Please bring the following message to the attention of your
local amateur radio friends and club members as soon as
possible.  They may not have received this important
information.  You may want to help them receive it on the
local repeater, a local net, or via e-mail.  If they did not
get this e-mail they need to tell the membership software on
the ARRL web site that they elect to receive bulletins from
their director and section manager to receive future

The New York State Legislature will wrap up the 2001
legislative session next week.  We need your help now to get
our antenna bills passed.  We can do it if everyone contacts
the three key people listed below via telephone and e-mail.
Letters, at this point, will take too long.  These
legislative leaders need to hear from you NOW!   Even if you
have contacted them before, please do so again.  We must act
quickly and flood them with calls.  Please encourage others
to do the same.

Please immediately telephone, and e-mail the following
legislators asking them to bring our bills to the floor for
a vote:

Senator Joe Bruno - Senate Rules Committee
   Majority Leader
   Telephone - 518-455-3191
   E-mail -

Assemblyman - Herman D. Farrell, Jr.
   Chairman Assembly Ways and Means Committee
   Telephone - 518-455-5491
   E-mail -

Assemblyman - Sheldon  Silver
   Chairman Assembly Rules Committee
   Telephone - 518-455-3791
   E-mail -

Our message to them:  "Please bring these bills to the floor
for a vote so New York State Amateur Radio operators can
continue to serve their communities, at no cost to the
state, in times of communication emergencies like those now
taking place during the Texas and Louisiana floods."

For those who can do more there are two lists on
the Hudson Division Website,,
which have the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of the
members of the Senate Rules Committee and another with those
on the Assembly Ways and Means Committee.  Please call the
Senate Rules Committee list first.  It's shorter and at
this point more important that they hear from us now.


Current Status of the bills:

Apparently not enough letters and e-mails have yet been
received from New York State Amateurs to move the bills.
You did write didn't you?  If you have not already contacted
your local legislative representatives - New York State
assemblyman and senator - please do so with a telephone call
and e-mail.  See for more

Senate bill S.2893B is currently in the Rules Committee and
can immediately be brought to the floor for a vote.

Assembly bill A.1565B is in the Ways and Means Committee and
must be "reported out" or moved to the Rules Committee
before it can be brought to the floor for vote before the
session ends.  Our Assembly bill A.1565 recently gained a co
sponsor, Paul D. Tonko of Amsterdam, NY and multi-sponsors
Robin Schimminger and Richard A. Smith both of  Erie County,
and Harvey Weisenberg of Long Beach on Long Island.

We feel that if the Senate votes for the bill that it will
then quickly be moved in the Assembly and brought to the
floor for a vote.  Please help us make this happen before
the 2001 legislative session ends next week.

Thank you for your efforts in accomplishing this important

73 de

Frank Fallon ...N2FF    ARRL Hudson Division Director
Bernie Fuller.. N3EFN  ARRL Atlantic Division Director