"Amateur Radio At Its Very Best..."

Last Update 01/17/09

      We have prepared this page in hopes that we can interest you in becoming involved with Newport New's Amateur Radio Club club and thereby one of the finest hobbies in the world--Amateur Radio. As an Amateur Radio operator, with just the click of a switch, you have the ability to talk to a friend across town, a missionary in Africa, a sailing vessel in the Indian Ocean or perhaps an American astronaut or Russian cosmonaut! An adventure that is impossible to achieve with any other hobby! Sound interesting? on!

Bobby Yates, N4RY


       The Peninsula Amateur Radio Club, (PARC) is an organization for, and of, "HAM" radio operators that provide different avenues of interest to local amateurs. Within our membership, there is active participation in all modes of operation (Morse Code, voice, digital, etc). We are committed to public service and stand ready to provide assistance in all areas of emergency communications.

      PARC was originally formed sometime in the mid 1930's prior to WWII, but was inactive during the war years because Amateur Radio activities were prohibited. After the war, Amateurs from Newport News, Hampton and surrounding areas reorganized the club around 1946 when Amateur Radio operations were again allowed. PARC was very active in Civil Defense Emergency Communications during the ensuing years. PARC ceased formal operations for a short time in the late 1960's. The Virginia Amateur Communications Association (VACA) was organized in March 1978 and conducted classes for new Amateurs. VACA was known as a fun and family oriented organization, as it promoted get togethers for members and families. We, proudly, carry on that tradition. In April 1989, VACA and PARC were consolidated. The result is the present PARC.

Saturday Breakfast at Angelo's
A chance to get a news and events wrap-up for the week.


      Meetings are usually held at Warwick High School, 51 Copeland Lane in Newport News. Our assigned room is 117. Normally each meeting consists of two sessions, first all necessary business is conducted and is immediately followed by a technical or public service oriented program. Programs are selected and organized by the club vice president. Presenters may be club members or visitors. Meetings last about an hour. While not an official club activity, local hams meet each Saturday morning at 6:30 A.M. at Angelo's for breakfast. This meeting is unstructured and with informal discussions about operating and technical activities of the week. You are welcome to join us for any of the meetings and activities. No one is a stranger!


      Annual dues are: $25.00 for one, $??.00 family and $?.00 for students (full time students in school nine months of the year). Dues are payable at the beginning of the year and new members pay on a pro rata basis for the remaining portion of the year. An application blank with instructions is included elsewhere on this website and is downloadable in Adobe Acrobat form.


      While currently inactive, PARC operates and maintains a 2 Meter repeater on 145.230 mHz. with an off-set of minus 600 kHz. Also a 70 cm machine, which is active, on 442.9 mHz with a plus 5 mHz off-set (100Hz PL tone required). The 2 Meter repeater is currently looking for a new suitable location with a suitable antenna height. Both of these machines are "open" and are available 24 hours a day to licensed amateur operators. Both machines operate under the call sign W4MT.


      The club publishes a periodic newsletter "PARC VIEWS" and is supplemented with E-mail releases. The newsletter contains short articles relating to ham radio... news and general interest. The newsletter editor/publisher needs your articles and encourage everyone to submit items of interest for publication. Our newsletter is distributed in e-mail form and is also posted on this website.


      Many of our members are active in the Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) organization. Simulated emergency exercises are held throughout the year and all club members are encouraged to participate. Among the groups that we have supported in the past are the March-of-Dimes Run, the local Special Olympics and other charitable or community services causes.

Getting the Antenna Ready for Field Day
Quality antennas and hard work are the keys to piling up a good score on the Field Day Contest.


      Our largest project is the annual ARRL field day exercise and contest. Field Day is conducted the last full weekend in June. The purpose of field day is to set up and operate an emergency radio station with non-commercial power. This simulates conditions that may be encountered during a major disaster. Field Day activities provide valuable operator training. When the Field Day weekend arrives, members meet on Saturday morning to erect towers, antennas, install cables, set up equipment, tents and other support facilities. The operating part of the exercise begins at 2:00 P.M. on Saturday and ends at 2:00 P.M. on Sunday. Limited food and plenty of drinks are provided by the club and participating members. All the equipment is taken down on Sunday afternoon. Don't miss this weekend of ham radio and fellowship... great fun!


       PARC sometimes conducts classes for the aspiring operators as well as those preparing for license upgrades. There are currently no PARC classes scheduled. However, watch the Notices section of this website for announcements. ARRL sponsored Licence Testing sessions are held in this area at various times and locations by Volunteer Examiners. The schedule of test opportunities is published on the ARRL Website.