Welcome to the W3FA web page. My name is Jim Bruce and I live in Greensboro, Md., in Caroline County on the Eastern Shore. I have been an Amateur Radio operator since 1986, first licensed as KA3PRC, then when I achieved Extra I requested a new call and was licensed as NV3V. After 10 years I applied for the vanity call W3FA. I requested this call as it stuck to me since I was very young and I had passed this house all the time on my way to my grandfather's in Davidsonville, Md. This house had a mailbox with Medrow and W3FA on it and behind the house were several antenna towers, and it intrigued me for a very long time. Some may remember this call belonging to Karl Medrow (SK). Karl was involved with various things with ARRL and was also a member of the Potomac Valley Radio Club (PVRC).  Later I learned that Karl's place was a multi-operator contest station. The Potomac Valley Radio Club is one of a few premier radio contesting clubs in the world. Another aspect of my life that brought me to Amateur Radio was  that as a Radio Repairman in the US Air Force I was working on the MARS and SITFA radio equipment along with worldwide communications for Air Force One.

Most of my Amateur Radio activities are basically within 3 general areas, DXing, Contesting and RACES. As my son progressed from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts I am now a Merit Badge counsellor promoting Amateur Radio.