The Marathon Challenge



The MARC Marathon Challenge is intended to generate on-the-air activity, especially DX activity, by members of the Meriden ARC. The hope is to give each member, regardless of station size or operator ability, a chance to build “bragging rights” and operating experience.


Each participant is challenged to contact as many DX entities as possible during the Marathon period.

Activity Period 

The Challenge will run from 0000Z October 1 to 2359Z September 30 each year. Twelve contiguous months. The Challenge will repeat each year.


Any authorized amateur frequency for your license class may be used. Contacts through repeaters or satellites are not allowed for credit. All contacts must be made entirely over amateur radio frequencies, i.e. VoIP type contacts do not count.


This Challenge is for single operators only.

  1. Classes: There are three classes; QRP < 10 watts, Low Power < 150 watts, High Power.
  2. Modes: There are four modes: CW Only; Phone Only (SSB, AM, or FM); Digital (RTTY, PSK31, etc); Mixed Mode.


  1. Each country entity worked is worth one (1) point. An entity may only be worked once; there are no multipliers or duplicates. The total score is the number of points. The ARRL DXCC list of entities constitutes the official entity list. (337 in 2006)
  2. In the case of duplicate score entries, the submission whose last score is chronologically earliest is judged leading.

Bonus Points

To encourage new licensees and upgrades, two bonuses are available. A submission may only elect one of these bonuses.

  1. Any new licensee may claim a bonus of 10 points.
  2. Any upgrade  to General or Extra may claim a bonus of 5 points.
  3. Only one of the bonus point criteria may be applied.


  1. Submissions are preferred in ASCII (ASC) or text (TXT) format and will consist of a cover summary and log sheet(s). Samples are included as attachments to these rules.
  2. Log entries require: Date, Time, Frequency/Band, Mode, Callsign, and Country.
  3. Submissions are to be received by November 20th following the close of each Challenge event.
  4. Submissions should be sent to W1DMM @ARRL.NET or posted to Dan Murphy by snail mail or carrier pigeon.
  5. Click here for a sample log sheet.


QSLs are not required. The operator is expected to claim contacts only from stations the operator has every reason to believe are legitimate, and only to claim contacts in which an accurate two-way exchange was clearly accomplished. Scores may be penalized or voided in cases of fraud or poor sportsmanship.

Claimed Scores

To keep the spirit of the Challenge going, competitors are encouraged to submit their interim claimed scores to W1DMM for posting on the club newsletter and web page.


The results for each annual Challenge will be made public at the MARC Annual Holiday Party in December. Scores and details will also be posted to the MARC web page.


Certificates will be awarded to mode and class winners. Other awards may be offered at the discretion of the Marathon Challenge award committee.