MARC and its members are an active and diverse group of amateur operators in all areas of the Amateur Radio Service.

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All about MARC:

The Meriden Amateur Radio Club, Inc.(MARC), founded in 1947, serves the needs of the amateur radio community in central Connecticut. MARC is a general interest club with members active in just about all facets of the radio hobby. We have aficionados in HF and VHF, phone and CW, contesting and rag chewing, home brewing and antique equipment, the latest digital modes and simple local conversations, and just about everything in between. The membership numbers about 90, most are active in several on-the-air and off-the-air components of the hobby. We are proud of our fully outfitted shack used in various club activities and is available to members to try out a mode or equipment not available at their home station.

Joining MARC:

MARC welcomes members, licensed Amateurs and the public to its meetings held on the second (business meeting) and fourth (activity meeting) Thursday of each month. MARC meetings begin at 7:30 PM at the alternate EOC building (Former Yalesville Cook Hill Fire House), 37 Hall Road, Wallingford (Yalesville), Conn., next to Cook Hill School. (N 41 27’ 22”  W 072 51’ 25”) Directions and map.

Contact any MARC officer or committee chair, drop us an e-mail, or come to any of our meetings. New members are voted in at each business meeting. You may print a copy of our member application and bring it to a meeting or mail it to our membership chair.

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History of MARC:

The Meriden Amateur Radio Club was started in 1947 by an avid group of local hams. From that early beginning, MARC has been in continuous operation for more than 50 years in the central Connecticut area using various meeting places in the cities of Meriden and Wallingford. [More detail]

Our Scholarship:

Information is being written. Please contact any officer for details

Awards of the Year:

The MARC Ham of the Year and MARC Elmer of the Year are MARC’s most esteemed awards and represent the highest honors bestowed by the membership. The MARC membership recognizes the best of the best each year in these awards. Ham of the Year is for outstanding service to MARC and the amateur service at large in the most idealistic sense. Elmer of the Year - named for Adolph Goodsell W1ICQ - honors the mentor of new and not so new operators to enjoy amateur radio to its fullest. These prestigious awards are the highest recognition by the Meriden ARC to those exhibiting the best characteristics of Hams and Elmering in the amateur radio service community. The MARC Ham of the Year and MARC Elmer of the Year are voted on at the November Annual Meeting with the results announced at the December Holiday Party. Recipients are presented with an award certificate for their own keeping and engraved on a placard that is maintained at MARC Headquarters. (Honorees)

A Non-Profit Charitable Organization:

The Meriden Amateur Radio Club, Inc. is proud of the charitable organization status awarded by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3). The ruling recognizes MARC's role in its scholarship efforts, public service, community benevolence, amateur radio education, and community activities. You can check out our pedigree at Guide Star, the national database of Nonprofit Organizations. Information on contributing to the MARC Scholarship Fund or the general fund is available here. [Contribution details being written]