Special Events Stations

Last Update 02/15/02


Commemorating the raising of the engine from the historic ship "Monitor".

      A Special Events Station was operated on October 20th 2001 in front of the Mariners Museum. It commemorated the raising of the engine from the historic ship Monitor. We operated an HF station from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. ET. Certificates were available for all participants who work the Special Events Station. Scores of certificates have been mailed and requests are still being received at the time of writing. The station was operated as W4MT, the Peninsula Amateur Radio Club's callsign.

      QST carried the details in the October 2001 issue, under Special Event Stations. Operating frequencies were 7.240, 14.240, 21.340 and 28.340 MHz. The final operating frequencies were listed in QST. The QSL manager for this event was WB4GQA (as listed in all call books or QRZ.COM). SASE was required for certificate. By all measures, the event was very successful and was enjoyed by all.

      The Mariners Museum has invited us back for another special event during 2002. Preliminary plans are in process to hold the 2002 event... probably early fall.

PARC's special events operation at the Mariners Museum was a big sucess. The Stations operation was in celebration of the raising of the Ironclad "USS Monitor's" engine from it's ocean bottom site. The operation doubled as a Scouts On the Air Jamboree function as well. Several hundred contacts were made in the one day operation.

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