W2CRA ~ Cherryville's Repeater Networks

The Cherryville Repeater Association maintains a number of repeaters on a variety of frequencies, providing some of the best 2 meter coverage in the country.  Portions of our network are underwritten by the Hunterdon County Office of Emergency Management so assure communications in times of emergency.  Our entire network is available during such times.

This extensive repeater network is maintained completely by volunteer club members.  Sincere thanks go to our Technical Committee Chair, Bill Powell, WB1GOT, as well as to all the other club members -- especially Tony Ploski, W2HWW, and Ed Kita, N3MSK -- who lend their expertise and time to keep the system working.  We also fondly remember here our founding member, former repeater trustee, and "master of clip leads", Charlie Kosman, WB2NQV (SK).

2 meters ~ 147.375 PL 151.4
The most extensive of these repeater networks is coordinated on 147.375 (+600 kHz) and carries the callsign of the repeater trustee, WB2NQV/R. The main transmit site is located at the Hunterdon County Communications complex in Cherryville, New Jersey (between Clinton and Flemington). Multiple voting receive sites link to the main site. These receive sites are located in Cherryville, Glen Gardner (Mt. Kipp), Bloomsbury, Kingwood Township, Murray Hill, and Linvale. This extensive and complex system provides coverage from Interstate 80 in Northern New Jersey to Philadelphia, and from Allentown, PA to Long Island, NY.

This is a very active machine, especially during "drive times" on weekday mornings and afternoons. Due to the high level of activity during these times, there is a 90 second timer to keep transmissions relatively brief and provide all an opportunity to talk (as well as allow emergency break-ins whenever needed). Come on and join us!

The Hunterdon County Traffic and Emergency Net is held on this repeater every Thursday evening at 20:00. This is a fairly relaxed net, mostly designed to provide an introduction to a controlled net environment, and to provide listeners with the Newsline weekend amateur radio news broadcast. Please feel free to join the net and meet the Cherryville gang. Local Autopatch is available to any station and a direct connection to Hunterdon County Communications is accessed by dialing 9-1-1. This was the first such connection in the country. Also speed dial numbers for the Turnpike and Parkway, and the National Weather Service Skywarn desk in Mt. Holly.

2 meters ~ 147.015

Cherryville also maintains a "backup" 2 meter repeater on 147.015 (+600 kHz, PL 151.4 Hz) also carrying the callsign of WB2NQV/R, which is underwritten by the Hunterdon County Office of Emergency Management. This is a single receive and transmit site repeater (located at "Mt. Kipp" in Glen Gardner, NJ) and provides slightly more limited coverage, though it is solid in all of Hunterdon County, most of Warren and Somerset counties, and partial coverage for bordering counties and Eastern Pennsylvania. Autopatch is available to members.

"Oh-One-Five" is also linked to an extensive system of repeaters that stretches throughout Pennsylvania called the Complex Repeater Group Link System. There are currently 9 machines that link together:

Location Call Frequency     PL
Allentown PA N3LWY 146.655-         136.5
Berwick PA NQ3G 145.130-          77.0
Bloomsburg PA WB3DUC 147.120+        131.8
Colora MD K3UAV  146.165-         107.2
Ephrata PA W3XP 145.450-         100.0
Fairless Hills PA W3HLC 147.300+        131.8
Long Pond PA N3DZM 145.230-          77.0
Mt. Kipp NJ  WB2NQV 147.015+        151.4
Mt. Pleasant PA KA3JSD 147.015+        131.8

They have a system wide net on Sunday's at 19:30.  Everyone is welcome to check in. Tune in and listen a few times, first, to learn the protocol. The Skywarn Coordinator's net is also held on this system on Thursday evenings at 2100.

220 MHz

A single-site 220 repeater is located at Mt. Kipp in Glen Gardner, NJ. The frequency is 224.12 (-1.6 Mhz, PL 203.5 Hz but is usually open), call sign K2PM. This machine is an Icom repeater with an
S-COM controller and provides excellent coverage for Hunterdon and the surrounding counties in NJ and Pa. Autopatch is available to members.

440 MHz

444.850 (+5 MHz, PL 141.3 Hz) - located at Cherryville, the call sign W2CRA. This machine is a GE Master II repeater with an S-Com 7K controller. Autopatch is available to members.

446.475 (-5 MHz, PL 141.3 Hz but is usually open), call sign W2CRA, and located at Mt. Kipp. This machine is a GE Master II repeater with an S-Com 7K controller and is linked to the 224.12 repeater. Autopatch is available to members.

Packet BBS ~ 145.51 (Simplex) - located at Cherryville. Call Sign W2CRA