MARC members are active in many areas of the community and the Amateur Radio Service.

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NUTMEG HAMFEST ALLIANCE: The Nutmeg Hamfest Alliance is a separate non-profit organization providing central Connecticut’s largest hamfest and hosts the ARRL Connecticut Section Convention. Started in 1992, it is currently run entirely by members of the MARC family during the second week of October. Click here for details.

ARRL: MARC has been an ARRL Special Service Club (SSC) for many years and one of the spotlighted SSCs in May 2000. A majority of MARC members are also members of the ARRL and use it as a spokesperson to lobby for the Amateur Radio Service and avail themselves of their large technical resources. Click here for a quick trip to the ARRL web site.

TEN-TEN INTERNATIONAL: The Castle Craig chapter of Ten-Ten is sponsored by MARC. Information about Ten-Ten International is available in their PDF packet here. The Castle Craig net meets every Tuesday at 8 PM local time on 28.375 MHz. All amateurs are welcome to the net – John K1VDF is our usual net control. Click here for more information on Ten-Ten International or click here for Al N1API the Castle Craig Certificate Manager.

WALLINGFORD REPEATER ASSOC.: The Wallingford Repeater (W1KKF/R) on 147.360 MHz +600 is a separate entity that most MARC members consider their ‘home’ repeater. The repeater serves the central Connecticut area. For more on the repeater and membership information click here.

PUBLIC SERVICE: Hams have traditionally been very active in public and emergency services and MARC members are no exception. 

    Amateur Radio Emergency Service or ARES provides an ARRL structure to interface the amateur community to each town or community emergency services in the US. At the base level, the ARRL sanctions a trained Emergency Communicator (EC) to work with the town emergency group or with area public service group, such as the Red Cross. Most MARC members are also ARES members. A few members are also the ARRL authorized EC for their respective towns. Contact the ARES web site for information on central Connecticut Area II, Art Fregeau Area II DEC, or your local EC; Chris WA1VXH in Wallingford, ______ in Meriden, Dan W1DMM in Durham, Marc WA1ZEK in Middletown, Harold WJ1B  in Cheshire.

     SKYWARN is a plan sponsored by the National Weather Service (NWS), using volunteer weather observers for the reporting of destructive thunderstorms or other severe, unusual, or hazardous weather conditions. Amateur radio operators and weather observers,  generally operating through local organizations, are ideally equipped to contribute to the program 

General information on amateur public servic, ARES and SKYWARN may also be found at the ARRL.