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I am migrating my old website to this new address, So there may be some dead links...  Work in progress


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Welcome to,  I am redesigning the website after changing Internet Providers and Domain Names.  W2YMM.NET is no longer.

UPDATE: The 900 repeater now has ALLSTAR  on it.   Give it a try..73 Bob W2YMM      Jan.10.2014     EchoIRLP on 900 is Offline

My site is always a work in progress.  I am usually experimenting with different things and then try to document what I did.
          I am also now experimenting with ALLSTAR on 449.300 Node 29973, PL to be determined after testing.
long island ny
RIP To my Friend, Elmer, Brother Fireman
Robert "Skip" Martino  K2XD  ex.WB2GAD