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Transmitter hunt Oct 9th

MARCH 18TH, 2000



Last Sunday saw great weather for this public service event. And everything went quite smoothly, except for the lead vehicle, but Barry can tell you about that below. The bike portion of the event seemed to finish in near record time, with only one straggler holding up the end. Other years saw some disabled and/or very young riders (part of father & son teams) who were both slow swimmers and riders. One ambulance was sent out as a precaution when one rider informed a station of a down rider back up the road, but it turned out he was ok.

The SKYLANDS Triathlon was great thanks to all of the folks that came out to help. We had a very good crew for this event: KB2RWY, N2RDL, KC2CMC, N2VWL, KC2EBL, KC2CXH, KA2TOV, KE2HQ, W2RIJ, W2GD, KB5U, W2CG, W2CGX and N2UYV. We had just about the right number of people to help. Thanks to every one that came out for the event!

The event begins with a swim in Spruce Run Reservoir, there were 5 groups of swimmers. W2CG kept an eye on the athletes as they left the water. The next part of the event, and the part that Cherryville really helps with communications, is the bike race. This year the lead car only had two seats, so W2CGX did not get to ride along. No ham in the car this year. I bet they change that for next year! The lead bike riders covered the ground in record time reaching speeds up to 35 mile an hour! We had a ham at each of the intersections on the route. It takes a lot of people to cover the route. Thankfully, there were no major injuries, but there were a few flat tires! We let the appropriate people know that they had a rider that needed to be picked up. The last event is a 5K run. This is in the park, so we don't do much here. The first swimmers hit the water at 9:30 and the last runner finished at about 12:15.

The repeater worked very well, and I want to thank every one for keeping the frequency clear during the event. The Rotary sent us a nice thank you; they appreciate the help. We also got nice T-shirts and lunch too! The best part was getting together after the event to recap the radio activity of the group. Over lunch, we had a few laughs and war stories.

Did I Miss Something????

At the recent Skylands Triathlon event at Round Valley, Barry, W2CGX was getting all set to ride the chase vehicle that stays a few hundred feet ahead of the first bike rider on the 22-mile course. Having radio communication in the vehicle, the operator can report the biker's approach to each post along the route. The vehicle this year happened to be a shiny new Corvette--with only two seats.

While standing by the vehicle ready to jump in and depart, 'CGX is called back to the net control vehicle. It seems that the driver, who also either owns or obtained the 'Vette, decided his girl friend was going to ride shotgun. So, no radio.

Well that was OK, really, because we could cover with reports from each of the posts. But the clincher was when the PA person announced, "Does anyone have a cell phone that we can take out on the bike course?"



October 16th.

The club needs at least ten people to do it right.


We have some notes on how Floyd affected area hams and CRA involvement, but are waiting official stats from the County on RACES involvement. RACES was activated on Friday due to flooding around Hunterdon County. Somerset County and Warren County RACES were also activated.

On the Thursday that Floyd struck, I got on the club frequency in the morning thinking that there could be a SkyWarn activation. While SkyWarn was never activated, I remained on the air until about 5:30 that evening, running an informal information net for those operators trying to get home. George, N2VWL also spelled me from time to time. I kept track of reported road closings, trees down, etc. Several such reports were called in to the police. I had a sort of command post set up in my home-office, including internet connection for weather info, scanner for police, three radios set to various repeaters besides ours, etc.

At the end of the day I emailed my list of road closings and trouble spots to Brian, N2RDL and one other person (I can't remember who that was at the moment), so they would be available when and if the RACES net came up (it did, and they had the information). It appears that running an informal net rather than a formal one gave the impression that anyone could jump in with requests for info, and in fact that's exactly what happened. Our wide coverage area prompted a number of non-member stations to check in.

Additional tidbit: Jim, KB3CPN struggled for several hours on that fateful Thursday, just to get out of Somerset County! Everywhere he drove the roads were blocked by high water, or trees, or etc. etc. He finally was able to wend his way out of the county and home, some six hours later!


. My EOC was staffed for 30 hours and it was reassuring to know that at the other ends of those mikes (at Hunterdon County RACES) were professional and personal friends. While I was on, everyone handled themselves professionally and courtesy and were the true examples of what we are all about during emergencies....  73, NU2W  


Fall is upon us. And it came so suddenly. I know I've got plenty of projects, How about you? Anybody have an antenna project or two? Or perhaps you'd like to build an item for your shack or get yourself onto a local packet node. Whatever the project, do it soon... you won't want to miss your chance this winter for good DX opportunities. And of course the contest season is upon us. I'm planning to work in CQWW, both phone and CW. Those of you who speak with me regularly know what a challenge the CW 'test will be. I need to bone up a little on the code. Are you planning to participate in any of the contests? Even if it's only for a little bit, jump in and give it a try. It's actually loads of fun. If you say to me "I'd participate but I don't have a station " or "I'm never able to get through" then I'd encourage you to find someone in the Club that you can team up with. There are many in the club that like to get on the air and would welcome opportunity to give you a chance the play around.

In other news... Well, the hamfest committee is well on their way to preparing us for what I call HF2K... short for Hamfest 2000. As you probably already know, we are moving both the location as well as the date. The word is already going out in many forms and will continue to do so over the next several months. Please remember two things... First off, Thanks go to Randy, N2MQZ and Mike, KC2CMC for coordinating our hamfest. They put in a lot of work behind the scenes. And secondly, please be sure to ease their minds by communicating your desire to participate early. Sign up or inform Randy as soon as you can. Have a look at your calendar, folks... Hamfest is only six months away. 

And here's another item of interest for you. The board and myself have been working hard to recover and verify some lost information. We have verified that we are a Corporation in good standing in the State of New Jersey. We settled the issue once and for all by working with the Records department. By the way, an annual filing by our organization is required. Over the summer we organized and formally adopted the by-laws. Apparently the copy we were working from hadn't been officially adopted. That was a simple formality, though. We didn't make any major changes. A side benefit to going through the process is that we now have the by-laws electronically. We also verified that we have a 501C(4) status with the IRS. This is good to know because it puts us a step closer to getting a 501C(3) status. I can't tell you exactly what the difference between the two is, but I know that it is VERY advantageous to have the 501C(3). As details become available I'll share them with you.

There were 12 club members that participated in the bulb drive over the summer. These 12 people made $605.00 for the club. Simple, easy money. Gotta love that.

We will be participating in JOTA this year. That's Jamboree On The Air. Last year I received a phone call the night before the event from a local Boy Scout Troop asking for our assistance. I was really disappointed that we had no time to prepare for the event. This year, however, we have a strong connection with the Boy Scouts in the area. Nick, KC2EVJ, is one of their leaders. He is also a candidate for membership in our club. He has provided the boy scouts and the operating location, an elementary school in Clinton. Now all we need to do is throw a few simply stations together and get them on the air. Just like a really small Field Day. 

So stay tuned into Cherryville. If you're not tuned yet, get tuned in. We are moving forward with many things that have been discussed over the past few years. Don't get left behind.  See you at the meeting... bring a friend, licensed or not... makes no difference.  73, Rob, N3QDC


The Holiday party will be held at the Coach N Paddock on Friday December 10th. A new menu is being worked up, with a cash bar. The cost this year will be $25 based on the Boards decision. We will need a 50-person minimum as usual. Cheryl, KB2RWY, is the main contact for reservations.. I will also be looking for entertainment from the club.

73 Tim N2UYV

Did you all catch the write-up on W2CGX and the classes in the Courier News Sept. 6th? Nice picture Too!!!!


Dubbed an Amateur Radio "community site," eHam.net, debuted September 2at http://www.eHam.net. "eHam.net can best be described as a community of ham radio operators from all over the world," said Bill Fisher, W4AN, one of the amateurs behind the new site. He says the site is--among other things--aimed at giving hams a place to share ideas through a chat program, as well Aston contribute news, buy and sell, take practice exams, see equipment reviews, and get propagation information and DX spots. eHam.net includes a call sign server. Users will be able to add a new e-mail address, Web site address, personal biography, and picture. Search tools will allow users to find community members with the same ham radio interests. The site also includes an unlimited number of real-time  chatrooms.

 eHam.net also offers free ads to buy, sell or swap on-line. The eHam.net "Detective" search tool lets users find ham radio information on the Web. "We have indexed all of the archived mailing lists at contesting.com, qth.net, and others to provide you with one place to search for answers to your questions," Fisher said. The site also lets users view DX spots from all over the world and locate QSL managers quickly. A "Friends Remembered" department lets hams post reminiscences of Silent Keys. The site also includes various Amateur Radio-related links. The site includes news items from the ARRL  and other sources. 

In addition to Fisher, others behind eHam.net include Randy Thompson,K5ZD, Garth Hitchens, KG7GA, and Trey Garlough, N5KO.  ** 

I saw this site announced on CQ-Contest.Com a few weeks ago, its very  interesting, well thought out, and contains a wealth of information for  hams, regardless of their knowledge level.   W2GD

Antenna Hanging 

Cherryville member Bob Goodhart, N2ZXF, is asking for a little help with his antennas in the Raritan area:

  1. I need someone that is knowledgeable about Vertical Antennas to come  over for an hour or so, and consult with me on the best location for my  Gap Titan. This would include anyone that knows what is the best mount,  lightning surge suppressor, and best way to run the coax.  
  2. Once # 1 is taken care of, and I have all the parts, I would like to  ask for volunteers from club members, so we can all get together to  remount the antenna in an effective area on my very very small lot.

Thank you

Anyone who could help Bob out can call him at

908-707-0419 or e-mail rgoody@erols.com.

Fall License Classes Off and Running

After a slight delay caused by Hurricane Floyd, the license class finally got underway on Tuesday, September 21. They had been scheduled to begin September 16. Since only one class was missed, the class was able to catch up and the schedule that has been published is still intact.

This semester marks the first time that so many club members have volunteered to teach a lesson or two--eleven to be exact. George, W2RIJ is again tackling the CW training, but this semester Roberto, K2PA will be alternating with him. Volunteers to teach the lectures include: Ted, WB2NVK; John, W2GD; Marty, W2CG; Patrick, N2ZVY; Mike, KC2CMC; Tim, N2UYV; Rob, N3QDC and Bruce, WA2EPY.

The classes are held at the Somerset County Technical Institute in Bridgewater. VE testing is currently scheduled for Thursday, November 11. Anyone wishing to take any of the element exams that evening is welcome to do so. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact CRA's Education Committee chair, Barry Campbell, W2CGX so that the necessary exams can be brought to the school that evening.

Hopefully, shortly before Thanksgiving we'll have not only some new operators, but also some new club members too.

Submitted by Barry Campbell, Education committee chairman

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Apparently, the mouse did it! Pete, NO2R, found a dead mouse in the exciter circuitry when he went to find out what had taken the main repeater off line last month. Guess that mouse took one too many “short” cuts.



Teaneck Hamfest, 8 am - 2 PM, Bergen ARA, Oct 9

Pennsylvania QSO Party Oct 9 to Oct 10

(Look for KC2ZA !)

10-10 Day Sprint Oct 10Sellersville PA Hamfest, 7 AM - 2 PM, Oct 17

JOTA (Boy Scouts) Oct 16-17

Illinois QSO Party Oct 17 to Oct 18

(Look for KF9D mobile w/KJ9O - KB5U .'s brother, tnx.)

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB Oct 30 to Oct 31ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, CW Nov 6 to Nov 8

Japan Int. DX Contest, Phone Nov 12 to Nov 14

ARRL Sweepstakes SSB Nov 20 to Nov 22

CQ Worldwide DX CW Nov 27 to Nov 28

ARRL 160-Meter Contest Dec 3 to Dec 5

ARRL 10-Meter Contest Dec 11 to Dec 12




December 10, 1999

Social Hour at 7:00 P. M. Dinner at 8:00 P.M.

$25.00 per person

Entertaining Speakers Slide Show Door Prizes

Coach N' Paddock

Exit 12 on Route 78 West

Fellow Cherryville Members:

I want to remind everybody about the "Annual Awards Banquet" that will be held in place of our December Meeting. As most of you know from the past, it is ONE heck of a party! We will be in the same location as last year, but with a different menu. The date for this year's event is December 10, 1999 -- Social Hour at 7:00 P.M. Dinner at 8:00 P.M. This year the price will be $25.00 per person. Once again, we will have Door Prizes (probably the best odds you will ever have at winning a radio) given away along with the Awards from the Board for the past year service to the CLUB. Dress will be Neat Casual.

If you plan to attend this year's party, you must RSVP by December 1st. The reason for this is that for the last three years we have Packed the House! Hor d' Oeuvre will be served from 7:00 P. M. to 8:00 P. M. There will be a cash bar this year. We are having a tasty sit down dinner. You have a choice of Roast Prime Ribs of Beef au jus or Shrimp Scampi. Dinner includes Fruit plate, Salad with House Dressing, choice of potato or rice, vegetable, rolls, and ice cream for dessert (and cheese cake too!).

This year's event will be at the Coach N' Paddock just off Exit 12 on Route 78 West. Feel free to contact me before 9:00 P.M. Monday - Friday and any time on Saturday and Sunday.


Phone: (908) 253-8783

73 --- KB2RWY--



MEMBER :___________________ CALL SIGN :_______ Number of Beef Dinners: _____

GUEST :_____________________ CALL SIGN :_______ Number of Shrimp Dinners :____

AMOUNT ENCLOSED : $_________________ PHONE :____________________




P.O. BOX 308


North Hunterdon H.S. Clinton NJ March 18th, 2000