Hamfest 2001 Photo Album


Dave, WA2AZE (left), takes a quick breather from VE test scoring. On the right, Roberto, K2PA "persons" the club table before taking his turn at the VE testing station.


That's our secretary, Pete K2YSY working in the back room. Elaine, KB2ERI is working so hard in the kitchen that her hands were moving way too fast for our camera to freeze the action!


On the left is Pete, KD2EL at his usual hamfest spot, cooking. On the right is the lady who planned and ran the kitchen operation for the hamfest, Lisa. She doesn't have a call... yet... and is the xyl of Rob, the club's president.


From the young to the old--er. On the left is Jimmy (no call yet) and his mother Marilyn, KC2BOH. The other part of that family is Patrick, N2ZVY, whose picture you'll see later. On the right is the club's oldest member, Milt, W2PKE, taking a bit of a rest from his tour of the hamfest.


That's Patrick on the left (with son Jimmy in the background eating a hot dog), and Tim, N2UYV on the right.


On the left is George, N2VWL. He's one of the two you heard doing "talk in" for the hamfest. On the right is the club's president, Rob, N3QDC. He's obviously happy about the turnout for the hamfest!


On the left is Nick, KC2EVJ. Nick is active with the Scouts, and has organized a number of communication events with them for our club. On the right is Tom, NU2W. Tom worked in the VE testing area and is also head of the Branchburg NJ Races/OEM group.


Paul, W2LE another of the VE's in the hamfest session listens to Marty's opening remarks to the prospective licensees. Roy, WA2TWS on the right was also a VE for the testing session.


Marty, W2CG on the left is the guy who pulls all the VE test sessions together. He's the ARRL-VEC VE coordinator for the Cherryville club. On the right is Barry, W2CGX, one of the "talk in" voices early in the morning, and a VE for the VE session.


That's "Mr. Contester" John, W2GD on the left pulling duty in the kitchen, while club treasurer Bill, W2NCN guards menacingly the money bag from the hamfest!


Dan, W2NO, another VE is on the left, while George, W2RIJ was everywhere he needed to be for the hamfest. George is also one of the CW instructors for license classes.


Finally, that's Dennis, WA2YYB on left and Derry, W2XT on the right.