My Portable Allstar Node   43943
I decided to build up a portable Allstar Node for use     on the road or for demo's.

As of April 2017 I am using the latest build of Version 1.5 From

The Parts I used are:
Harbor Freight Utility Box
Raspberry Pi3
Sandisk 8GB Micro SD Card
Baofeng BF888 Portable Radio
DMK URI Interface
FreedomPop WIFI Hotspot (Free 500 MB Plan)
CPT 12 Volt to 5 Volt Convverter
CPT 12 Volt to 3.7 Volt Conveerter
Anderson Power Pole Connectors
Power Pole Mounting Bracket
12 volt power supply
IEC Computer Power Connector
Adafruit 5 inch HDMI Display
Lexan for the shelf
Assorted Hardware

Still to do:

add rechargable battery
add External antenna jack
SMA Female Adapter

I am utilizing the HAMVOIP Raspberry PI Image

I have installed the WIFI Package
and customized it with this method
to change access points should
I need to.  (Need to update)

Also, The Baofeng was modified using
information from here

Setting up the display
      DTMF Commands for node 43943



80= ID (local)
81=Time of Day (local)
82= say24time


831= Say local IP to radio
832= Say Public IP to radio
xxxx= Halt the system (linux total shutdown)
8529= Reboot the system
8640= Restart Asterisk

;850=ilink,6                ; link disable
;851=ilink,16                ; link enable
950=cop,3                ; repeater transmit disable
951=cop,2                ; repeater transmit enable

971=cop,21                ; enable Parrot Mode
970=cop,22                ; disable Parrot Mode
972=cop,55                ; Parrot once if Parrot mode is disabled
973=cop,23                ; Parrot cleanup/flush

*880 = Weather Alerts off
*881 = Weather Alerts on
*882 =  Execute AutoSky manually (Force Update)
*987 = Time/ID/JFK Airport Weather Conditions

;;;;;Pager Testing
891=Send DTMF 5,5,5,5,1,4,1,3
892=qc tone mfd common and sta 2
893= Send MF tone sequence KP121ST
894=qc tone pfd common and tone 1
895=qc tone mfd common and sta 1
896=qc tone mfd common and chief
897=qc tone npfd common and general
898=qc tone mfd common and chief
899=Send two tone paging sequence Medford


1=*81 *80#    ; play time and voice ID
2 = *342590#  ; KB4JKL CONNECT CODE *52
3 = *346580#  ; W2GSB CONNECT CODE *53       2 METER REPEATER
4 = *343361#  ; K2SPD Repeater Farmingville NY *54
;5 =
6 = *327339#  ; WB2JPQ Interlink System connect *56
7 = *7343937# ; Connect to W2YMM HUB Long Island NY *57
8 = *327031#  ; Orlando Hub Florida *58
9 = *327225#  : WA3DSP Hub Philadelphia *59
Added a 5 inch display
More info about that here