W3MRC Membership join and renewal form

Join the 3M Amateur Radio Club in Austin and help support our
station, repeaters, antennas and the club. You do not have to a 
licensed amateur to be a member of the club. Annual fee is $10:00 
and is collected at the beginning of every calendar year. Make 
check or money order out to "3M ARC". 

Simply fill out the required information in this form and print it Include check or money order with this form and mail to: ==>

W3MRC Radio Club
MS 0141-03-N -01
6801 River Place Blvd.
Austin, TX 78726-9000


You can also use PayPal to pay your Dues

 $10.00 Normal annual Membership
 $5:00 3M Retiree Membership.


optional Callsign:
Zip Code:
Contact Phone:
Speed Dial Phone Number*
optional Email:
optional Home Page URL:


* The Speed dial phone number cost a one-time 2.00 setup fee.  This is the number that you want to call when you type a 3 digit DTMF code. Most of the time this would be your home number.