Friday Meeting On The Air Details

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You are invited to Check into the RRC MEETING ON THE AIR
on the Friday evenings other than Club Meeting nights.
The net on 146.910 MHz (146.310MHz Transmit Frequency) starts at
8:00 p.m. with the latest AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLINE REPORT.

We then have an exchange of information that may
be of interest to the members of the Reading Radio Club
and any other amateur radio operators who may be listening.

The last part of the net is a roll call where we usually
have 25 to 40 stations checking in.

The CTCSS (PL Tone) is not presently required during our net
allowing amateurs to still use their older radios. Also,
the 3 minute timer is presently disabled during these nets.
The net has been in operation since January 22, 1994.

Everyone is invited to tune in and
check into the RRCMOTA net.

An ARRL Special Service Club

Author: W3BN
E-Mail to:
Reading Radio Club Inc.