Band

                           2000 ARRL DX CONTEST

     Call used: V47C                           Location: St. Kitts

     Category: Multi-Single Xmtr   Mode: CW           Power: 500W

     If multi-operator, show calls of all operators and loggers:

                    DK5AX, VE3BW, VE3VFR, W4OV, WD4JR

     Exchanged Information: V47C RST 500

     Hours of Operation: 47:03

     band      QSOs      points    mults
     160        151         453      31
      80        367        1101      51
      40        475        1425      52
      20        613        1839      52
      15        770        2310      56
      10        581        1743      52
     TOTAL     2957        8871     294      SCORE: 2,608,074

     Club or Team Name: Rhein Ruhr DX Association (RRDXA)


  Equipment: IC-706MKIIG, AL-811H, Mosley 3Element, AP8A, Balloon
    Vertical for 160m(1st night) Inverted L for 160m, 2nd night

   We have observed all competition rules as well as all regulations for amateur radio in my country.  My report is correct and true to the best of my knowledge.  I agree to be bound by  the decisions of the ARRL Awards Committee.

DK5AX   Markus Hammelmann           
VE3BW   Joe Adams
VE3VFR  Norm Sanger                                               W4OV    Bruce Phegley
WD4JR   Julio Ripoll                                               K0CCX   Bob Andersohn

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