Coke Center Amateur Radio Club

Connellsville, PA

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  Meeting:   Tuesday, August 9th at 1930 hrs.     QTH:   City Garage, 2nd floor.     Breaking News:   BPL IS HERE!!! (See the URL below)       And things ARE happening:     New repeater.....   New antenna.....   New rigs!!!     Bet officers have changed, too.     Unless it's all a secret, let's let the world know.   Y'know, "displaced" Coke Center members DO check out the page once in awhile.   Or at least they used to....   Clue 'em in......     Email me at:   K3LBP       Just click on my call.    
Site Updated:   July 24, 2005

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Club meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at the club meeting room, located on the second floor of the city maintenance building.

Meeting Schedule 2005
January 11 February 8 March 8 April 12 May 10 June 14
July 12 August 9 September 13 October 11 November 8 December 13

The Coke Center Amateur Radio Club operates a 2m repeater on 146.895 (-600), as well as an HF station (10 - 80m). The club station is located at the meeting center. The club call is W3NAV.

Club Officers


Vice President





Glenn Bell

Art Krumanacker

Bill Warmuth*

Bob Rose

Alex Tinker






*Fayette County Emergency Coordinator [ARES]

Coke Center ARC serves the Community of Connellsville, PA, offering emergency communications to local municipal and civic agencies, as well as county and state agencies, as requested.

The Club also provides communications for such events as the local hospital marathon races each year.

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