Meetings of the Wantagh Amateur Radio Club, Inc. are held on the second Friday of every month, at 8:00PM in the Wantagh Public Library, 3285 Park Avenue near Wantagh Avenue. The library is located about two blocks northwest of the Wantagh LIRR Station. The meetings are informal, but structured according to Robert's Rules, and last from one to two hours. Guest speakers are usually scheduled for presentations at least six to eight meetings each year. Visitors, both hams and other persons interested in ham radio, are invited to attend. Coffee tea and doughnuts usually are served after the business meeting and before any presentations from guest speakers.

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Membership in the Wantagh Amateur Radio Club is available to all licensed hams, family members and anyone interested in amateur radio. If you wish to join, please do one of the following:

  1. Send us an Email with your full name, address, home phone number, Email address, and callsign if licensed.

  2. Attend one of our monthly meetings at the Wantagh Library. While there, speak to one of the club officers about membership.